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Tales Of Arise Achievements Guide: How To Complete 100%


Tales of Arise has a lot of activities, missions, and sidequests that you can take part in. With that, there are plenty of achievements to unlock as well. If you are interested in completing the game 100% then you will need to unlock all the achievements and trophies. In this Tales Of Arise guide, we are going to go over all the achievements and trophies in the game and how you can unlock them.

All Achievements Or Trophies In Tales Of Arise

The following are all the Tales Of Arise Achievements and how you can unlock them in the game:

Achievement Name How To Unlock
Arisen Unlock all achievements
Emissary of Liberation Defeat Lord Balseph.
Vanquishers of Darkness Defeat Lord Ganabelt.
Comrades in Freedom Recruit Lord Dohalim.
Retired Avenger Defeat Lord Almeidrea.
Liberator of Dahna Defeat Lord Vholran.
Invasion Averted Stop the lights from the wedge.
The Truth Learn the truth about Dahna and Rena on Daeq Faezol.
Destined Liberator Save both worlds from impending destruction.
Wall Smasher Forge strong bonds with all party members.
Intertwining Hearts Forge a strong bond with Shieonne.
An Honest Mage Forge a strong bond with Rinwell, helping her to come to terms with her lineage and feelings.
Role Model Forge a strong bond with Law, giving him something to aspire to on and off the battlefield.
A Modest Dream Forge a strong bond with Kisara, reminding her it’s good to dream a little.
Drink ’til You Drop Forge a strong bond with Dohalim, becoming drinking buddies with a one-time lord.
Owl Homecoming Find and report all of the owls.
Rebellious Spark  Clear your first sub-quest.
Problem Solver  Clear 70 sub-quests. 
Skilled Angler  Catch your first fish. 
Godly Angler Catch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.
Speedy Chef Cook your first meal.
Globetrotting Foodie Acquire 30 kinds of non-DLC recipes.
Arms Stockpiler Forge 100 types of weapons.
Jeweler Craft 30 accessories. 
What’s in a Name? Learn your first non-DLC title skill.
Myriad Monikers Learn 400 non-DLC title skills.
Hundred-Hit Smackdown Get over 100 hits in a combo.
One-Hit Wonder Deal 10,000 or more damage in one hit.
Diligent Counterattacker Perform 100 Counter Edges.
High Roller Spend 400,000 gald.
Peak Strength Reach level 100.
Encyclopedia Zeuglica Encounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies.
Unrelenting Blaze Defeat Efreet Malum
Night Blossom Defeat Meneiys.
Quaking Continent Defeat Grand Gnome.
Billowing Cyclone Defeat Procella Sylph.
Raging Current Defeat Luo Undine.
Big Game Hunter Slay 20 gigants.
Otherworldly Survivor Clear the “Otherworldly Survivors” sub-quest and bring about a reunion between a certain pair.
Putting the Past in its Place Clear the “Reminiscence Device” sub-quest.
Elite Vanguard Clear Ultimate level of group training fights.
Dilettante Obtain your first non-DLC artifact.
Curious Hobbyist Obtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts.
Novice Rancher Collect your first harvest on the ranch.
Veteran Rancher Collect 50 harvests on the ranch.
Owl Spotter Find and report 13 owls.
Owl Scouter Find and report 32 owls.
Ceaseless Chatterbox View 300 skits.

These are all the Tales Of Arise Achievements and how you can unlock them. To learn more you can check out our guide on which versions of the game include the swimsuit costumes.

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