Maximum Security is a trophy in The Callisto Protocol. To unlock it, you’ll need to complete the campaign on the ‘Hardest’ difficulty setting. Currently, there is a glitch that can help you get it easily. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about unlocking Maximum Security in The Callisto Protocol.

There is a very simple method of getting the trophy. To start, you need to start the campaign on the ‘Hardest’ difficulty option. After progressing a little, you can change the difficulty to the ‘Easiest’ and continue until the last boss. Immediately after defeating the boss, you need to make a Manual Save and change the difficulty to the ‘Easiest’ one. Once done, you just need to end the game and let the cutscene roll. If done correctly, you should get the Maximum Security trophy appear on the screen.

Lastly, please do note that it can get patched in the future. You should try to unlock it done before it gets patched!

If it does get patched before you’re able to use it, you’ll need to do it normally. You can either do it on your 2nd playthrough or be a chad and start the game at the ‘Hardest’ difficulty. You’ll need to adjust to enemies having 2x the amount of HP, dealing increased damage, etc. Personally, I’d recommend not doing so on the very first playthrough.

This is all you need to learn to complete Maximum Security in The Callisto Protocol. For more tips and strategies, you can see our detailed The Callisto Protocol wiki page.

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