Tekken Legend Knee has arrived in Pakistan just like he said he would. He was received by Fate_Billal. This is all thanks to Arslan Ash that beat him in recent tournaments including Evo. Knee said that he would come to Pakistan in order to train and learn about the Pakistani playing style and he has stood by his work.

Knee was greeted at the Lahore airport with flowers by Fate and you can check out the video below if you want to see it for yourself:

It is safe to say that Knee is going to take on some Pakistani players in order to learn the local fighting style and see how it is different compared to what Knee has faced. Things should get very interesting keeping in mind that the gaming scene in Pakistan is picking up and that companies have started paying attention and supporting gaming culture in Pakistan.

Knee might have a few rounds with Arslan Ash, the local Tekken champ. That is something that Tekken fans around the world will be very interested in. You can learn about Arslan Ash, his story and how he became a Tekken legend.

Knee did face Arslan again at “First to 10” matches held by Japan to see how their top players stacked against Arslan. Arslan came out on top, only losing two close rounds to Knee who flew all the way from Korea to play against him.

Recently, Arslan Ash bagged the Thaigar Uppercut 2019 where he was joined by Fate_Bilal and Fate_Khan. And while Khan and Bilal couldn’t go far into the tournament, Arslan went undefeated for the entirety of it.

Arslan, for his part, has ascended the Tekken scene. Arslan is young but celebrated, inexperienced but seasoned, he is timid but his reputation precedes him. He is a mechanical god and has proven himself on the game’s biggest stages. He has faced legends and put them down. He has tasted greatness but his best years may still be ahead of him.

Interestingly when he did win the back to back competitions, he was greeted at the airport by only his family members who put the Pakistani flag on him. I would like to stress here that if this was the Pakistani cricket team winning the World Cup then the whole country would be standing in line to receive the players and that is a shame.

Image and video credits: Gamtechnoist