The Callisto Protocol is the perfect game for anyone who loves a mixture of horror, shooting, and adventure. In this game, you take down monsters on the Callisto Moon at different difficulties modes. Though defeating these creatures is essential to winning, players often need help figuring out which difficulty mode best suits them, as several options are available. In this guide, I’ll explain the difference between all difficulty modes in the Callisto Protocol.

All Difficulty Modes

Below I’ve listed all the difficulty modes in Callisto Protocol:

  • Minimum Security
  • Medium Security
  • Maximum Security

Minimum Security

The Minimum Security is the game’s least complicated mode, making it ideal for those who have just started playing horror-survival games. Callisto Protocol is easy to follow, so you can enjoy the story more. Resources and items spawn more frequently while taking down monsters is easy. Of course, on low levels, enemies will have low health bars. In short, this mode is an ideal option for those new to the game.

Medium Security

Go for Medium Security mode if you’re looking for a perfect blend of gameplay, storyline, and combat. The enemies will have average health, so they should be easy to defeat. However, don’t stress over the average loot or drop items while playing the game. Also, make sure you have plenty of resources before starting to play. Since you chose Medium Security mode, which means there will be times when you’ll need to dodge and block enemy attacks to save yourself from dying.

Maximum Security

If you believe you’re a pro player and up for a challenge, then attempt the Maximum Security mode. The enemy will show no mercy, and their attacks will be unforgettable–to the point where it’s possible you may not survive to see another move. You will still need to be cautious and dodge or block the enemy’s attacks. Since this is the most challenging mode of Callisto Protocol, there will also be minimal drops and loot available. However, if you are familiar with games like this, you should have no trouble completing them.

Special Mode

The only way to unlock the special Contagion difficulty mode is by purchasing the Season Pass. This mode will be live on March 2023, and according to the game developers, it features minimal supplies and permadeath. The cherry on top is death animations and a Watchtower Skin. If you die while playing, you will have to start from the beginning.

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