In Temtem, different species have innate traits that provide them a distinct edge when it comes to battling in the game. The number of traits at a Temtem’s disposal vary but they usually range from one or two. A Temtem can acquire additional traits upon successfully evolving.

Temtem Traits

When it comes to breeding, Temtem can acquire a random set of traits. However, there are some gear items that you can use to pass on specific traits to offsprings from their parents. The following are all the traits in Temtem, their effects, and Temtem that can have the said traits:

Compatible Temtem: Volarend
Wind attacks reduce SP. DEF but increase SPD.

Air Specialist
Compatible Temtem: Saku, Barnshe, Zephyruff
You deal +15% increased damage with Wind Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Fomu, Saipat, Crystle, Platypet, Bigu
You gain +1 SPD when hit by Water Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Volarend
Toxic attacks increase SP. DEF but at the cost of SP. ATK.

Compatible Temtem: Orphyll
Special Techniques either poison (if enemy) or regenerate (if ally) the target for 1 turn.

Compatible Temtem: Tental
Knocked out allies provide +1 SP. ATK and SPD.

Compatible Temtem: Kinu
You restore +10% of max HP if an ally gets injured.

Compatible Temtem: Loali, Hidody, Saku, Spriole
Nature Techniques deal +15% increased damage.

Compatible Temtem: Ganki, Kalabyss
You gain +50% increased damage when hit by a Nature Technique.

Compatible Temtem: Skunch, Baboong
Physical Techniques gain +20% additional damage.

Compatible Temtem: Granpah, Skunch, Mastione, Blooze
All of your Techniques deal +30% increased damage when your allies outnumber enemies.

Compatible Temtem: Paharac, Kaku, Magmis, Umishi, Vulvir, Bunbun
You’re immune to asleep status ailment.

Compatible Temtem: Cerneaf
Your DEF is increased by +1 when hit by a Physical Technique.

Compatible Temtem: Paharac, Raiber, Spriole, Vulvir
You take -50% damage if both your allies are from the same evolutionary lines. It takes effect when you take damage.

Compatible Temtem: Zenoreth
Damage dealt by Special Techniques is increased +25%.

Compatible Temtem: Ganki
Temtem receive Cold status ailment instead of Frozen.

Compatible Temtem: Raize
You reduce enemy’s SPD by -1 immediately after entering the battle.

Compatible Temtem: Platimous, Valash, Tuvine
You’re immune to all the negative stage ailments.

Electric Synthesize
Compatible Temtem: Hidody, Nessla, Lapinite
Upon being hit by Electric Techniques, restore HP instead of losing it.

Energy Reserve
Compatible Temtem: Piraniant
You get Vigorized for 2 turns if your HP falls below 25%.

Fainted Curse
Compatible Temtem: Pigepic, Azuroc
Your attacker loses -40% HP if its manages to knock you out.

Fast Charge
Compatible Temtem: Gazuma
Digital allies increase your SPD by +2 upon entering the field.

Fever Rush
Compatible Temtem: Smazee
Receiving status ailments increase +1 ATK.

Flawed Crystal
Compatible Temtem: Anahir
Your gain +50% ATK when hit by Mental, Toxic, Electric Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Paharo, Pigepic, Smazee
You gain immunity against allies’ Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Raize, Skail
All of your offensive Techniques deal +33% more damage if your HP falls below 33%.

Compatible Temtem: Shuine
Your allies gain immunity against cold, burn, poisoned, and doomed status ailments.

Compatible Temtem: Paharo
You reduce damage by -50% when hit by Earth Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Fomu, Pewki, Ukama, Oceara, Nessla, Kalazu
Water Techniques gain +15% more damage.

Compatible Temtem: Shuine
You take reduced damage from Toxic Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Vulor
Techniques targeted toward your allies fail automatically.

Last Rush
Compatible Temtem: Granpah, Capyre, Sparzy
If you’re the last allied Temtem, you gain +50% ATK, SP. ATK, and SPD.

Compatible Temtem: Kalabyss
Synergies don’t work on both allies.

Mental Alliance
Compatible Temtem: Houchic
Mental allies increase your SP. ATK by +15%.

Compatible Temtem: Sherald, Hocus, Azuroc, Gyalis
Your attacker gets 20% knockback damage if it hits you with a Special Technique.

Compatible Temtem: Swali, Kaku, Deendre, Oceara, Kalazu
It prevents poison status ailment.

Compatible Temtem: Raican
Your allies restore +10% STA at the start of a turn.

Compatible Temtem: Babawa
It prevents cold, burn, and resists damage from Electric-type and Electric Techniques.

Compatible Temtem: Barnshe
It prevents all kinds of status ailments.

Compatible Temtem: Mushook
The damage taken from Physical Techniques is reduced by -20%.

Compatible Temtem: Wiplump, Piraniant
Hold Techniques replenish +10% of max STA.

Compatible Temtem: Wiplump, Ukama
If HP is at 100%, Temtem gain +30% SPD.

Power Nap
Compatible Temtem: Toxolotl
At the start of a turn, your asleep Temtem restore 15% of max HP.

Compatible Temtem: Raican
If you knock out a target, you receive +ATK, +SP. ATK, and +SP. DEF.

Compatible Temtem: Kinu
Your allies receive +SP. ATK, and +SP. DEF when entering the field.

Compatible Temtem: Sherald
Your SP. DEF increases by +1 when hit by Fire, Earth, or Melee Techniques.

Punching Bag
Compatible Temtem: Goolder
Melee Techniques deal -30% damage to you.

Puppet Master
Compatible Temtem: Myx
When your HP falls below 40%, enemy Techniques are redirected to one of your allies.

Compatible Temtem: Banapi, Vulor, Mastione
Fire Techniques deal +15% increased damage.

Compatible Temtem: Mudrid, Gazuma, Tuvine, Vulcrane
Favorable status conditions provide an additional turn.

Compatible Temtem: Myx
Being hit by a Physical Technique restore 15% of your max HP.

Compatible Temtem: Tateru, Taifu, Capyre, Tuwai, Platox, Bunbun, Mushi
You can’t be knocked out.

Compatible Temtem: Platox, Mudrid, Gyalis, Mushi
If hit by a negative status condition, reduce its effect for 1 turn.

Compatible Temtem: Raiber, Pewki, Crystle
ATK and SP. ATK are increased by +30% for the first 2 turns a Temtem is remains on the field.

Compatible Temtem: Skail, Lapinite, Valash, Occlura
If a Temtem is knocked out, you restore 15% of your max HP.

Compatible Temtem: Banapi, Deendre, Cerneaf
You gain +8% ATK for each turn your Temtem remains on the field.

Shared Pain
Compatible Temtem: Swali, Umishi
Consecutive attack by a Technique during the same turns is redirected to a nearby ally.

Soft Touch
Compatible Temtem: Tateru, Houchic
Attacking an enemy with asleep status ailment doesn’t wake it up.

Compatible Temtem: Tuwai
Your multi-target Techniques deal +25% increased damage.

Strong Liver
Compatible Temtem: Goolder
Getting hit by Toxic Techniques restore HP instead of draining it.

Synergy Master
Compatible Temtem: Adoroboros
Gain +25% increased damage with Synergy Techniques.

Thick Skin
Compatible Temtem: Magmis
Reduce damage taken by Fire Techniques by -50%.

Compatible Temtem: Mushook
You’re immune to overexertion turn penalization.

Toxic Affinity
Compatible Temtem: Saipat, Platypet, Orphyll, Zephyruff
All of your Toxic Techniques gain a damage buff of the same type.

Toxic Farewell
Compatible Temtem: Loali, Taifu, Nidrasil, Toxolotl
If you’re knocked out, your attacker is subjected to poison status ailment for 3 turns.

Toxic Skin
Compatible Temtem: Noxolotl, Blooze, Adoroboros
If you’re hit by a Physical Technique, your attacker is subjected to poison status ailment for 2 turns.

Compatible Temtem: Noxolotl
When attacked, the attacker is subjected to asleep status ailment for 2 turns and you gain +2 SP. ATK and SP. DEF if your HP is under 30%.

Compatible Temtem: Anahir
Decreases DEF by -1 when hit by a Physical Technique and SP. DEF by -1 if hit by a Special Technique.

Compatible Temtem: Nidrasil
When attacking with a Special Techinque, the target either imparts poison status ailment for 3 turns (if enemy) or regenerate for 3 turns (if ally).

Compatible Temtem: Vulcrane
You gain +50% damage when overexerting.

Compatible Temtem: Bigu, Occlura, Baboong
Prevents cold status ailment.

Water Affinity
Compatible Temtem: Tental
Water Techniques gain a damage buff of the same damage type.

Compatible Temtem: Babawa
Resting removes asleep status condition and restore 15% of max HP.

Wrecked Farewell
Compatible Temtem: Zenoreth
If you’re knocked out by overexerting damage, every opposing Temtem loses 25% of max HP.

Compatible Temtem: Platimous
Receiving asleep status ailment provides +1 DEF and SP. DEF.

These are all the traits that you can have in Temtem. If we missed anything, be sure to let us know!

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