You can have all the fun you want in the destructive world of Teardown. However, the fun element can be enhanced by facilitating the gameplay using different weapons and unlocking more creative missions. Also, there’s a Sandbox Mode which imposes minimal restrictions and allows you to wreak absolute havoc. Unlocking all of this stuff needs a lot of effort and money, and in case you’re playing the game only for the sheer fun, it can be a great pain in the neck. Don’t worry though! We’ve got you covered, as there is a way to bypass the story progression in order to unlock everything. In this guide, we’ll explain some Teardown cheats to unlock everything.

Teardown Cheats

The first thing you need to do in order to apply the cheats is to look for the Teardown savefile in PC documents. You can find it in:

c:\Users\FolderNamedAfterThePcUser\My Documents\Teardown

In the Teardown folder, you’ll find a file named “savegame.xml”; open it using any text editor on your pc. You’ll see some lines of code when you open it, and just by making some changes in those lines, you can unlock just about anything in Teardown.

Note: Ignore the period (.) before and after <>.

Unlock all Weapons

To unlock all weapons available in the game, look for <.savegame.> at beginning of the savegame file. When you find it, just paste the following lines below it and you’re good to go.

Unlock all Sandbox Levels

To unlock all the sandbox levels, look for <.mission.> and <./mission.> in the file. When you find it, just paste the following lines between them.

How to get Infinite Cash

To give yourself an infinite amount of cash, look for <.cash value="x".> in the file. Here X is the amount of cash you want and you can put any number here, let’s say “25000”.

Moreover, if you want to avoid the hassle of finding specific lines and then pasting different ones at their place or are afraid that you’ll mess up the delicate work, you can copy and paste the whole file from Github. Also, always make a backup file before making any changes in case you botch it.


  1. Yah, same for me, no file in that location at all but location does exist. Assume the developers moved the savegame.xml file location since this was written

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