Tales of Arise Elde Menancia Dahnan Owls Locations Guide

tales of arise elde menancia dahnan owls

We have covered Calaglia and Cyslodia realms so now it is time to explore Elde Menancia for Dahnan Owls. In this guide, we will cover all Elde Menancia Dahnan Owls Locations from Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Elde Menancia Dahnan Owls Locations

Below is a complete list of Dahnan Owls available in Elde Menancia.

Location #1: On the Overseer Hill, go to the south side dead end before the dock. Check on top of the rock there to find an owl.

Location #2: In the Traslida Highway, cross the bridge to the east to reach a small village. Go to the rice fields near the stables to find your next owl. The owl is right next to the horses on the rice patch.

Location #3: Go to Viscint and check the fruit stall in the middle of the city. The location is near the fast travel marker.

Location #4: Use the northwest exit in Trasilda Highway and go to the southeast. You will come across a stone archway that has an owl on it.

Location #5: Go to Autelina Palace 1F Kitchen to find an owl on a shelf.

Location #6: An owl is hidden at the Talka Pond Road at the top of the city walls to the left. It is near the northwest corner of the map.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find all Elde Menancia Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise. Need more help? See How to Heal, How to Dodge Attacks, How to Change Clothes.

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