The Arissola Dojo is the first Dojo you’ll come across in TemTem. To reach the Dojo, you’ll have to navigate through quite a few platforms, some of which will house Tamers. Once you’re through them all, you’ll face off against the Arissola Dojo Leader, Sophia.

TemTem Arissola Dojo

Before you can reach Sophia in Arissola Dojo, you’ll have to deal with 6 Tamers. The following is a quick rundown of these Tamers and their TemTem:

  1. Carmela & Emre: Lvl. 17 Loali, Lvl.17 Saipat, and Lvl. 17 Piraniant
  2. Nisanur & Ilaria: Lvl. 18 Loali and Lvl. 19 Saku
  3. Samael: Lvl. 24 Saipat
  4. Yulfira & Abba: Lvl. 18 Nessla and Lvl. 18 Wiplump
  5. Romano & Zeno: Lvl. 16 Nessla, Lvl. 16 Saku, Lvl. 15 Kalabyss, and Lvl. 15 Tuwai
  6. Dojo 1st & 2nd Lieutenant: Lvl. 18 Barnshe, Lvl. 18 Paharac, Lvl. 17 Wiplump, Lvl. 15 Ukama, and Lvl. 15 Skunch

How to Beat Sophia in TemTem?

Once you’re through Tamers, you’ll have to go against Sophia, the Arissola Dojo Leader. She brings 6 powerful TemTem to the battle which are:

  1. Lvl. 17 Kalabyss
  2. Lvl. 17 Loali
  3. Lvl. 18 Sparzy
  4. Lvl. 19 Pigepic
  5. Lvl. 21 Tuwai
  6. Lvl. 22 Oceara

Thanks to the game design, all of your Starter TemTem should fare well against Sophia. Almost all of Sophia’s TemTem are somewhat weak against your starters and you won’t take a whole lot of damage on the defensive side.

Successfully defeating Sophia will reward you with the Surfboard that you need to complete the game many side quests. You’ll also be able to complete the game’s second Dojo, the Mokupuni Dojo.

There isn’t much to say when it comes to beating Sophia and completing Arissola Dojo in TemTem. For more on the game, be sure to check out our TemTem guides page.

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