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Tales of Arise Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations Guide


One of the collectibles you can find in Tales of Arise are the Dahnan Owls. There are 38 in total and a handful of them found in each realm of the game. In this guide, we will discuss Calaglia Dahnan Owls locations in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations

In the Calaglia realm, you can explore to find 9 different Duhnan Owls. Below is the complete list of locations for Dahnan Owls.

Location #1: The first one is found in the Crimson Crows Hideout. You can find it on one of the rooftops perched on a clothesline. It is very easy to spot and gives you a pair of Rabbit Ears.

Location #2: Close to the exit of Ulzebek, you can find another owl perched on a tree on the path to the east. The owl gives you a Dog Tail as a reward.

Location #3: In Lacerda Cliffs, go to the campsite and look near the ledge. There is a vertical tower-like structure next to it which makes it easy to spot. Finding this owl will give you a pair of Frame Glasses as a reward.

Location #4: When you come back to the Gates of Fire after taking down Balseph, look for another owl hidden in debris past the East Side exit.

Location #5: When you enter the Glanymede Castle 3F, go to the west side room where you will find some chickens and another Dahnan Owl.

Location #6: In the Trench of Flames area, when you exit the Kyrd Garrison go north and then east to the Gates of Fire. You will find a small, broken-down structure with an owl inside.

Location #7: After you deal with enemies in Mosgul and save the population there, look between the two giant crates filled with Barrels to find your next owl in Calaglia.

Location #8: Near the Mosgul exit, turn right to a dead end to find another Duhnan Owl sitting on a ledge. It gives you a Cat Tail as reward.

Location #9: In the Iglia Wastes area you can pick this one up from atop a dead tree. The area is the cliffs southwest. Use the Vine nearby to reach the owl.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find all Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations in Tales of Arise. Need more help? See Lord Vholran Boss Fight, Tips and Tricks, How to Get Iron Pipe.

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