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Tales of Arise Difficulty Options Guide – How to Unlock Chaos Mode


Tales of Arise has a ton of difficulty options to choose from. Each of these provides a varying degree of challenge. In this Tales of Arise guide, we have detailed all the difficulty options and some tips to unlock the ‘Chaos’ difficulty mode.

Tales of Arise Difficulty Options

By default, there are 4 difficulty options in Tales of Arise. Following is a brief overview of what each difficulty option does to help the player make an informed decision:

Story As the name suggests, this one is ideal for people who prefer narrative over anything else. The encounters are simple and the Battle Score Bonus Multiplier is set to 0.5.
Normal This one is the default difficulty option. Combat scenarios are a bit harder when compared to the ‘Story’ but not still not hard enough. The BSBM is set to 1.
Moderate For the people who found the ‘Normal’ a little too easy for their taste. Battles are intense but nothing that a seasoned RPG player cannot handle. This difficulty has the Battle Score Bonus Multiplier set at 1.25.
Hard RPG veterans who love nothing more than the highest level of challenge will feel right at home playing at the ‘Hard’ difficulty. Enemies hit hard, take less damage, and encounters require careful planning. Farming thins like Skill Points, materials, etc. is also easier, thanks to a 1.5x Battle Score Bonus Multiplier. We highly recommend playing the game on ‘Normal’ or ‘Moderate’ before jumping onto ‘Hard’.

Lastly, do note that Tales of Arise allows the player to change the difficulty on the go. Therefore, do not hesitate to change the difficulty if things are too difficult/easy.

How to Unlock Chaos Difficulty Option

In addition to the 4 difficulty options explained above, there is also a secret unlockable one called ‘Chaos’. This one is the highest level of challenge that the Tales of Arise has to offer.

In order to unlock the ‘Chaos’ difficulty option in the game, the player needs to complete Dohalim Solo Ultimate Challenge at the Training Grounds. Once this Level-60 challenge is completed, the player will receive the Devil Sculpture artifact which will unlock the ‘Chaos’ difficulty option.

This is all we have got in how to change difficulty options in Tales of Arise. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Tales of Arise wiki page.

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