Temtem has a ton of customization options and one of them is the Dye Bundles. These are groupings of various dyes that you can buy from the cosmetics shop. Dyes allow you to customize various parts of your costume in Temtem. In our Temtem Dye Bundles guide, we will learn about various types of bundles available in the game.

Temtem Dye Bundles

There are 8 dye bundles in the game and each has its own unique color and expression. You can use them to express yourself with ease, look good while battling on the field. Keep in mind that cosmetics have no effect on gameplay and they are for visual appeal only.

  1. Fury of Anak Dye Bundle
  2. Ulterior Omninesia Dye Bundle
  3. Nanga Vibes Dye Bundle
  4. Narwhal Adventure Dye Bundle
  5. Breeze of Briçal Dye Bundle
  6. Thalassian Symphony Dye Bundle
  7. Sillaro Romance Dye Bundle
  8. Dock Serenade Dye Bundle

Fury of Anak Bundle

  • Description: The deepest jungle and the fiercest lava meet in this wild bundle!
  • Cost: 2399
  • Where to Buy: Mokupuni
  • Items Included: Woken Anak Eye (2), Vin Rouge Dye (1), Pansunny Morning Dye (1), Sea Queen Dye (1)

Ulterior Omninesia Bundle

  • Description: The colors of the deepest Omninesian jungle, luscious and full of life
  • Cost: 2399
  • Where to Buy: Mokupuni
  • Items Included: Hibiscus Dye (1), Viola Dye (1), Denizan Green Dye (1), Fresh Cucumber Dye (1), Tihani Rose Dye (1)

Nanga Vibes Bundle

  • Description: A combination of colors inspired by the vibrant city life of Nanga
  • Cost: 2399
  • Where to Buy: Nanga
  • Items Included: Stiletto Dye (1), Rose Bud Dye (1), Brink Pink Dye (1), Nanto Blue Dye (1), Tucma Mines Dye (1)

Narwhal Adventure Bundle

Description: This dye bundle is a homage to airship captains and their daring exploits

Cost: 2399

Where to Buy: Nanga

Items Included: Woken Anak Dye (1), Nanto Blue Dye (1), Elm Dye (1),Pocelain Dye (1), Bittersweet Dye (1)

Breeze of Brical Bundle

  • Description: The brilliant, sunny colors of Denizan cities, now in a convenient dye bundle
  • Cost: 2249
  • Where to Buy: Arissola
  • Items Included: Kusini Earth Dye (1), Rose Bud Dye (1), Elm Dye (1), Nutmeg Dye (1), Turquoise Dye (1)

Thalassian Symphony Bundle

  • Description: Inspired by the iconic reddish cliffs and the lavender fields of Deniz
  • Cost: 2249
  • Where to Buy: Arissola
  • Items Included: Lochburg Blue Dye (1), Nanto Blue Dye (1), Ironstone (1), Bittersweet (1), Torquoise Dye (1)

Sillaro Romance Bundle

  • Description: A love affair of blues, whites, and glittering hues
  • Cost: 2249
  • Where to Buy: Turquesa
  • Items Included: Rose Bud Dye (1), Woken Anak Dye (1), Turquesa Dream Dye (1), Sea Queen Dye (1), Forge Dye (1)

Dock Serenade Bundle

  • Description: The colors of a full moon night by the docks
  • Cost: 2249
  • Where to Buy: Turquesa
  • Items Included: Kusini Earth Dye (1), Brink Pink Dye (1), Old Lace Dye (1), Only Sophia Dye (1), Pino’s Memories Dye (1)

These are all of the Dye Bundles available in Temtem at the moment. If there are more added we will update the guide accordingly. Keep in mind that dye bundles can only be bought from the Temporiums that also act as stores among other things.

Temporiums are locations where you can heal your Temtem and buy consumables for your journey ahead. Each town as at least one Temporium. You can also find Mini-Temporiums between towns that act as smaller versions of Temporiums but offer the same features.

You can know more about Temporiums in our guide, learn where you can find them in the game. We are working on more Temtem content to check back for more later.

In the meantime, you can check our starter Temtem, TemCards, and consumables guide.

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