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Tales Of Arise Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get Started


Tales Of Arise is massive and there are different systems and terms that you need to know about before you get started. If you are new to the game then this guide is going to help you get started. If you have played the previous games then this guide can help you too. In this Tales Of Arise guide, we are going to give you some useful tips and tricks that will make the game a bit easier for you.

Tales Of Arise Tips And Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Tales Of Arise:

Loot Everything

It goes without saying that you should loot everything that you see. There are items that have no use and are just there to be sold but there is a use for each and every resource in the game and you should pick everything up when possible.

Exploration Is Rewarding

Be sure to explore maps and the world around you. You can often find chests that contain valuable items such as gear or owls. It is worth exploring every dead end to find hidden chests and secrets.

Do Not Sell Your Old Weapons

As you reach new locations and get better gear, you might be tempted to sell off your old weapons to gain some money but we recommend not going that. As you progress the game, you will learn that crafting some weapons requires lower-tier weapons. So keep your weapons and do not sell them until later on when you are sure that you are not going to need them.

Try Different Characters

We recommend trying different characters in order to add variety to the game. You can play through the whole game with a single character but different characters have different dynamics which makes things very interesting. Furthermore, if you play with more than a single character then you can swap between characters when one of them is low on HP.

Tales Of Arise Tips

Alphen, Law, and Kisara are close combat characters while Shionne and Rinwell are ranged characters. While some characters can dodge, characters like Kisara block with her shield instead. Be sure to try out different characters for more variety and a change of pace.

Save Before Challenging An Optional Boss

We recommend saving the game before you take on an optional boss. These can be pretty challenging and while in most cases you will respawn with low HP, in some quests it can result in a game over.

You cannot tell how high level an enemy is until you are in combat and you cannot run away from a boss battle once it has started. Save the game to overcome this.

Timed Dodges And Boost Attacks Are Key

Pressing buttons haphazardly is not going to do much in Tales Of Arise. You will need to time your dodges and boost attacks in order to take care of enemies quickly and effectively. Perfect timing allows you to deal damage from a distance and it is also going to fill up your Artes Gauge which is going to allow you to use your Artes. Kisara is an exception to this rule as she blocks instead of dodging.

Boost Attacks need to be timed right as well. Your companions can tag in to help you out but the Boost Gauge needs to be full in order for you to pull that off.

Healing In The Game

As you progress through the game and take on different enemies, you will receive damage and will need to heal. There are different ways in which you can heal in the game. You can use healing items, camping points or healing Artes in order to heal.

Healing items heal you for different amounts of HP. Camping points are going to heal you to the max. Healing Artes use Cure Points or CP which are limited in number and are shared amongst the party members. CP can be replenished by using items or camping.

Level Up Your Artes To Make It Stronger

You can increase the level of your Artes by using it a couple of times. You can check that in the count indicator. This will tell you how many times you need to use it in order to increase its level and how far you are from the max level. You can go back to older areas and use Artes over and over on weaker enemies in order to increase its level.

Tweaks In Strategy Menu Can Cure AI Stupidity (To Some Degree)

You might notice that the AI or your companions that are controlled by the computer can act really stupid at times. Luckily you can tweak their behavior in the Strategy menu. You cannot change much or tell them how to attack but you can make them a bit harder to kill by specifying when to use healing or supportive Artes.

If you are new to the game then you should get a feel before tweaking these settings. Once you have settled in you should have a better idea regarding how you want the AI set.

Update Your Gear From Time To Time

As you get better weapons and gear from chests and rewards, we recommend checking your weapons and gear to see if you have the best stuff equipt. It is easy to lose yourself in the game and keep the old stuff on for long durations of time.

These are the tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Tales Of Arise. If you are interested in completing the game 100% then check out our Tales Of Arise achievements guide. You can also check out our fishing tips guide.

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