Terra Nil is a unique and challenging puzzle game that requires players to restore nature and bring it back to life. The game provides an immersive experience as you clean up polluted lands, reintroduce plants and animals, and create a thriving ecosystem. However, the game can be daunting for new players, with numerous challenges and obstacles to overcome.

That’s why we have put together this guide to help you get started on your journey. In this guide, we will provide you with tips and tricks that will help you navigate the game’s challenges and progress through its levels efficiently. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey to restore nature, let’s dive in.

Terra Nil Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan Your “Roads” for Recycling Buildings: At the end of each region, you need to recycle all the buildings using a special drone. In the first map, the drone moves along rivers, but in later maps, you need to build Monorail Nodes on rocks and high places to guide it. Plan your “roads” to ensure that all buildings are recycled efficiently.
  2. Reset Stages and Redo Last Phase: If you make a mistake that you can’t repair, you can reset the stage. However, you don’t need to reset the entire region. You can redo only the last phase.
  3. Partially Build Buildings Beyond Your Influence Zone: Some buildings, such as toxic scrubbers, need to be built close to the source of energy. However, toxic scrubbers can be partially built beyond your influence zone, making them more efficient. Use this to your advantage.
  4. Keep Toxic Scrubbers at a Safe Distance: Toxic scrubbers are crucial in cleaning the terrain, but it’s important to keep them at a safe distance from each other. Their range of influence should not overlap too much, but there should be no gap between them.
  5. Read Animal Descriptions: When reintroducing animals to the environment, it’s essential to find the proper habitats for them. Read their descriptions to get hints on where to place them.
  6. Complete Optional Goals: Although you can finish the game without completing optional goals, it’s highly recommended to complete them. The last optional goal gives you a powerful weather condition that is beneficial and cleans all tiles.
  7. Follow a Specific Order for Optional Goals: Read all the requirements in the Optional Goals tab and figure out an order. Some tasks require low temperatures, while others require high temperatures. Start with low and climb up to high.
  8. Be Careful with Solar Amplifiers: The solar amplifier building can start a fire that will spread everywhere. Use it in closed spaces restricted by high places and water or before creating proper habitats.
  9. Rotate Irrigator for Maximum Benefits: Most buildings cannot be rotated, but you can rotate the Irrigator. It’s essential because its effective range changes shapes. Use it to maximize your benefits.
  10. Move Buildings Using Monorail Node: Once you have the Monorail Node, you can move the drone and some buildings, allowing you to recycle buildings efficiently. In the last region, you can build the Undersea Dredger, which you can move using the Monorail Node to expand its range.

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