There are a total of 12 different Temtem types in Temtem. Just like Pokemon games, each of these types is weak or strong against other types. When it comes to doing well in Temtem, it’s paramount that you understand these distinct strengths and weaknesses before heading into the battle, especially when it comes to your Starter Temtem. This is where our Temtem Types Chart comes in!

Temtem Types Chart – Strengths and Weaknesses

Before we get to the types chart itself, let’s talk about all the different types of Temtem in the game:

  1. Neutral
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Nature
  5. Electric
  6. Earth
  7. Mental
  8. Wind
  9. Digital
  10. Melee
  11. Crystal
  12. Toxic

When it comes to strengths and weaknesses, the types chart has been divided into 4 different categories:

  1. Temtem Dealing Double Damage to Certain Types
  2. Temtem Taking Double Damage from Certain Types
  3. Temtem Dealing Half Damage to Certain Types
  4. Temtem Taking Half Damage from Certain Types

With that out of the way, let’s talk about all Temtem types in the game and their strengths and weaknesses with the help of the table below:

Temtem Type Deal 2x Damage to Take 2x Damage from Deal 0.5x Damage to Take 0.5x Damage from
Neutral N/A Mental Mental N/A
Fire Crystal & Nature Earth & Water Fire, Earth & Water Fire, Nature & Crystal
Water Earth, Fire & Digital Nature, Toxic & Electric Toxic, Water & Nature Fire, Water & Earth
Nature Water & Earth Toxic & Fire Nature, Toxic & Fire Electric, Nature, Water & Earth
Electric Wind, Water, Digital & Mental Earth & Crystal Earth, Crystal & Electric Wind & Electric
Earth Fire, Electric & Crystal Nature, Water, Wind & Melee Water, Wind & Nature Fire, Crystal, Toxic & Electric
Mental Neutral & Melee Digital, Crystal & Electric Crystal Neutral & Melee
Wind Toxic & Earth Electric Wind & Electric Wind & Electric
Digital Melee, Mental & Digital Water, Electric & Digital N/A Toxic
Melee Earth & Crystal Mental & Digital Mental & Melee Melee
Crystal Mental & Electric Fire, Earth & Melee Fire & Earth Mental, Toxic & Electric
Toxic Water & Nature Wind Earth, Toxic, Crystal & Digital Nature, Toxic & Water

This is all we’ve got in our Temtem Types Chart and their strengths as well as weaknesses. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Temtem Guides page.

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