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Tank Mechanic Simulator Custom Decals Guide


Tank Mechanic Simulator comes with Custom Decals but it might not be very clear about how to make and replace them. In our Custom Decals guide, we will explain the process of how to make and replace them in the newly released Tank Mechanic Simulator.

Tank Mechanic Simulator Custom Decals

In this section, we will discuss two things, how to make custom decals and how to replace them with new ones. The rest of the guide will focus on old school build. The newer build comes with Custom Assets PDF which can be located at : \steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\ModdingTools\PDF Instructions\TMS Custom Assets.pdf. There are five different types of file systems used in Tank Mechanic Simulator – Camo (TGA), Decals (TGA), Posters (TGA), Flags (PNG), Museum Stands (PNG). The very first thing you need is a software that converts files in . TGA format. You can do a quick Google search to find many free online tools to perform this task. Whatever you do, do not compress. The next step is to find the location of the game files.

  • Common location:  steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\TankMechanicSimulator_Data \StreamingAssets\Textures
  • If you can’t locate the required file they might be in a separate location. You can be able to find the location: steamapps\common\TankMechanicSimulator\TankMechanicSimulator_Data \StreamingAssets\Textures

The rest of the process is pretty simple, open the editing software and make pictures for the museum to your liking. That marks the end of our Tank Mechanic Simulator Custom Decals guide. If you need more check out our save files location guide.

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