The Callisto Protocol is not a complex game in terms of mechanics. There are some mechanics like the Perfect Dodge that can be very helpful in different situations. It not only prevents you from soaking a lot of damage but also opens opportunities for a counter-attack. In this Callisto Protocol guide, you’ll learn all there is about performing a Perfect Dodge.

There are a couple of defensive maneuvers that you can use in The Callisto Protocol. The first one is performing a dodge. While you’re better off blocking attacks (explained later) from lesser foes, you’ll need to rely on dodging against tougher foes. It’s a pretty simple mechanic. All that you need to do is to press either left or right just before the enemy is about land a hit.

The important thing here is trying to read the direction the attack is coming from. For instance, if the opponent is attacking with the left hand, you must dodge to the left side. When it comes to performing a Perfect Dodge, it depends on your timing. By performing a successful Perfect Dodge, you’ll notice a slomo that should let you to counter-attack for some easy damage. There is no right or incorrect method of doing a Perfect Dodge — just keep on practicing until you get it.

On the other hand, it’s much simpler to just block an oncoming attack. You just need to press ‘S’ on PC or hit ‘Back’ on the LS on a console. If done correctly, you’ll receive very little damage and a chance to counter-attack. It’s very important to that you deactivate ‘Auto-Dodge’ in the Accessibility Options or you’ll not be able to perform a block. Also, not all attacks are blockable so you’re better of dodging those ones.

This should help you perform a Perfect Dodge in Callisto Protocol. For more tips and strategies, you can see our detailed The Callisto Protocol wiki page.

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