Skill Points play a major role in your character progression in The Ascent. These points are used to invest in Skills that boost your build efficiency and increase energy, health, and other stats. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Skill Point locations in The Ascent.

The Ascent Skill Points Locations

The following are the skill points you can find in The Ascent.

Skill Point Location #1

After you complete the first mission, go to the right-most corner of the Cluster, past the bartender to reach the Workout Courtyard to find the Skill Point.

Skill Point Location #2

On your second visit to Waste Recycling Network, you can pick it up after you beat Papa Feral.

Skill Point Location #3

Go north of the No Man’s Land station inside a building storeroom. Use your Cyberdeck upgrade to open the locked ICE-1 door.

Skill Point Location #4

The skill point is part of the second main mission in The Ascent. Look for it at the top-right corner of the map when you reach Grinder.

Skill Point Location #5

During the third mission, you will pass through the Black Lake Towers. Head inside through the abandoned cafe to find your 5th Skill Point.

Skill Point Location #6

You will come across Nitroad during the third mission of the game. You will find a Skill Point inside the BioChoice Pharma building.

Skill Point Location #7

When you pass through Cosmodrome during the third mission in The Ascent, locate the Kiosk on the easter corner edge of the terminal. Look behind the desk.

Skill Point Location #8

During the Foreign Code main mission enter the Onyx Void Chapter Building. Go upstairs and take a right to find the skill point.

And that’s everything you need to know to locate Skill Points in The Ascent. Need more help? See Cyberdeck upgrade locations, Respec Skills.

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