Temtem is out now and this is a new IP so there are a couple of things that you need to know about. While the core mechanics are similar to games that we have already played in this Temtem tips and tricks we are going to go over what the game does not tell you and more.

Tips And Tricks For Temtem

The following are some useful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you are playing Temtem:

You Can Play With People Around The World

You do not need to be near other people to play Temtem with them. Players can be across the world and you can still play with them. This makes playing the game with friends so much easier.

You can open the menu and go right a couple of times to find a list of people that you can play the game with if you do not have any friends online. If you do have friends that are playing the game then you can invite them to play along with you.

You can battle, trade, gift items and even take part in co-op adventures if you are not interested in playing the game alone.

Targeting Rings Indicate Type Advantages

To get the upper hand in Temtem, you need to know the type advantages. Remembering which Temtem is weak against which type of Temtem can get a bit tricky. That is where the targeting ring comes into play. The catch here is that you need to catch the type of Temtem that you are trying to beat.

Temtem Tips

The color of the targeting ring is going to tell you everything that you need to know about the opposing Temtem. There is even a sound indication for the players that are colorblind. Which is rather helpful.

When you are targeting a Temtem the ring will have one of three colors, the following is what the different colors mean:

  • Green – 2x damage
  • White – neutral damage
  • Red – ½ damage

If you have not caught the Temtem that you are up against then the ring is going to be White. Keep that in mind.

TV Values Can Be Checked In The Tempedia

Temtem gain minute stat boost known as TV or Training Values for each enemy that they take out in a battle. These extra stats are capped at 500 for each stat and 1000 in total. So what you have to figure out is which Temtem you need to battle in order to distribute these points into the relevant stats.

Temtem Tips

For example, if a Temtem only have physical moves then you are not going to make things any better by getting a boost in the special attack stat. The in-game Tempedia tracks the type and amount of TVs each species of Temtem awards when defeated. This can be very handy.

If you have played Pokemon then you can think of these as EVs but with higher thresholds. You do not need to manually. All you have to do is head over to the Temtem’s stats page and you will find the information that you need next to the base and SV stats.

Side Quests Can Be Very Rewarding (In Mose Cases)
Side Quests are not all that defined in the game and you have to really work for the rewards, unlike the Pokemon games but generally, the rewards are worth the work that you put in. NPCs will ask you to retrieve a key item, show them a specific Temtem, or even be their shoulder to cry on.

Be warned that not all rewards are going to be worth your time and effort. That said, you can expect to see some really competitive items locked behind these side quests.

Cans Contain Loot

The game is not going to tell you this but kicking cans can get you loot. Money is scarce in the game and healing items are very expensive indeed. You can find items hidden around the world in deadends and trashcans. While you might not find plenty of useful items in the trash, it is worth mentioning that Temtem is a relatively new game and new things can be added pretty easily down the line.

That is all for our Temtem tips and tricks guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on which starter Pokemon you should pick.

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