Temtem Breeding Guide will help you with every aspect of breeding in the game like how to breed Luma Temtem, Temtem compatibility and more.

Temtem Breeding

Breeding is basically creating new Temtem eggs by combining two compatible Temtem. Not only that, the newborns can inherit different aspects of their parents like techniques and traits.

Breeding also allows players to create Temtem that can’t be found in the wild. In our Temtem Breeding Guide, we will go through all of the aspects of breeding like compatibility, how to breed Luma Temtem, how Temtem inherit, and everything you need to know before you start breeding Temtem.

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To breed Temtem, you need to make sure that the Temtem you are using are of the same type, otherwise, you can’t breed. Also, Temtem with two types can breed with Temtem which match either one of the type. Meaning, if one Temtem is both Water and Electric-type, it can breed with either Water Temtem or Electric-type Temtem.


Fertility is the most important aspect to consider while breeding Temtem. The fertility value of each Temtem drops with every new egg produced. Meaning, one Temtem can breed a specific number of times which is 8 levels maximum.

Both of the parents will lose a level of fertility with every egg produced. Also, the resulting newborn will inherit the fertility value of the parent which has low fertility value after the egg is produced.

Meaning, if one Temtem has 7 fertility and the other 5 fertility then after the egg is produced the fertility value will be 6 and 4 respectively and the newborn will have 4 fertility.

As for the wild Temtem, their fertility value is usually 8, however, depending on the Singles Value it will drop. If the Singles value is higher than 45, then the fertility rate of the wid Temtem will drop.

At 1-2 good stats, the fertility value drops to 7, at 3-4 good stats the fertility value will be 6, having 5-6 good stats will drop it to 5 and having all good stats will drop the value to 4.

How To Breed

To breed Temtem you need to go to the Breeding Center and deposit the Temtem that you intend to breed. The Breeding Center can only hold two couples at a time and takes around 25 real-world minutes for the Temtem to breed and produce an egg.

However, if the parent Temtem belong to the same evolution line then it’ll take around 15 real-world minutes to produce an egg. The egg will contain Level 1 Temtem of the firs form from its mother’s evolution line.

As for the egg, the breeding center can only hold one egg per Temtem pair and players need to pick the egg before they start breeding again.

The egg takes 5-45 minutes to hatch depending on the capture rate. However, if you store the egg into a terminal, it won’t hatch until it’s removed as it doesn’t have a timer.


As I mentioned earlier, newborn Temtem can inherit different aspects from their parents. The following are the aspects the newborns will inherit.

  • Fertility
  • Techniques
  • Single Values
  • Traits
  • Luma Temtem

The newborn Temtem will inherit the fertility level of the parent who has to lowest of the two after the egg is produced.

If one parent has 8 fertility and the other 6 fertility level, after producing the egg their fertility level will be 7 and 5 respectively and their offspring will have 5 fertility.

The offsprings will inherit techniques from their parents that they otherwise won’t be able to learn while leveling up.

Single Values
The newborn has a 40% chance that it’ll inherit the higher SV value between its parents, 40% chance of inheriting the average of both, and a 20% chance of inheriting the lowest SV.

Traits aren’t inherited but are randomly selected for the Temtem when it hatches. However, certain gear items can help to inherit traits from their parents.

Luma Temtem
The chance of a Temtem to become a Luma increases 10 times if one of the parents in a Luma and if both are Luma then the chance increases b 100 times.

That is all for our Temtem Breeding Guide with tips on how to breed, Temtem compatibility, fertility and more.

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