Ninja might be the biggest Fortnite streamer but when it comes to hardcore skill in an FPS game Dr Disrespect is the two-time champion. Not to mention that watching the guy play is very entertaining indeed. Dr Disrespect recently talked about how Ninja has moved on to stream on Mixer. He said that he would make the move if he was offered a similar deal or something better.

I love Dr Disrespect and he is a great streamer but I do not think that he will get a deal similar to what Ninja got if the rumors about Ninja’s deal are true. Jacksepticeye was approached by Mixer a while back but then Microsoft mentioned that the money had already been spent. That could mean that the Mixer is only interested in Ninja for now.

Dr Disrespect Mixer

Mixer could offer a deal to Dr Disrespect and other streamers, it is a matter of time. Ninja’s deal is already paying off. He has brought a lot of viewers to Mixer so I do not see why Microsoft would not make deals with other streamers. Here is what Dr Disrespect said about moving to Mixer:

Let’s say a move to the Doc to Mixer… let’s just like theoretically say it right… the number would have to be crazy. Like, I’m talking… I don’t know what Ninja got, but it’s got to be at Ninja’s level or higher. I mean it’s just a bigger, stronger brand.

Dr Disrespect is one of the big names on Twitch right now and he would be ideal for Mixer if he did get an offer. We have been hearing rumors that Mixer is going to get more streamers onboard so Dr Disrespect might get an offer soon. There is no way of knowing for sure. let’s wait and see what happens.

Ninja has made the move to Mixer and we talked about how much money he might have been offered to make the transition. It turns out that Ninja was not the only one that was contacted. Jacksepticeye was also offered a deal of some sort to create content on Mixer but Microsoft backed by at the end. The company did not say no but mentioned that the money had already been spent. Now we know where all that money went. Jack could give us an insight into how much money was offered.

This is not surprising because Mixer would need to have some sort of backup plan if Ninja did not join. Jacksepticeye might not be the biggest Fortnite streamer in the work but he is a gamer with great content and a lot of reach. People like to watch his content. I for one am a fan myself and I enjoy the Irish accent a lot. Not to mention his charismatic personality.

Jacksepticeye shared this information with PewDiePie and Pewds talked about it in a recent video. Here is what he had to say regarding the whole Mixer affair:

Ninja’s streaming on Mixer?. Oh, that’s funny. I saw it in the comments, and I didn’t understand. I mean, good for him. Jack told me yesterday. Mixer came to me with a lot of money, and all of a sudden they say no. Now we know where that money went. That’s funny. They didn’t say ‘no’ to him, they just said like – we spent the money already.

Now we know where all that money went. Ninja was offered an exclusive streaming deal. Pewds himself streams exclusively on DLive so exclusive deals do make sense. Ninja has quickly become the most subscribed streamer on Mixer and it is not really all that surprising.

Jacksepticeye Mixer

Ninja has a huge following but I for one would have liked to see Jacksepticeye get the deal. I am sure that this is not a popular opinion but I am going to say it anyway. Or maybe not? I already watch all my content on Netflix or YouTube so having Jacksepticeye move to Mixer would have been another site that I need to open up. It’s rather complicated I guess.

Ninja is the first to get an exclusive deal and now that the viewers are rolling in and Mixer is getting more traction, it is just a matter of time before more creator and streamers are offered similar deals. They might not be paid as much as Ninja, but they are still going to be approached. Just like our boy Jack.

Ninja recently announced that he has left Twitch and will stream exclusively on Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform. Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world so you have to wonder, how much money did Microsoft pay Ninja to get him to stream exclusively on Mixer?

While we do not have the exact numbers, we do know how much money Ninja made in a year on Twitch and we have an idea of what kinds of terms he would agree to with Microsoft. Twitch is no small things for Ninja to leave and it is safe to say that he would be compensated for making the move to Mixer.

Here Is How Much Money Microsoft Paid Ninja To Stream On Mixer

So how much money did Microsoft pay Ninja to stream on Mixer? We know that in 2018, Ninja made around $10 million. Keeping that in mind, that would be the bare minimum that Microsoft must have paid Ninja to ditch Twitch. That does not account for the money that he makes on the platform. This is the money that Ninja is getting from Microsoft no matter how well he does on Mixer.

It does seem to be working. Ninja broke all the records on Mixer and became the most popular streamer on the platform before even starting his first-ever stream. Not to mention that there is a banner on the platform that highlights that Ninja will now stream on Mixer. So Mixer is marketing its platform with Ninja being a central part. That is not surprising at all keeping in mind how many people around the work watch him and how much viewership the streamer has brought in the past couple of days since the signed with Mixer.

Ninja Mixer Money

Mixer is an interesting platform and streamers that have used it have had very positive things to say about it. The only drawback was that the platform did not have the same viewer-base as Twitch. With Ninja bringing in the viewers, that could change soon. $10 million is the bare minimum that Microsoft would have offered Ninja.

Ninja has most likely signed a 3-year contract. Nothing less would make sense from the streamer’s point of view and nothing more would make sense from Mixer’s point of view. When it comes to eSports, a contract is typically for 3 years and I think that the same applies here.

There are some rumors that Microsoft paid Ninja $100 million for the deal and I would not be surprised if that is indeed the case. If this is indeed true then that would be for the duration of 3 years and not $100 million annually. YouTuber Keemstar has also heard about this but has not confirmed whether that is yearly or for the whole duration of the deal.

The Future Of Mixer And Exclusive Streaming Deals

It will be interesting to see the kind of content Ninja has on Mixer. It might be the same as Twitch. Ninja is best known for streaming Fortnite so he could stick with that. Don’t fix something that is not broken, right? He could add more games into the mix as well. Only time will tell.

Keep in mind that this is speculation based on previous numbers. We do not have any insider information regarding the deal. I think this is as close to the truth that we are going to get. I am sure that neither Ninja nor Microsoft are going to reveal any details regarding the money that was offered to the streamer to make the move to Mixer.

Something that I can say for sure is that this strategy is working for Microsoft and more streamers will be offered exclusivity deals. The deals might not be as big as the one that Ninja got but they will still be lucrative enough for streamers to consider moving from Twitch to Mixer.

The Epic Games Store has done something similar with games and people did not like that at all. It will be interesting to see what the fans think about the move to Mixer. This might not be as bad.

Ninja has just announced that he will no longer stream content on Twitch and will be coming on to Mixer instead. If you do not know what Mixer is then let me tell you it is Microsoft’s streaming platform.

While Mixer is not as big as Twitch when it comes to the number of viewers but getting Ninja onboard could change that. Exclusive streaming partnerships seem to be the way to go. Recently PewDiePie announced that while he uploads his videos to YouTube, he will stream only on DLive.

If you are interested in watching Ninja then you will need to follow his stream on Mixer rather than Twitch. Ninja announced his move to Mixer in a rather funny video in collaboration with Mixer and you can check it out below:

Let us know what you think about Ninja streaming exclusively on Mixer and whether or not you think this could get more viewers on the platform. I think that if this works out then more people might get exclusive deals as well but that is something that we will have to wait and see.