The EXP share is an item that many of the Pokémon veterans will know as it used to be the easiest way to level up your weakest Pokémon. Temtem has clearly been inspired by this series and decided to have a crack at it. In this Temtem guide, we are going to go over how to use the EXP share in Temtem with the Coward’s Cloak item.

How to Use EXP Share In Temtem

First and foremost you need to ensure that you have the surfboard, which can be acquired from later on in the campaign. Once you have that you’ll need to head to the Windward Fort and then head to the very bottom of the map.

You shall be facing an area with water and the Sillaro River to the left,  you must enter the door and then go north. Follow the patch of rocks on the left until you reach the central island.  At the northern tip in the sand, you will find the Coward’s  Clock EXP Share.

Temtem Exp Share

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