Ninja has made the move to Mixer and we talked about how much money he might have been offered to make the transition. It turns out that Ninja was not the only one that was contacted. Jacksepticeye was also offered a deal of some sort to create content on Mixer but Microsoft backed by at the end. The company did not say no but mentioned that the money had already been spent. Now we know where all that money went. Jack could give us an insight into how much money was offered.

This is not surprising because Mixer would need to have some sort of backup plan if Ninja did not join. Jacksepticeye might not be the biggest Fortnite streamer in the work but he is a gamer with great content and a lot of reach. People like to watch his content. I for one am a fan myself and I enjoy the Irish accent a lot. Not to mention his charismatic personality.

Jacksepticeye shared this information with PewDiePie and Pewds talked about it in a recent video. Here is what he had to say regarding the whole Mixer affair:

Ninja’s streaming on Mixer?. Oh, that’s funny. I saw it in the comments, and I didn’t understand. I mean, good for him. Jack told me yesterday. Mixer came to me with a lot of money, and all of a sudden they say no. Now we know where that money went. That’s funny. They didn’t say ‘no’ to him, they just said like – we spent the money already.

Now we know where all that money went. Ninja was offered an exclusive streaming deal. Pewds himself streams exclusively on DLive so exclusive deals do make sense. Ninja has quickly become the most subscribed streamer on Mixer and it is not really all that surprising.

Jacksepticeye Mixer

Ninja has a huge following but I for one would have liked to see Jacksepticeye get the deal. I am sure that this is not a popular opinion but I am going to say it anyway. Or maybe not? I already watch all my content on Netflix or YouTube so having Jacksepticeye move to Mixer would have been another site that I need to open up. It’s rather complicated I guess.

Ninja is the first to get an exclusive deal and now that the viewers are rolling in and Mixer is getting more traction, it is just a matter of time before more creator and streamers are offered similar deals. They might not be paid as much as Ninja, but they are still going to be approached. Just like our boy Jack.

Ninja recently announced that he has left Twitch and will stream exclusively on Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform. Ninja is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world so you have to wonder, how much money did Microsoft pay Ninja to get him to stream exclusively on Mixer?

While we do not have the exact numbers, we do know how much money Ninja made in a year on Twitch and we have an idea of what kinds of terms he would agree to with Microsoft. Twitch is no small things for Ninja to leave and it is safe to say that he would be compensated for making the move to Mixer.

Here Is How Much Money Microsoft Paid Ninja To Stream On Mixer

So how much money did Microsoft pay Ninja to stream on Mixer? We know that in 2018, Ninja made around $10 million. Keeping that in mind, that would be the bare minimum that Microsoft must have paid Ninja to ditch Twitch. That does not account for the money that he makes on the platform. This is the money that Ninja is getting from Microsoft no matter how well he does on Mixer.

It does seem to be working. Ninja broke all the records on Mixer and became the most popular streamer on the platform before even starting his first-ever stream. Not to mention that there is a banner on the platform that highlights that Ninja will now stream on Mixer. So Mixer is marketing its platform with Ninja being a central part. That is not surprising at all keeping in mind how many people around the work watch him and how much viewership the streamer has brought in the past couple of days since the signed with Mixer.

Ninja Mixer Money

Mixer is an interesting platform and streamers that have used it have had very positive things to say about it. The only drawback was that the platform did not have the same viewer-base as Twitch. With Ninja bringing in the viewers, that could change soon. $10 million is the bare minimum that Microsoft would have offered Ninja.

Ninja has most likely signed a 3-year contract. Nothing less would make sense from the streamer’s point of view and nothing more would make sense from Mixer’s point of view. When it comes to eSports, a contract is typically for 3 years and I think that the same applies here.

There are some rumors that Microsoft paid Ninja $100 million for the deal and I would not be surprised if that is indeed the case. If this is indeed true then that would be for the duration of 3 years and not $100 million annually. YouTuber Keemstar has also heard about this but has not confirmed whether that is yearly or for the whole duration of the deal.

The Future Of Mixer And Exclusive Streaming Deals

It will be interesting to see the kind of content Ninja has on Mixer. It might be the same as Twitch. Ninja is best known for streaming Fortnite so he could stick with that. Don’t fix something that is not broken, right? He could add more games into the mix as well. Only time will tell.

Keep in mind that this is speculation based on previous numbers. We do not have any insider information regarding the deal. I think this is as close to the truth that we are going to get. I am sure that neither Ninja nor Microsoft are going to reveal any details regarding the money that was offered to the streamer to make the move to Mixer.

Something that I can say for sure is that this strategy is working for Microsoft and more streamers will be offered exclusivity deals. The deals might not be as big as the one that Ninja got but they will still be lucrative enough for streamers to consider moving from Twitch to Mixer.

The Epic Games Store has done something similar with games and people did not like that at all. It will be interesting to see what the fans think about the move to Mixer. This might not be as bad.

Ninja has just announced that he will no longer stream content on Twitch and will be coming on to Mixer instead. If you do not know what Mixer is then let me tell you it is Microsoft’s streaming platform.

While Mixer is not as big as Twitch when it comes to the number of viewers but getting Ninja onboard could change that. Exclusive streaming partnerships seem to be the way to go. Recently PewDiePie announced that while he uploads his videos to YouTube, he will stream only on DLive.

If you are interested in watching Ninja then you will need to follow his stream on Mixer rather than Twitch. Ninja announced his move to Mixer in a rather funny video in collaboration with Mixer and you can check it out below:

Let us know what you think about Ninja streaming exclusively on Mixer and whether or not you think this could get more viewers on the platform. I think that if this works out then more people might get exclusive deals as well but that is something that we will have to wait and see.

Microsoft’s The Initiative first-party studio was founded a year ago and was announced at E3 2018. Since then the company has acquired a couple of studios. We do not know what The Initiative is working on right now but it seems to be a major title as more developers that worked on God of War and Uncharted have joined the Microsoft studio.

The Initiative Studio Head Darrell Gallagher announced a while back that developers like Brian Westergaard, Annie Lohr, Blake Fischer, Christian Cantamessa, and Lindsey McQueeney were part of the new studio. The team has expanded since then. Developers that worked on critically acclaimed games like God of War and Uncharted have not joined The Initiative.

God of War level designers Ian Miller, Kai Zheng, Chris O’Neill, and Ray Yeomans have joined Microsoft’s the Initiative. Other than that, Naughty Dog Senior Designer Robert Ryan is also a part of the new studio. According to reports, Ryan Trowbridge has joined The Initiative as Tech Art Director.

Microsoft's The Initiative

Interestingly, the studio is growing at a fast pace and this could result in a major AAA title for the upcoming Xbox Scarlett. We know that Halo Infinite is going to be one of the launch titles for Xbox Scarlett. There is not much that we know about the other titles that will release on the console but keeping in mind that this is going to be a next-generation console, it is expected that Microsoft is going to have a strong lineup of games. That is vital if Microsoft is going to compete with the PS5 in 2020.

Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed that some titles were not announced at E3 2019 and he held back announcements on purpose. This means that there is a lot that is going on behind the scenes that we do not know about yet. Final Fantasy XIV Director recently teasing Xbox Scarlett enhancements for the game after Shadowbringers. That is something to look forward to.

It is going to be interesting to see what Microsoft’s The Initiative first-party studio is working on.

Rumors are making rounds on the internet that Microsoft is preparing a streaming-only game console for its Project xCloud. According to the report, the game streaming console will be a cheaper alternative and will launch alongside Xbox Scarlett.

While at first, it sounds like a good idea but we must ask the question that if this console is actually a good idea and can it be successful. Let’s start with the basics, the console will be powered by Project xCloud, Microsoft’s game upcoming streaming service.

Each server of Project Cloud is powered by a number of Xbox One consoles. Now, here is the first roadblock to this console’s success. Given that it’s powered by Xbox One consoles, the only games you’ll be able to stream will be the ones released for Xbox One.

Picture this, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett have launched and the games have taken a huge leap in graphics. On the other hand, you have the option of a cheap streaming-console that will only let you stream last-gen games.

The point being, with the majority of the gaming community, focused on next-gen experiences, why would anyone want to buy a game streaming console that only provides last-gen experiences.

However, this doesn’t mean this streaming-only console won’t have any uses. First of all, it’ll be way cheaper compared to Xbox Scarlett. This will help the console to be a bit competitive as some gamers will definitely be attracted to it due to its price.

Secondly, the console is designed to utilize Project xCloud. Players will be able to stream games with minimum latency possible. Combine this to the fact that instead of buying games, gamers will only pay a small subscription fee for the entire library.

Furthermore, owners of the console will also be able to stream Xbox 360 games since Xbox One is a backward compatible console.

Now, back to the question that is this Project xCloud powered streaming-only console is a good idea and can it be successful? The answer is, Yes, the console is definitely a good idea and has the potential to be successful.

It will not only provide gamers with a cheaper alternative but also gamers won’t have to buy games as they’ll be paying a reasonable subscription fee for the entire library available for the console.

But, in a market where gamers are attracted towards games that aim for higher visual quality and attention to detail, the console is at a disadvantage. However, this is just my opinion of the console and we are yet to see if it actually exists. There are multiple factors that’ll determine if the console is worth buying or not. What do you think?

Microsoft’s rival to Google Stadia, Project xCloud streaming service is getting a console. According to insider Brad Sams, Microsoft is actively working on the Project xCloud console that is designed to give a better streaming experience.

Microsoft is trying to do something similar to Google Stadia. Google’s streaming service comes with a controller that connects with your router for a seamless experience. The idea is to offer a better experience compared to running through a browser, but in what way exactly? For now, all we know that you can connect your controller to this box and that it is a “low-power, low-latency device.”

xCloud details are murky so we assume it might also feature browser streaming.

Anyways, the rumors of the streaming console machine aren’t new. Microsoft’s plan leaked last year and at the time it was referred to as “Scarlett Cloud.” However, at some point Project Lockhart took over and Cloud-based console was reportedly put aside. But it seems Microsoft wasn’t done with Project xCloud console aka “Scarlett Cloud” after all.

Now that Lockhart is out of the picture, a console that was supposed to be an entry point for next-generation, Scarlett Cloud could take its place. Specs wise this console will offer very little. It is just a device to connect your Xbox controller to. The experience would just a little bit better compared to a browser or a TV. It isn’t far-fetched to say Scarlett Cloud could add other features to rival Apple TV and Chromecast. A simple box to connect your controller isn’t very enticing to the consumer, is it?

Microsoft scrapped Project Lockhart to simplify next-generation of consoles. Offering Anaconda, Lockhart, and xCloud at the same time isn’t a good idea. It’s clutter!

Project xCloud will rival Stadia and will be an entry point into the next generation of gaming. Mix this with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass and we may have a winner. Microsoft has a better chance of succeeding with its streaming service simply due to its reputation as a gaming company.

The biggest concern with Google is that if/when Stadia fails, what will happen to your games? Those concerns don’t bother those interested in Microsoft’s Project xCloud. While the project is actively being worked on, its release may or may not happen. Many such projects go into development but never see the light of day.

We will know more about this at E3 2020 during Microsoft’s press conference.

Xbox Scarlett and PS5 are the upcoming next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. It is common for fans to speculate which one is going to be better than the other even when there is little to no information available.

Microsoft confirmed some of the specifications of the Xbox Scarlett at E3 2019. Before that Mark Cerny talked about some of the features of the upcoming PS5. From what we have heard so far, both seem pretty similar but AMD Lisa Su has confirmed that both have their own secret sauce.

So there could be something behind the scenes that could potentially set them apart. At this point, we do not know what that is.

Various media outlets have been claiming that the PS4 will be more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett but that seems unlikely to me and here I am going to talk about why that is the case.

Why Xbox Scarlett Will Be More Power Than PS5

The Xbox One X was just a proof of concept. Microsoft is yet to reveal what it has actually been working on. I think that the Xbox One X was a way of making a point. It is the worlds most powerful console right now and I do not see why Microsoft would want to let go of such a powerful position in the market.

The Xbox One X Is Proof Of Concept

The Xbox One X cost $100 more than the PS4 Pro but also delivered better performance. It provided a performance boost of 40% for just $100 more, compared to the PS4 Pro. It is also quieter and runs much cooler.

The Xbox One X is proof that Microsoft can deliver great performance in a small box and even add features like a Blu-Ray player that you do not get on the PS4 Pro.

Xbox One X

The PS4 Pro is a bare minimum machine that can run only a few titles at native 4K and needs to rely on trickery like checkerboard scaling in order to deliver better image quality. It is also worth mentioning that the PS4 Pro is only capable or recording gameplay at one-fourth of the quality when compared to the Xbox One X.

The PS4 Pro runs much hotter, makes more noise and does not deliver the level of quality that Xbox One X is capable of. I know that Sony has tweaked its formula with different versions of the Pro and the latest one runs cooler but that is still not impressive when compared to the Xbox One X, which did all that much better at launch.

Marketing Is More Than Just Buzz Words

Microsoft marketed the Xbox One X as the most powerful console on the market and it delivered on that promise. Now, Phil Spencer and Matt Booty have claimed that the Xbox Scarlett with be the most immersive and most powerful console on the market.

From what we have seen and heard of, Microsoft seems to be targeting performance first and price later. Sony, on the other hand, is more than likely targeting price first and performance second.

Xbox Scarlett PS5

I have no doubt that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will both be able to hit 4K 60 FPS at least. Even the PS4 Pro is able to hit 4K in some titles but Xbox Scarlett will be able to go the extra mile. This is why it is going to be and is marketed as the most immersive console.

It is also worth mentioning that Sony has not made any claims of developing a better console that is more powerful. It is marketing storage and speed. Microsoft, on the other hand, has reassured the fans time and time again that the Xbox Scarlett will set the bar for console gaming and that it will be the benchmark to beat.

Microsoft has claimed the power advantage multiple times at E3 2019 and after that. Sony has only talked about the SSD and loading times.

The $400 Console Price Model

Both companies are going to deliver all these specs in a price range of around $400. Sony cannot afford to stuff beefier hardware in order to take on Xbox Scarlett because the $400 price model has worked out well for Sony in the past.

Better hardware would add to the cost and it is highly unlikely that Sony is going to sell the PS5 at a major loss. Analysts have predicted that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will cost around $500. This is not something unheard of and this is what we hear whenever a new console is around the corner.

We are going to talk about the pricing of games later on and this topic is similar, so are not going to touch on that here. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already mentioned that the Xbox Scarlett is going to be reasonably priced and I think that it will cost similar to the Xbox One X.

Dev Kits Might Not Be Out, Are Not relevant

We have heard rumors that PS5 dev kits have been sent out but Phil Spencer has mentioned that it is working on dev kits at the moment. With the console 18 months away from launch, I do not think that devs outside of Microsoft Studios have access to the hardware.

So I do not see how claims of the PS5 being more powerful are being made and what the PS5 is being compared to if dev kits are not even out yet. If a comparison is made then the PS5 is being compared to the Xbox One X, which is not fair.

It is also worth noting that dev kits do not represent the final product. These usually have higher specs than the units that are shipped to the public. So a comparison does not make any sense.

Albert Penella has confirmed that dev kits are not comparable as the custom chips that power the Xbox Scarlett will not be finalized until Summer 2020. He also mentioned that Mac’s were sent as dev kits for the Xbox 360 so they mean very little at this point.

Ray Tracing Behind The Scenes

Microsoft has confirmed that ray tracing will be hardware accelerated which means that the Xbox Scarlett will have cores that will work on ray tracing. The PS5 does not seem to have that feature, as far as I know.

It seems that just like the checkerboard upscaling on the PS4 Pro, Sony is going to use software trickery to mimic ray tracing as it has not confirmed whether or not the ray tracing in PS5 is hardware accelerated. The PS4 Pro is proof that there is only so much that can be done via software and that games need hardware to run better.

If that is indeed the case, then this means that the Xbox Scarlett will have better lighting and better physics in games with the help of Direct Physics.

Xbox Scarlett Is More Different Than You Think

With hardware accelerated ray tracing technology in the mix, it seems like the Xbox Scarlett will be powered by a 7nm+ chip rather than a 7nm one. It is possible that the graphics are based on RDNA2 rather than RDNA.

If this is indeed the case then this supports our theory that Sony has gone with price as its target while Microsoft has gone for better performance. While the difference in 7nm and 7nm+ might be small, this could give the Xbox Scarlett an edge over the PS5.

Xbox Scarlett To Dominate In 2020

Without looking at the games that Microsoft is working on I can say that Xbox Scarlett is going to give Sony a tough time in 2020. Coming to performance, if rumors claim that the PS5 is going to be more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett then all these points are enough to debunk that claim.

I would bet in Xbox Scarlett but we will know for sure in the Fall of 2020.

Will Xbox Scarlett And PS5 Games Cost More?

Back in 1997, you could get a console game for $49.99 but since then pricing has changed as games are more expensive to develop. Since then, game prices have increased to $59.99.

In 2019 it is not uncommon for a part of the game to be sold as the base game and additional content to be locked behind a pay wall as DLC. Although this does not bode well with fans, it is still a common practice.

Game developers have got a lot of backlash when it comes to mechanics like lootboxes, microtransactions and DLC and some developers are shying away from pay walls.

Game prices have not changed since 2006 and with that in mind analysts are speculating whether or not games could get even more expensive with the release of the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A AAA Game?

In 1996 a typical PlayStation game cost less than $1 million to make and sold for $49. GTAV is an older title that released in 2013 but it cost $137 million to develop. Add $128 million for marketing and the total cost of bringing the game to market is $265 million. If you add inflation and adjust that cost for 2019 then you get something around the lines of $285 million.

To give you an idea of how much that is, Avengers: Age of Ultron had a budget of roughly $289 million. This figure is not adjusted to accommodate inflation but you get the idea. The basic idea here is that making a game can cost as much as making a movie in modern days.

GTAV did sell millions of copies and is one of the most sold games in history. That does not mitigate the fact that this was a major risk that Rockstar took and at the time of making the game, I am sure that Rockstar did not know that the game could be so successful.

GTAV can be seen as an exceptional case so let’s take another example. Max Payne 3 is a relatively older game but a well-known one. It was supposed to release in 2009 but came out in 2010. Developing the game cost $105 million. This number is much lower than that of GTAV but it is still much more than what games cost to make in the late 90s.

Different Approaches By Game Developers To Counter Increasing Development Costs

With all this in mind, it would be fair for anyone to assume that it is about time that games got more expensive. Developers argue that there is a limited amount of content that they can sell for $60 and that is why they charge for DLC.

That is a valid point and that makes sense in games like The Witcher 3 in which the DLCs can be seen as complete games on their own but paying for the ability to use a character in-game is pushing it a bit too much.

It is worth mentioning that when the Xbox One and PS4 were about to release analysts predicted that the price of games would jump from $60 to $70 but that never happened. $60 is the standard price for a game in the USA. Games are more expensive in other areas of the world like Norway.

While some developers took the DLC approach, games as a live service model for gaming was introduced during the same time as well. We got games like Destiny and Overwatch that would get updates throughout the year.

This would help developers make a game and still be able to make money and profit from said games even with the increasing development costs. Some game developers introduced season passes while others took the free-to-play approach like Fornite.

Fornite might be a free-to-play game but it makes money as it is a live service game and people pay for the cosmetic items in the game. This is a very successful title that forced Sony to add cross-play support for console players.

This was unheard of from Sony before Fortnite came along. If you still need an idea of how much money Epic Games makes from Fortnite, the developer rented out 2 whole stadiums for fans to get together with Marshmellow.

Will Games Cost $70 In 2020?

With all this in mind, it is highly unlikely that games are going to cost more. There are free-to-play games on the market that are very popular. Destiny 2 is an interesting example. You had to pay $60 for the base game and then more money for the annual passes and seasonal content.

Now, the base game is going free to play and you no longer need to buy the previous expansions in order to play the new ones.

If games are getting more costly to make and the prices are not going to increase then how are developers going to make any money? That is a great question. The answer is pretty simple and we have seen it in action for a while now. Subscription services.

Rather than asking for $60 for a game upfront, companies are now moving towards a subscription model where players can get access to a library of games for as little as $10 per month.

Sony has had the PS Now service for a while now. This was originally supposed to be the solution to backward compatibility but Xbox took it a step further with Xbox Game Pass. While this service was exclusive to Xbox users for a while, it has since been introduced to PC users as well.

Xbox Game Pass EA Origin Access

Not only do you have access to 100 games, but you also get first-party games available at launch if you are subscribed to the service.

Not convinced? Well, a year after Xbox Game Pass was announced, Microsoft revealed that earning from games had increased 8%. Sales were up 31% for software sales and services.

You should still take these numbers with a grain of salt as different factors go into these percentages and these numbers are provided by Microsoft.

This model does seem to work. Sony has started adding PS4 games to the service so that is a major hint as well. Another proof of concept is Google Stadia. It is not 100$ subscription based, you do need to buy some games but the service allows you to stream games to any device that can run Chrome.

You have to pay for most titles and 4K support but some titles are free to play. If you are willing to wait and would rather play games at 1080p, then the service is free. At E3 2019, Ubisoft announced its subscription service called Uplay+. EA already has Origin Access which is pretty much the same thing.

Is The Price Actually Lower?

Paying $10 a month for a library of games instead of $60 for each game might seem tempting. The question here is, are subscription services actually cheaper than buying individual games? Suppose that you buy 8 games a year.

Some are going to be more expensive than others because of sales. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that you are paying full price for these titles. 8 games for $60 cost $480.

Gaming Subscription Services

Here is a breakdown of what all these services are going to cost you per year:

Service  Annual Cost
Xbox Game Pass $120
UPlay+ $180
Google Stadia Pro $120
EA Origin Access Premier  $100
Total $520


To be fair you are not going to pay for all these services. Stadia is a bit of a stretch and there is a free version as well. This does not account for the exclusive games from Sony and Nintendo. Those will need to be added to this cost.

This also does not include the cost of DLC and microtransactions. I do not think that these models are going to change even with subscriptions being active. Too much money is being earned via expansions and microtransactions for developers to just quit these practices.

All things considered, realistically you will be subscribed to one or more of these services and might continue to buy some games individually as well. So at the end of the day, it is going to costs you about the same if not more.

If The Price Is the Same, What Has Changed?

While the pricing is the same, in theory, the way games are sold is different. These models are designed to re-new behind the scenes to a point where you forget about them. Unless you are on a really tight monthly budget, people are not going to keep track of all these services that they are subscribed to.

Gamers will have to get used to the way they play games and how they are made available. This is one of the reasons why distribution has not changed all of a sudden but over the course of a couple of years.

This should be the norm in the near future. I would not be surprised if some game companies stop selling individual games in the future. But I do think that we are pretty far away from such a time.

It will be interesting to see how the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 compared to one another and how the gaming is going to change in the future.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has talked about toxicity and inclusiveness a couple of times. In a recent interview, Phil Spencer talked about Xbox Live not being a free speech platform He has already posted a pretty long blog post around toxicity and hate speech and how gaming is for everyone. If you have not read it then you should.

In the interview, Phil Spencer mentioned that when it comes to Xbox Live, gamers do not have the right to say whatever they want to. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

The only reason we published it now is, just as we’re making progress in Gaming For Everyone, as we’re going to do more things in our services, as we’re beefing up parental controls, there’s going to be a fringe segment that doesn’t like the direction we go.

Spencer’s statement is not surprising to people that have used Xbox Live. Some people have been banned for saying something that was not appropriate. All these measures are in place so that toxicity can be kept to a minimum and hate speech is not promoted. Phil Spencer went on to mention the following about Xbox Live:

I’ve been public before: Xbox Live is not a free speech platform. It is not a place where anybody can come and say anything. And as we’re working to ensure it’s a safe and inclusive environment for everybody, I don’t want to be opaque about it. I want to be out there front and center so that you understand our motivation.

Xbox Live has always had a certain level of restriction when it came to chatting. You cannot simply say whatever you want to. Microsoft is justing building on this system and making it better. I think that this is a great initiative. I am sure that some users are not happy about it but it is for the betterment of the gaming community as a whole.

While we are talking about Microsoft, the company has confirmed that the price of Xbox Scarlett will be reasonable. We also talked about how Xbox Lockhart is no longer in development.

Source: Kotaku

Xbox Scarlett was one of the major highlights of the Microsoft conference at E3 2019. We know that the console features high-end hardware and can support games up to 8K at 120 FPS. With that in mind, fans are concerned about the potentially high price of the Xbox Scarlett. Xbox Lockhart was supposed to be the more mainstream console. Since that is no longer in development what will be the price of the upcoming Xbox Scarlett?

Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald touched on the matter. He mentioned that the price point of the Xbox Scarlett will be “reasonable.” The following is what he had to say in this regard to Xbox Scarlett price:

We understand what reasonable price points are for a console and kind of what customers expect about that. At the same time to you, we are innovating we are pushing the boundaries of some of this. We’re not sharing any details on price, or, you know, more detailed specs at this point. But I will say that we’re very confident in what we’re building, something that will set a new bar for expectations of console gaming.

Now that Xbox Scarlett is going to be the only console that Microsoft will launch the price matters even more. It is possible that each unit will be sold at a loss for at least a couple of year. It is a normal practice for tech companies. Microsoft could make its money back in the form of revenue generated from services and games. This is not unheard of and we have seen this strategy being used in the past with PS3 and other consoles.

Microsoft does have plenty of studios developing games that’ll entice potential buyers. A high price for Xbox Scarlett can be justified with a killer games lineup, can’t it? But Xbox Scarlett is just one piece of the gaming puzzle for the Redmond giant.

Microsoft is also moving into the PC games scene. The company announced Xbox Game Pass for PC. Moreover, Phil Spencer also mentioned that Xbox games will soon be released on Steam. This means that PC gamers can play games that were limited to Xbox starting with Halo: MCC.

We will have to wait and see what the price of the Xbox Scarlett is going to be. Keeping in mind that it is going to release in the Fall of 2020, we might be waiting a while. The predictions right now are that the console will cost around $500. The same is the case for the PS5. There are some that speculate that the price could touch $600. Nothing is for sure right now. We will let you know about the pricing of the Xbox Scarlett so stay tuned for more updates.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Xbox Scarlett and what price would be acceptable to you.

Source: Windows Central

Update: As we speculated, reports are now starting to come in that Xbox Lockhart is shelved. According to Insider Benji-Sales on Twitter

It’s starting to look like the weaker version of Microsoft’s next-gen console code name Lockhardt has possibly been shelved. The guy has been in the middle of rumors for a while now and has a good track record.

To be clear, I do not know firsthand if Lockhardt is indeed canceled. This is just the rumblings that are going around. It very well still could exist. However, Phil himself seemed to indicate this as well at E3. He said next-gen ‘console’ whereas at E3 2018 he said ‘consoles

It is also worth noting that Lockhart was going to be the cheaper console that was being designed with streaming in mind. With the announcement of Google Stadia, Microsoft might not have found Lockhart worth releasing. Fewer hardware options mean lower costs for Microsoft which makes their investors and directors happy. Long story short, Google Stadia might have killed the development of Xbox Lockhart.

Original Story: A few months back we got leaks, reports, and rumors that pointed towards two Xbox gaming consoles. One of the consoles would use lower specs while the other is a premium product. That seemed like a very reasonable plan but something changed. Xbox boss Phil Spencer only announced a single console at E3 2019, Project Scarlett. Is Xbox Lockhart still in development?

Back at E3 2018, Phil Spencer mentioned “next-generation of consoles.” But this year it was down to one. What happened to the development of Xbox Lockhart is the big question here.

If we look back at the gaming industry, the lower spec hardware has always been the limiting factor. Some say current-generation of consoles are holding video games back. That could also be true for Lockhart and Anaconda. Xbox Lockhart was going to be the lower spec model which could mean that it would hold back the Xbox Anaconda.

It isn’t hard to imagine this situation from a developer’s standpoint. Developing games for four different Xbox consoles? And each machine holding the other back. They would have to optimize the game for PS5, PS4 Pro and the base PS4 as well. It is not only extra work but extra expense too.

Xbox backward compatibility is going to be an option on the Xbox Scarlett so it does make sense that Microsoft would scrap the idea of Lockhart. Developers would be much happier as Xbox Scarlett and PS5 both are based on the same hardware and architecture. This means less work when it comes to optimizing different games for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

At this point, we are not sure whether Xbox Lockhart development has indeed been stopped but it seems highly unlikely that Microsoft is working on something and didn’t talk about it at all. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

We also know that we’re going to have dev kits out, developers building games, and I’d rather not have to pretend that something is not happening when everybody knows it is happening.

If Xbox Lockhart is in fact under develop Spencer would have said something at E3. For some reason, not even the mainstream media is discussing the possibility of two consoles anymore. It isn’t a shame to admit Xbox One X sales performance didn’t live up. And that is definitely in the back of Phil Spencer’s mind. The focus shouldn’t be on two consoles. Rather, they need to release one console with a clear message and a plethora of games. At this point, it is anyone’s guess if Xbox Lockhart is happening or not. We’ll have to wait till next year to find out.

Let us know what you think about Xbox Lockhart being scrapped and whether you think it should be released.