The world of Temtem features many Temporiums all over but where are they? And why do you need them? Well, in our Temtem Temporium Locations guide we will discuss these questions. These are important locations for you to know about and also, there are Mini-Temporiums that can help you on the go.

Temporium Locations

We have been able to find 9 different locations so far if there are more we will update the article.

  1. Prasine Coast – Also known as Route 1, this is the first location in the game once you leave Zadar. You can easily find a Temporium here.
  2. Briçal de Mar – This is the second town in the game once you leave Prasine Coast. This is another location with a Temporium.
  3. Arissola – Once you leave Brical De Mar you’ll head toward Arissola. There is yet another Temporium in this town.
  4. The Gifted Bridges – Also known as Route 3, this town is the location of a Temporium.
  5. Sillaro River – This area is also known as Route 4 and features a Mini-Temporium.
  6. Turquesa – The fourth town you will visit in Temtem has a Temporium for you.
  7. Nanga – This is a town in Omninesia and the twin town of Mokupuni. The location has a Temporium inside.
  8. Mokupuni – The twin town of Nanga has another Temporium.
  9. The Hangroad – Also known as Route 7, the area has a Temporium.

Temporiums will help you heal your Temtem and also get your hands on new TemCards. Both of these aspects are crucial to the game. TemCards are used to Tame Temtem while getting your HP back up is required after a hard-fought battle. Keep in mind that Temporium locations are inside towns while Mini-Temporiums are always found on roads and between towns.

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