Sacred Sword Sweeties


Nutaku has introduced a new action-adventure card game called Sacred Sword Sweeties. The game combines sword fighting and erotic prowess and is available in both English and Chinese. Gamers, the only ones carrying divine blood, must save the world from the evil Sins by building a team of powerful and sexy Vessels. Players can also infuse extraordinary abilities to their team by choosing the right Souls from a series of unique cards. With the right strategy, in addition to fighting off powerful monsters, players can also uncover exclusive dating plots and intimate moments! The key features of Sacred Sword Sweeties by Nutaku are as follows: Three Vessel characters Sci-fi fantasy adventure Tactical card battle system Level up Vessels & cards of Souls Fast pace semi turn-based battle scenes 50+ sex scenes for free 200,000+ words of stories You can get the game and learn more about it from the official…