Darksiders 4


Darksiders 3 developer Gunfire Games is currently working on a “top of class AAA game.” Gunfire Games is yet to announce any specific title but says there are multiple “upcoming games” in development. According to the studio’s official website, it is in need of an expert combat designer along with other developers for its AAA game. It is hard to know for sure what title is Gunfire Games is referring to but Darksiders 4 is definitely not out of the question. Hot off the heels of Darksiders 3 fans wanted to play a Strife focused game which they got in the form of Darksiders Genesis, which is a prequel to the main storyline. Darksiders 4 it seems would rap up the story where we’ll possibly get to play as all four of the horsemen, something fans wanted for a long time. Beyond the existence of a “top of class AAA…