Cyberdeck upgrades are key to your progression in The Ascent yet they’re optional and you can skip them. However, we do not recommend skipping them. They can play a big role in your success. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find Cyberdeck upgrades locations in The Ascent.

The Ascent Cyberdeck Upgrades Locations

Cyberdeck Upgrade Location #1

Go to the armor vendor in Cluster 13 and head to the upper-left area at the edge of the balcony where you’ll find a Cyberdeck upgrade.

Cyberdeck Upgrade Location #2

You will find a Cyberdeck upgrade during the Trading Place main mission. Simply follow the main path and when you reach Coder’s Cove, look behind nogHead by the doorway.

Cyberdeck Upgrade Location #3

The next upgrade is in No Man’s Land. You can pick it up on your way to Grinder. It is sitting outside a blue door.

Cyberdeck Upgrade Location #4

An upgrade can be found near the Transit Station for The Glut. There is a prison building north of the station. Reach South most corner of the prison building and inside the green forcefield. Locate the hackable turrets and a desk near them that has the upgrade.

Cyberdeck Upgrade Location #5

There is another Cybedeck near the ICE-2 chest inside AG Data Vault. You reach this location as part of a main mission.

We will upgrade this guide as soon as we find more Cyberdecks. Until then, check out our The Ascent guides hub.

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