Our TemTem Nanga Dojo Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about beating Tihani after you’re done with Mokupuni Dojo and Arissola Dojo in the game.

TemTem Nanga Dojo

Before you get to Tihani, make sure to explore the area a little to find items like Pansunscreen, Magma Cannon, Balm+, and Tonic+. In addition to these items, you’ll also get to battle different Tamers inside the Dojo. These are:

  1. Filisione: Lvl. 30 Piraniant, Lvl. 30 Tuwai, and Lvl. 30 Saipat
  2. Sione: Lvl. 30 Capyre, Lvl. 30 Taifu, and Lvl. 30 Granpah
  3. Vaitiaré & Talia’uli: Lvl. 28 Saku, Lvl. 28 Vulvir, Lvl.28 Oceara, and Lvl. 28 Loali
  4. One-eyed Matthew: Lvl. 34 Kalabyss and Lvl. 34 Raize
  5. Hoku: Lvl. 33 Magmis, Lvl. 33 Barnshe, and Lvl. 33 Ukama

Once you’re through these Tamers, you’ll be able to take on Tihani.

How to Beat Tihani?

Similar to other Dojo Leaders in TemTem, Tihani has 6 powerful TemTem at her disposal. In this section of the guide, we’ve detailed all her TemTem, their weaknesses, resistances, and moves:

Lvl. 33 Cerneaf

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Fire & Toxic Electric, Water, Nature, Earth
  • Allergic Spread [Nature]
  • Double Kick [Neutral]

Lvl. 33 Mastione

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Earth & Water Nature, Fire, and Crystal
  • Embers [Fire]
  • Rage [Melee]

Lvl. 38 Kinu

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Crystal, Digital, Fire, and Toxic Earth, Water, Melee, Natural, and Neutral
  • Lifeful Sap [Nature]
  • Beta Burst [Mental]

Lvl. 33 Ukama

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Toxic, Nature, and Electric Fire, Water, and Earth
  • Water Cannon [Water]
  • Aquatic Whirlwind [Water]

Lvl. 33 Granpah

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Electric Earth and Wind
  • Hypnoxia [Wind]

Lvl. 31 Wiplump

Weak to Resistant to Moves
Toxic, Nature, and Electric Water, Fire, and Earth
  • Drill Impact [Neutral]
  • Water Cannon [Water]
  • Ice Cubes [Water]

This is all we’ve got in our guide to beating Tihani and completing the Nanga Dojo in TemTem. For more on the game, be sure to check out our TemTem guides page.

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