TEAMGROUP announces an online launch event from September 22 to September 24 featuring new products to its existing gaming brand T-FORCE series and the new T-CREATE brand for creators. New products under the T-FORCE and T-CREATE lines include SSDs, memory, flash storage products, and the band’s first all-in-one liquid CPU cooler.

T-CREATE brand for creators in 2020. According to various upgrade needs of creators, products are divided into three product series, CLASSIC, EXPERT and MASTER, depending on the usage, from content creation to post-production, all require powerful computing capability, storage speed and multitasking performance.

The upgraded products will offer high stability, high performance, large capacity and smooth user experience. In addition to the high capacity single stick CLASSIC 10L 32GB DDR4 memory, professional grade anti-noise 10-layer board memory.


TEAMGROUP T-CREATE EXPERT SATA SSD offers the industry’s longest 12-year limited warranty, and uses custom-made enterprise-level chips with ultra-high durability and has a TBW value of up to 10,000TB, creating the strongest creator SSD on the surface.


TEAMGROUP T-FORCE offers a variety of patented heat sink solutions for PCIe SSDs, including CARDEA Z330 and Z340 SSDs with graphene cooling, CARDEA Z440 SSD with gen 4X4 interface, CARDEA II SSD with aluminum cooling fins, CARDEA LIQUID SSD with the first water-cooling structure, and CARDEA Ceramic C440 SSD with aerospace ceramic cooling structure.


Let us know what you think about these T-FORCE X T-CREATE products that have been announced by TEAMGROUP and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these.

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