Temtem customization is a feature that allows you to change the appearance of your character. The game is not just about battling with Temtem but also about looking good while doing it. Customization is a part of the Temtem that is done via the in-game shop. Customization items have a cost associated with them and are found at various locations in the game along with many other types of items. You can also get customization items as rewards in the world.

All customization items are cosmetic only and won’t give any advantage during battle. Cosmetics let you try on different wearable items and most items have one or more dye slots that let the player change the color of various parts of the cosmetic item.

Customization Items Locations and Cost

There are five different types of customization items in Temtem – Head, Top, Bottom, Set, and Bag. This section of our Temtem customizations guide will detail all the item locations and the cost associated with them.

Head Items

Item  Location  Cost  Description 
Myrisles Chic  Arissola  1799  Hoop earrings, a simple ponytail and hibiscus for the effortless Omninesian charmer. 
Pansunglasses  Arissola  1499  Cut down the glare, amp the cool factor. 
Pushed Up Shades  Turquesa  2999  For when you wear them just for the feels. 
Swimmer Kit  Turquesa  2849  Ready to explore any body of water… or just chill by the poolside. 
Daisy Buns  Nanga  3749  A bold choice for tamer with luxuriant hair. Don’t try to sleep on it! 
Big Bandana  Nanga  3749  Keeps your hair out of your eyes during Temtem fights. 
Spiky Hair  Mokupuni  2999  A young, unisex style for hip tamers and fashion-conscious rebels. 
Bandana and Spray  Mokupuni  5999  Careful when you go through doorways… 
High Tie  Mokupuni  5249  This high style adds a few centimeters to your height – and millions to your coolness factor. 
Flat Top  FreeTem! Organization  Free 180 Temtem  A tendy haircut, as seen on  TemTV. 
Airship Engineer Goggles  Quetzal  6999  These practical goggles are used by engineers and aeronauts from all over the Archipelago. 
Widow’s Peak  Quetzal  2999  The haircut of last generation’s cinema idols! It does get any more vintage than this… 
Tucmani Hood  Quetzal  9999  A very convenient hood to conceal one’s identity, ideal for renegades, fugitives and  tamer’s of mystery… 
Incognito Hood  Shipwrecked in Tucma!  N/A  This hood covers your feature – enough to let you slip around the Guards if they don’t pay much attention… 

 Top Items

Items  Location  Cost  Description 
Striped Bikini  Arissola  1049  Hit the Sillaro beaches in style with this flirty bikini. 
Open Shirt  Arissola  1124  An informal style that screams “too cool for school”. Or even the Accademia! 
Faded T-shirt  Turquesa  1049  Create your own cool color transitions! 
Pewki Sweater  Turquesa  1799  Everyone’s favorite Water Temtem and its unmistakable toothy smile. 
Rugged Shirt  Nanga  2549  This traditional design evokes the intrepid times of the first Archipelago explorers. 
Plain T-shirt  Nanga  1349  Show your true colors with this uncomplicated short-sleeved t-shirt. 
Green Dot T-shirt  Mokupuni  1499  Large, round dots provide a striking visual contrast to your favorite dye. 
Sleeveless Top  Mokupuni  3299  A form-fitting design that comes with a matching bracelet. 
Cropped Tube Top  Mokupuni  4199  For daring tamers who don’t do tanning lines. 
Protective Chestplate  Quetzal  7999  An innovative piece of armor that protects the chest from blows while allowing excellent freedom of movement. 
Top_28  Quetzal  8999  Lightweight yet protective, it features great protection, sturdy textiles, and heavy-duty leather gloves. 
Anonymous Cloak  Shipwrecked in Tucma!  N/A  A cloak that should make you fairly inconspicuous in the streets of Quetzal 

 Bottom Items

Items  Location  Cost  Description 
Dojo Raider Shorts  Arissola  749  Ideal for intrepid adventurers who feel at home in the wilderness. 
Relaxed Shorts  Arissola  749  A typically laid-back style for the Denizen summers. 
Flowery Pareo  Turquesa  1199  Practical and cute wraparound skirt from the Myrisles. 
Swimwear  Turquesa  899  For tamers who spend a lot of time on the beach and don’t mind flaunting it. 
Dojo Trousers  Nanga  1949  Although not compulsory anymore, many Dojo students still wear them with pride. 
Nanga Miniskirt  Nanga  2099  A cute design with a subtle pattern inspired by Canopath leaves. 
Tie Down Pants  Mokupuni  1499  Practical shorts, enhanced with tied rope details for a rustic touch. 
Knickerbockers  Mokupuni
(A free pair can be found in Nanga) 
1949  Decorated with a subtle geometric pattern, these baggy trousers are popular among retro fans. 
Trekking Pants  Quetzal  5499  With special knee reinforcements and sturdy trekking boots, these will see you through the longest of wilderness treks. 
Adventure Pants  Quetzal  5499  Featuring heavy tactical boots and steel-reinforced knee pads, these are for tamers who expect serious opposition. 

 Bag Items

Name  Location  Cost  Description 
Donut Bag  Arissola  1799  Not the most practical of rucksacks… but it’s so yummy! 
Striped Rucksack  Turquesa  2999  Ideal for school, Dojo practice or simply to carry your TemCards and a sandwich. 
Leafy Bag  Nanga  2999  Made with authentic, especially cured leaves of the Giant Banyan by Mokupuni artisans. 
Survival Kit  Quetzal  7499  The water container, with water purifying tables and the rest of the must-haves for survival on the surface of  Tucma 

 Clothing Sets

Items Location  Cost  Description 
Wetsuit  Arissola  1499  Full neoprene wetsuit, especially suited for Water tamers who spend long days in the Sillaro. 
Sundress and Sneakers  Turquesa  1799  A cute look for when you want to lounge around or hit the Dojo. 
Tamers Keikogi  Nanga  5999  Only the most formal of Dojos mandate the use of the official practice clothes. 
Belsoto grunt uniform  The Hangroad (Adventure in the Myrisles)  N/A  The lowest rank of Belsoto goons wears this uniform. 

 These were all the locations and costs of customization items in Temtem. Some of the slots are left out but we will update the content as soon as more information is available to us. In the meantime, check out our Tour guide side quest answers, and gameplay tips

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