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Tank Mechanic Simulator: Full Tank Restoration and Upgrade Guide


Tank Mechanic Simulator is about tanks dating from WWII, their contribution and crews in the history of the military. In this Tank Mechanic Simulator upgrade guide, we are going to go over how you can upgrade or restore your tank in the game.

You play the owner of a tank museum and need to recover tanks that are either abandoned or in a decrepit state and restore them to new. The topic that we are going to focus on in this guide, is the details of fixing your recovered tank along with acquiring the upgrades you need to complete your task.

How To Restore And Upgrade Tanks In Tank Mechanic Simulator

The Following is what you need to know about restoring and upgrading your tank in Tank Mechanic Simulator:


For the upgrades, you need to start with a few basic items. For the renovating process, you need to have a tablet, a grinder, a drill along with a tool belt for all your heavy-duty stuff. You will need to spend some points in order to obtain these objects. To unlock more advanced upgrades you need to complete different tasks like repairing and selling stuff among others.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Upgrade

Now your initial task is to de-rust the tank. Rust removal is a lengthy process and you need to not just focus on the exterior but also the interior like the cockpit of the tank. You will be able to keep track of the extent of your progress by the panel showing on the right side of your screen.

Now some of the internal parts would need to be overhauled separately. You will need to open the fan hatch of the tank and remove the engine by right-clicking and then transport it to the engine stand by opening and clicking on the tank analysis panel.

Once the engine is on the stand you can start de-rusting it. When that is done you need to sandblast the whole engine. Take care to cover all the nooks and crannies of the engine as it is pretty easy to overlook them.

Repairs And Restoration

Now for the repairs, you need to whip out your tablet and click on the organizer icon on it. That will open up to reveal a list of tasks that need to be done on the engine. The unfinished tasks will be highlighted in red. You might need to remove the outer casing of the engine at times and de-rust or sand the small details inside to complete the task.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Upgrade

The next thing you will be required to do is fix the missing parts. To do that you enter the tank analysis panel and there you will find the option of “Buy missing parts”. Click on it and it will purchase all the missing parts that are needed to renovate the tank. Once the pieces are bought you can easily assemble them onto the engine and the tank.

The assembling process is pretty simple. Sometimes you would need to drill in a few of the parts. The game is pretty helpful in the sense that it labels all the parts and you will be finding prompts on the screen to perform the tasks. There are various parts that need to be assembled on the tank itself. Similar to the engine you will need to open up the exterior panels for rust removal and sanding the tiny parts inside.

When the de-rusting and sanding and assembling are complete then you can move on to the priming of the tank. Painting the tank also takes some time as you must cover every small detail.

There will also be parts in the interior that you will need to replace. You will need to explore a bit to find what needs to be replaced and if there is anything left from being de-rusted and sanded. Keep checking the task list on your tablet to confirm what is finished and what still needs to be done.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Upgrade

Also do not panic if you find that you cannot move around the tank while in assemble mode. You can return back to moving freely when you are in disassemble mode. Another useful tip is to make sure that all the parts inside have gone through all the fixing processes before assembling all the outer parts for a quicker renovation process. You can remove the whole turret from the base of the tank and move it to the turret stand to handle all the detailed fixing and then assemble it back on the tank.

Once everything is complete, open the organizer on your tablet again and click on “Finish order”. Open the upgrade panel and you will find that you have gained points for the completed mission. Time to upgrade, folks! The “Unlock Upgrade” tab is right there for you to click on and acquire the upgrades showing on the panel. Not all the upgrades are unlocked through by doing one job and you will need to keep completing more orders to get all the upgrades you want.

That is all for our Tank Mechanic Simulator upgrade and restoration guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on custom decals.

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