Temtem is pretty much a Pokemon clone so of course there is a taming mechanic. In Pokemon, the player uses Pokeballs but in Temtem taming works differently. In our Temtem taming guide we will answer the question “how to tame in Temtem?” And In the end we will also discuss that Temtem you should go after once you have an understanding of the mechanic.

Taming Wild Temtem

In the game the process of taming wild Temtem is done through special items such as TemCards. Once the wild creatures are tamed they are added to your lineup. Keep in mind that if there are more than 6 Temtem in your squad they will automatically go to the Terminal. You can access additional Temtem from the Temporium.

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  • Capture Rates
  • How to Access Extra Temtem
  • What Temtem to Tame First

How to Tame Temtem

Like I mentioned above, you need TemCards to Tame wild Temtem. TemCards are one of the many special items in the game. TemCards are used to tame wild creatures during battle. For the time being, there are two kinds of TemCards in the game. The first is the basic TemCard and then we have the improved TemCard+. The later has a higher capture rate so it is best to get as many TemCard+.

The player can get TemCards at the Temporium, as you progress in the game, better and stronger cards become available. Powerful Temtem can only be tamed with improved TemCards.

Capture Rates

Every Temtem you come across in the game has a set value to it and this value will determine how hard it’ll be to tame it. This means that sometimes a Temtem will break free from your capture attempt. Not only such creatures are hard to tame but they are also hard to find in the game. There are two primary factors that determine how hard it will be to capture; the remaining HP and the current afflicted status conditions.

Status effects are passive effects that you can apply to a Temtem during battle through the use of a Technique or via activation of a Trait. There over 10 status effects but usually Sleep and Freeze work best when taming a Temtem after you manage to lower its health.

How to Access Extra Temtem

You can only have up to 6 Temtem in your lineup so all extra Temtem you tame will go directly into various Temporiums around the map. There are many such locations in the world where you can store your Temtem and heal as well.

Temporiums also have stores where you can resupply for your next adventure. There are also Mini-Temporiums that are smaller versions but come with the same features. You will see these on roads between towns.

What Temtem to Tame First

You can check out our starter Temtem guide to know more about what creatures you can go after first.

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