Tell Me Why Achievements Guide – How to Unlock All Missable Achievements/Trophies

Tell Me Why Achievements/Trophies Guide

Achievements/Trophies in DontNod’s Tell Me Why are fairly easy to complete. None of these achievements/trophies are missable as you can always replay a section in the Isolation Mode to gather any missed collectibles without worrying about your choices. There are only 10 achievements/trophies to unlock in the first episode and the remaining will release with the second and the third episodes. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about unlocking all the achievements/trophies in DontNod’s Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why Achievements/Trophies

The following are all the achievements/trophies that you can unlock in all three episodes of Tell Me Why:

Chapter One Complete the first episode of Tell Me Why.
Rear View Mirror You’ll unlock naturally as the story progresses.
Homecoming Unmissable. This one is automatically obtained with story progression.
Bound to a Lie After getting coffee in the police room, you’ll need to head inside interrogation room and trigger the memory inside.
Full Confession To unlock this achievement/trophy, you’ll need to make Tessa confess in her store. You can check out our detailed puzzles solutions guide to learn more about it. You’ll basically need to speak with Tom to play a song, trigger a couple of memories inside the store, read an e-mail titled Alliance for Traditional Families, and read a diary found inside a cupboard in Tessa’s office. Once done, confront Tessa and answer with options involving October 2004, something about the camp, etc. With all the correct responses and evidence, you’ll be able to make Tessa confess and unlock the achievement/trophy.
Hacking 101 You’ll need to access the PC on the front desk of the police station and then log-in with D. Wilson and use SALEM as password. As simple as that!
Crafty Goblins You’ll need to solve a puzzle to enter Mary-Ann’s bedroom which will also unlock the achievement/trophy. The correct order is Moose, Bear, Pelican.
One for the Collection You’ll simply need to find a collectible in the game. Feel free to refer to our detailed collectibles locations guide to learn more about it.
We Need to Talk While you’re inside the locker room of the police station, sit with your twin to unlock the achievement/trophy.
This is Despicable You need to head over to the locked Ronan family barn and continue to pry open the side door multiple times. You won’t unlock the door but you’ll definitely get the cheevo.

Lastly, remember that second and third episodes are scheduled to release on Sept. 03 and Sept. 10 respectively. We’ll update the guide with more achievements/trophies in the coming days.

This is the entire achievements/trophies list for Tell Me Why. Feel free to check out our detailed Tell Me Why wiki guides for more helpful tips and tricks.

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