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The Ascent ICE Chests Locations Guide


The Ascent players can pick up a handful of ICE chests for special rewards and collectibles. They are spread across various levels and missions of the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all ICE Chest locations in The Ascent.

The Ascent ICE Chests Locations

The following are all the ICE Chests locations in the game.

ICE Chest #1

You can find an ICE chest in Cluster 13 south of the Workout Courtyard. The chest is easily accessible and hard to miss.

ICE Chest #2

To the North of Serenity Plus, you will find the Ascent Group building. You will find a chest in the back of the room next to the red flowers.

ICE Chest #3

To enter the node you have to use one of the two elevators. Between the elevators, there is a door that takes you to a room where you can find another chest.

ICE Chest #4

Go to the Cosmodrome Terminals when you reach Tham’s Gate. You will find an ICE Chest behind a wall on the Eastside.

ICE Chest #5

During the fourth main mission of the game, you will have to hack the Tokamak reactor. You can open an ICE Chest to the north of the Power Distribution panel.

ICE Chest #6

Another ICE Chest can be found inside the AG Data Vault. You reach this area during the Data Miner main mission.

That’s everything we have on ICE Chests for now. If we find more of them, the article will be updated. In the meantime, check out Cyberdeck Upgrade Locations, Skill Point Locations.

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