Tell Me Why Puzzles Solutions Guide – How to Solve All the Puzzles

Tell Me Why Puzzles Solutions Guide

DontNod’s latest, Tell Me Why, has a variety of secrets to uncover ranging from finding hidden collectibles to solving puzzles. Finding solutions to these puzzles isn’t terribly difficult as long as you’re paying a little attention to your surroundings. These solutions are often multi-step requiring you to collect clues, etc. Apart from this, you’ll also unlock different achievements/trophies for solving these puzzles. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about all the puzzles in Tell Me Why and their solutions.

Tell Me Why Puzzles Solutions – How to

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to solve all the puzzles in DontNod’s latest title: Tell Me Why.

Episode 1 Puzzles

There are only 3 puzzles that you can solve in the first episode of Tell Me Why. Here’s how you can solve them:

Unlocking Mary-Ann’s Room
This is a fairly simple puzzle that requires you to choose the correct critters i.e. Moose, Bear, Pelican. You’ll unlock the ‘Crafty Goblins’ achievement/trophy for unlocking Mary-Ann’s room.

Interrogating Tessa and Taking her Confession
Tessa can easily deny everything if you try to confront her without proper evidence. Only after complete evidence and choosing the correct dialogue choices will you be able to make her confess.

Firstly, speak to Tom and ask him about the song. After the song is being played, trigger the memory in the first aisle followed by triggering another memory outside Tessa’s office in front of refrigerators.

Once done, head over to the store and read an e-mail titled ‘Alliance for Traditional Families’. It should be on her computer in her office. Once done, open up the cupboard right next to the computer to get a collectible and the ability to examine a brown diary. While examining the diary, turn to the 3rd page where it says something about Mary-Ann not paying her debts.

With enough evidence, speak to Tessa and select the following dialogue options:

  • We remembered details…
  • October 2004.
  • You told her about the camp.
  • The Virtue Seeker Youth Camp.

This will cause Tessa to spill everything out and you’ll unlock the ‘Full Confession’ achievement/trophy for your troubles.

Police Station Computer Password
To access the computer at the reception, you’ll first need to get the keys from Eddy – he’s found upstairs. With the keys in hand, you’ll be able to access the PC on the front desk. To find the password, you’ll need to go to Dee’s desk, talk to Tyler about Dee’s dog, service record, and find her locker key.

If you want an easier solution, you simply need to log-in with D. Wilson and enter SALEM as the password. Successfully unlocking the PC in the police station will unlock ‘Hacking 101’ achievement/trophy.

Episode 2 Puzzles

The second episode of Tell Me Why is slated to roll out on Sept. 03. You can check back at a later date to learn about more puzzles and their solutions.

Episode 3 Puzzles

The third and last episode of Tell Me Why will release on Sept. 10 which is precisely when we’ll update the guide with the final set of puzzles in Tell Me Why.

That’s all the puzzles and their solutions in Tell Me Why. Feel free to check out our detailed Tell Me Why wiki guides for more helpful tips and tricks.

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