Age of Wonders: Planetfall


In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how you can increase happiness and reach maximum Happiness Level in the game. Keeping your army happy is one of the cornerstones you need to build your gameplan on. Failing to do so will result in your people rebelling against you – something that you need to avoid at all costs.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness

From the very onset of the game, you need to start working on increasing your Happiness Level. However, it’s a tall task if the truth be told. Regardless of your efforts, the Happiness Level of your population will continue to steadily decline.

To prevent that, you need to build certain structures such as the Recreational Dome.

While playing the game, you’ll come across some scenarios during which you’ll be able to build such structures from the very beginning. This is something that needs to be on top of your to-do list.

But what if you don’t have access to the Recreational Dome? The answer to this is pretty simple.

You can acquire it by researching Frontier Facilities in the Society RT. You should try to acquire it during the early game since it’ll serve you well in the long run. Apart from the Recreational Dome, the following are some other structures that can help you increase the Happiness Level of a colony in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

  1. Recreational Dome: Frontier Facilities
  2. Virtual Entertainment Plaza: Colonist Care
  3. Botanical Gardens: Environmental Conditioning

Once you’re done constructing one of these structures, the next thing that you should do is to get some basic units for your army. What these units will do is that they’ll be used to replace your dead units. Apart from that, you can also use these units in order to scout surrounding areas for resources and as basic defense – whatever you choose.

What these basic things out of the way, how do you check your colony’s Happiness Level? In order to do so, what you need to do is to open up the City View and hover the “Happiness” symbol.

Doing so should allow you to see all the positives and negatives you’ve going on as of that moment. A little Tip: This doesn’t only work for checking the Happiness Level but also stays true for all the resources at your disposal.

This marks the end of our Happiness Guide for AOW: Planetfall. If you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

Age of Wonders: Planetfall encourages diplomacy at every turn, but that isn’t to say you won’t end up in conflict on multiple occasions. When in battle, the difference between the different ranks of units should be utmost clear. Below, we discuss what factors set Army Commanders apart from Heroes in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Army Commanders and Heroes

In every battle you take part in, a single unit is to be assigned as the Commander who will lead the rest of the troops, a total of five. The role of the Commander can be served by a vehicle or any soldier on the battlefield however this comes at a cost. Your standard unit won’t be able to do you any favors as they wouldn’t be able to utilize special abilities. They also lack in combat values, which they share with other similar troops.

Selecting a Hero in contrast with a regular unit will allow you to perform special feats thanks to learned skills. They can also improve and continue to develop as they get a taste of the conflict on the battlefield. This comes in the form of unlockable bonuses and passive buffs, for the entire army.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Army Commanders

The Perks Of Being A Hero

Heroes are powerful units who can spend their skill points earned from XP gain, to unlock useful abilities or upgrade existing ones in the Hero Upgrade Tree. Down the road, Heroes are allowed to use destructive weapons and vehicles, options which are not available to regular subordinates in the army. Primarily, legendary weapons are obtained from exploration.

The skills which a  Hero can develop depends on his race and Secret Tech discovered. These abilities are divided across four categories: Ranged, Melee, Support and Pilot.

Heroes are thus special units having better combat values compared to the other units, and you can have multiple Heroes in an army at any given time. However, it should be noted that there could only be one Commander.

It goes without saying, appointing a Hero as the Commander is the more sensible decision, one that will take you to victory. However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, as Heroes can die in battle or take long to spawn amongst your regular units. After all, Heroes will emerge in your army depending on the player’s own race. It’s thus advisable to assimilate other races into your own, to recruit even more Heroes.

In any case, if a Hero is not available in a battle or died fighting, you won’t have a choice but to appoint a standard unit as the Commander of your army. Under this situation, it’s strongly advised to assign this rank to a strong unit as not all units share the same stats.

If you are interested in learning more then be sure to check out our various guides that cover Best Hero Skills, Commander Customization and Operations.

This marks the end of our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Army Commanders And Heroes Guide.

Skills can be the difference between defeat and victory on the battlefield and that’s why you need to be careful while choosing your Hero skills. In our Age Of Wonders Planetfall best Hero Skills guide, we will help you select the best skill depending on situations and heroes.

Age Of Wonders Planetfall Best Hero Skills

Depending on your play style, not all skill will serve you well. You need to choose the skills that best serve you depending on your play style, hero factions, and situation. Our best hero skill guide will help you choose the best skill for your play style.

Best Hero Skills

As I mentioned before, skills are an important part of Age of Wonders Planetfall. However, there are skills that are more useful than others but for some skills, even that varies depending on the situation and the hero you are playing.

Despite that, the following skills are the best hero skills in Age of Wonders Planerfall and will potentially help you in a range of circumstances.

Field Medicine
Faction: Vanguard
Skill Points: 4

Field Medicine has to be the first skill you unlock while playing as Vanguard. This particular skill allows any unit in your hero’s army to recover 6 hit points per turn, which obviously, will keep them alive for a prolonged period of time.

What it means is that you won’t be spending much energy to produce replacement parts for your units. Keep in mind, even with this seemingly overpowered skill, you won’t have battle-ready units following consecutive battles.

This skill is a substitute to Field Medicine if you are playing as Amazon faction. This particular skill isn’t easy to use as you have to manually apply it every turn to heal a unit. But the results are definitely worth it.

Battlefield Repairs
If you sided with the Assembly faction then Battlefield Repairs is the one to go for as it heals each unit by 12 hit points. But, this heal will only be granted after the battle.

Vitality 1,2,3
Faction: All
Skill Points: 2,4,6

Vitality is an important hero skill as you need your Hero to stay in the fight as long as possible. With this, your hero will have enough hit points that it can carry a low-tier army of unit s.

Guiding Presence
Faction: Kir’ko
Skill Points: 8

This skill will allow your hero to deal damage or even destroy them from a distance. This is useful as it allows you to deal damage without the enemy getting into the range that it can strike back.

However, this hero skill is particularly useful for tactical players as it requires some backward movement is short distances to be useful.

Shrouded Step
Faction: Kir’ko
Skill Points: 3

This skill will get your hero or your units get of tough situations if they get cornered. This skill can teleport your hero right in the middle of the enemy ranks to distract them. Strategic use of the Shrouded step skill in manual combat can make all the difference between defeat and victory.

Dimensional Feedback
Commander: Voidtech
Skill Points: 6

This Hero Skill is for those layers who play fearlessly and prefer their hero to be a Tank. Dimensional Feedback diverts half of the damage back to any enemy unit. Combine this skill with Vitality, Close Quarters Specialist, and Counter-Attack and you have an invincible hero that deals a lot of damage and can take a lot of damage.

Call Of The Wild
Faction: Amazon
Skill Points: 8

having more firepower is good and this skill gives you just that. With Call Of The Wild skill, your hero can summon additional units onto the battlefield. It’s up to you if you want to call additional units early in battle or at the end.

Faction: Dvar
Skill Points: 2

This skill is useful for those Age of Wonders Planetfall players who have no love for ranged tactics an want to face obstacles upfront. Juggernaut Hero skill can get your units through the toughest of situations like walls or lava rivulets.

Spore Feeding
Commander: Xenoplague
Skill Points: 4

Those who love aggressive manual combat as this skill will keep your unit to almost full health provided, you keep your army units close to the enemy.

Deploy Cerebral Control Colors
Faction: Syndicate
Skill Points: 6

With a fewer option to mind-control enemies in Age of Wonders Planetfall, Deploy Cerebral Control Colors is a pretty useful Hero skill.

However, this skill isn’t always a success but it is, you get to keep the units after the battle and if it’s isn’t a success then it’s still useful given that is puts units out of commission for a round.

Faction: Assembly
Skill Points: 5

This is the pinnacle of healing abilities and is a must-have skill as soon as your Assembly hero gets to level 8.

This skill can bring massively heal any high tier damaged unit or being back a unit that’s completely destroyed, giving you a significant advantage, especially, at the end of a battle.

There you have it friends, the best hero skills in Age Of Wonders Planetfall and with tips on in which situation these skills work best and for what faction.

If you are interested in learning more then be sure to check out our various guides that cover Best Hero SkillsCommander Customization and Operations.

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall, your Commander represents YOU all with respect to the logical decisions, strategic approaches and well-planned decisions. In order to strengthen this bond between your real self and the virtual one, Planetfall gives you even more customization options. From choosing your Commander’s backstory to character models and outfits, there are a plethora of options you can choose from until you find the perfect Commander.  In this Age of Wonders: Planetfall Commander Customization Guide we are going to talk about all that.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Commander Customisation

With Planetfall, the developers have striven to strike the perfect balance between a scripted character and one which the player can use to express some degree of freedom. The customization process starts right when you first choose one out of 6 distinct Factions.  Ranging from a combat-focused swarm of Kir’Ko to the diplomatic noblemen and slavers of the Syndicate, each race has a different play-style and ideology behind their survival and struggle.

Not only will choosing a particular Faction to restrict you to primary weapon groups and damage channels, but also limit your Secret Technology and skill trees. Thus, it’s vital to take your time making the right decision. We’ve listed the basic differences and particularities of each faction in the link embedded above.

Now let’s take a look at some visual customization options in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Modular Outfits

Contrary to how outfits were divided in Age of Wonders 3 according to the class systems, these are now attributed to the races/factions. This type of modularity allows each faction’s individual or Commander to have a unique identity and flair.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Commander Customization

From the customization interface, you now have the option to choose between four types of apparel or armor pieces: Torso, Legs, Cap and Head. Whether you choose to go for an elegant light-weight clothing or a bad-ass heavy armor set, both are equally satisfying. You don’t even have to go for a complete set as you can mix and choose between the different categories of body armor.

Combat Roles

Apart from the weapon groups unique to each faction, your Commander can learn skills stemming from a free-form general group or unique Secret Tech trees and race-specific abilities. Depending upon the faction and your own research and progression, your player can act as a supporting character, a ranged specialist, a close-range melee fighter or a vehicle pilot commander.

Thanks to the number of options available in terms of roles and actions your Commander is required to carry out, the character model has been made versatile and flexible.


Lastly, perks play a very important role in personalizing and customizing the Commander to your liking. This will affect gameplay directly, as you earn bonuses from some actions and penalties from the others. In the beginning, all players will be granted three Perk points which they can utilize in any of the following categories.

Background: Describes your Commander’s former profession. For example, you could be a Star Union Scholar, who researches Secrets Technologies faster and get a bonus on rewards from pickups and treasure sites.

Colony SupplementYou can allocate a room in your Voidship to kickstart your colony in a particular area. For example, Extra Cryopods start off your colonies with extra population.

Personal LoadoutThe starting gear and combat skills for your commander. You can choose to be a sniper, who provides ranged support from afar, an assault specialist who gets in close, or a pilot who rides a vehicle into battle.

Vice: Are 3 Points not enough? You can always choose a vice of varying intensity to get more points, but you’ll have to live with the consequences during the game. For example, the Kleptomaniac steals your empire’s energy for themselves, damaging your economy. However, as a minor consolation, he also starts off with a free piece of randomly chosen equipment that he stole from his home planet before departing).

If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our strategy guide on winning the game. You can also check out our guides on NPC factions and console commands.

This marks the end of our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Commander Customization Guide.

What good is a grand strategy 4X-styled game without a few NPC factions to sprinkle your randomly-generated world with a little bit of unpredictability and a sense of progress? Much like the City States in the Civilization series, NPC factions in Age of Wonders: Planetfall interact with the player variously and provide different options in how you want to deal with for bonuses to your empire, be them resources or political. Here is a list of ways that you as a player can interact with an NPC Faction:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall NPC Factions

As you expand your empire across your world, you will inevitably run into one or more of the many NPC factions. Let’s assume that you are a peaceful empire and not at all interested in looting and pillaging (pfft..sure) so you decide to approach these newfound life forms in a friendly manner which then allows you to perform quests for them.

When completed, improve relation and influence which you can then use to ask faction armies to give up important structures for you to use. Each NPC Faction has its own set of quests and its unique narrative flavor.

War – What is She Good For?

Let’s now assume you decided to be yourself and decide to show these miserable cretins a thing or two. If you decide to remove an army belonging to an NPC faction by force, you effectively have declared war with the entire faction and will take a hit on your global reputation.

Be careful not to start too many NPC wars as their bases and dwellings will start to spawn invading armies en masse and your colonies might be overrun quite quickly.

Claiming Sectors

Just like AI Players in Planetfall, NPC factions will lay claim to unowned Sectors around their habitats (bases). And even if you try to avoid them, conflicts of interest with your NPC neighbors will soon start to appear: if you settle in sectors next to their dwellings, they will have an issue with that and your relations with them will take a hit.

Making Demands

NPC factions will at times make demands based on their relationship with you and based on the stage of the game. If you made any small offenses earlier, they can be made right by payments in one of the key resources.

Although demands can escalate and could include demands that you hand over sectors to them. If you decline demands, relations will go further south and you are at risk of attack. Ungrateful factions, I swear.

Attack/Invasion Events

Just like its predecessor, there are unit stacks garrisoned at NPC dwellings, and also ones that are patrolling territories. This time around NPC factions will also launch invasion attacks.

This is almost always associated with an event. An extreme version of NPC attack events are boss events, extra-strong armies that have named Boss characters with high-level unit mods and henchmen.

NPC Units and Assets

Each NPC Faction has at the very least 5 unique units, including one that is Tier IV alongside a set of unique Mods and Operations that you can acquire from them. Depending on your relationship level with the respective NPC faction, you can recruit NPC Units as auxiliary forces.

The higher your relationship, the higher the level of unit you can recruit. Recruitment of units in this manner costs additional influence.


The ultimate goal for if you are maintaining a friendly relationship with NPC factions is annexing a faction’s Dwelling to your city. These dwellings have resource yields comparable with the Golden Landmarks (the highest-level economic structures in the game), and (once annexed) the units of the particular faction are unlocked for native production for your empire.

NPCs in PvP Games

Naturally, this is not all NPC Factions are for. You can mess with the NPC relations of other players through the use of Covert Ops and they will play a role in achieving particular victory conditions for your empire.

This list should provide with the core knowledge of how NPCs interact within Planetfall. Now get started on that subterfuge and recruit a few defectors from the troubling natives and ensure the expansion of your empire at all costs! See you planetside In Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Moving from a fantasy motif to one of science fiction brings with it many changes. In Age of Wonders: Planetfall, rather than casting spells to alter the state of the battlefield, you execute operations, which do pretty much the same thing. As they say magic is only unexplained science. Therefore, let’s dive into what operations are and the different types available in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Operations

Operations are a set of specialized actions that can be utilized to change the flow and balance of a game state. They are used to support your Armies in the field, to increase the efficiency of your Colonies and to allow you to spy on your enemies.

They can vary from airstrikes to missile systems to a more magic-like ability such as psionic effects and to edicts for your people called Doctrines.

How to Unlock Operations

Operations are mainly unlocked through research and are dependent on which faction you have selected and secret tech taken on the tech tree as your civilization grows during the game.

How to Start Operations

To start/execute Operations, you will be required to spend Energy and operation points and at times additional resources such as Influence.

Operations that target enemies have a success or failure based on the attacker’s Operational Effectiveness and the target’s Operation Defense. Operational Effectiveness and Operation Defense are upgraded globally by researching empire upgrades and enacting/creating Doctrines.

Operational Defense, on the other hand, can also be buffed through local colony effects – which can stack. Operations first need to be geared up/primed using Strategic Ops points and Energy. After the operation is ready/primed, it can be launched at any target within your civilization’s vision range.

Strategic Operations
Strategic operations are used on the strategic map. The types of Strategic Operations available to a player depending on which race and secret tech the player picked.

Strategic operations can be used to, for example, weaken enemy Armies by bombarding them or to boost your Colonies among other things. Operations targeting enemies have a chance of success and failure based on your Operational Effectiveness and the Enemy’s Operation Defense. They can be of the following types:

Direct Damage Effects
Such as missile strikes and orbital cannons.

Instantly summons characters on the world map.

Colony Buffs
Boosts various types of defenses of and economic effects.

Colony Debuffs
Weakening enemy defenses and economies.

Stop enemy buffs and debuffs.

Doomsday Weapons
Form from the Tech Victories.

Do note that multiple strategic operations can be primed at once but only one of each type. Priming can be paused and resumed at a later point.

Covert Operations
Covert Operations allow non-warring players to interact by scheming, spying and sabotaging – ideally, like every good spy without getting caught. The main palette of operations is shared between players and work closely with the diplomacy systems.

Covert operations mostly target other players as a whole rather than focusing on a specific army and/or colony. Covert operations make use of Operational Effectiveness and if you happen to fail a Covert Op the targeted player will be notified of your foiled plans.

Covert operations are also utilized on the strategic map. These operations have a 60% base probability of success. A difference of a point between the attacker’s Operational Strength and the defenders Operational Defense will add or subtract 5%.

The upper and lower cap on the success rate for Covert Ops is 10% and 90%. The higher the strength, the better the success chance. The higher the defense, the lower the chance of succeeding and remaining undetected.

Covert ops are unlocked by advancing through the Operations Tech Group on the Tech Tree, and cost energy and Strategic Ops Points to prime before they can be launched.

Certain Covert ops require more strategic operation points than you have available at a given time. In such circumstances, the operation will consume strategic ops points on every following turn until it has accumulated enough to be primed.

Covert operations can be detected and grant the targeted commander a casus belli. Successful covert operations have a 25% chance of being detected while unsuccessful ones have a 75% chance of being detected.

Tactical Operations
Tactical operations can exclusively be used during tactical combat, and allow you to create massive changes during battle which is always in your favor.

Your tactical operations take one turn to prime at the start of each combat before you can launch them, and you will first need to have enough Tactical Operation Points, energy and Operational Coverage to prime them. All tactical operations are primed in one turn although certain factions can remove this delay.


Doctrines are operations that have a global effect on your entire empire and provide strategic focuses for your empire’s military and society as a whole. To activate a doctrine, you must spend Strategic Operation Points and energy to prime it.

Once primed, it becomes active until turned off (It will continue indefinitely unless you manually change it). Every Doctrine takes up one of your Doctrine Slots and when all of your doctrine slots are filled, you will be unable to activate any more until an active Doctrine has been turned off.

New doctrines can be obtained by Researching the Doctrine Tech Group Buying them from NPC Factions Annexing gold and silver Landmarks.

Hopefully, this helps you in getting to grips with one of Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s core mechanics, now go forth carve out the length and breadth of your empire as you see fit!

Technology in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the single most important aspect of the game. With technological advancements, you’ll gain access to the best units to command, new buildings, and a whole lot of in-game features. All in all, having the right technology goes a long way and is one of the key components when it comes to winning in AOW: Planetfall. To help you achieve it, here are all the Faction Technology featured in Age of Wonders: Planetfall which will help you increase your battle potential.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the technology at the disposal of game’s main factions, its pre-requisites, tech tier, and more.

Amazon Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Protective Grounding 1 N/A Tactical 100 Grounding Harness, Protective Growth
Arborian Commune 2 Protective Grounding Forces 150 Amazon Arborian Sentinel
Hydromancer Commune 3 Arborian Commune Strategic 270 Amazon Hydromancer, Transport Reinforcement
Primal Control 3 Protective Grounding Tactical 270 Primal Awareness Amplifier (Detector), Advanced Instinct Controller, Primal Override
Harrier Commune 4 Arborian Commune Forces 480 Amazon Harrier
Forest Genesis 4 Primal Control Strategic 480 Rapid Reforestation, Entangling Overgrowth
Bombardon Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Forces 700 Amazon Bombardon
Aquatica Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Strategic 700 Amazon Aquatica, Transport Expedience
Regenerative Bio Resonance 5 Primal Control Tactical 700 Regenerative Bioregulator, Nourishing Field Pylon
Amplified Bio Resonance 6 Regenerative Bio Resonance Tactical 1100 Crushing Roots, Amplifying Field Pylon
Tyrannodon Commune 7 Bombardon Commune Forces 1500 Amazon Tyrannodon
Restorative Cloning 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Strategic 1500 Introduce Predators, Arcadian Restoration
Organism Stimulus 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Tactical 1500 Blood Fury Inducers, Luring Field Pylon
Arborian Queen Commune 9 Tyrannodon Commune Forces 2500 Amazon Arborian Queen
Gaialogical Affinity 9 Organism Stimulus Tactical 2500 Earth Link Mask, Spirit Link Module

Assembly Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Molecular Computing 1 Tactical N/A 100 Ocular Implants (Detector), Signal Shredding
Reverse Engineering 2 Forces Molecular Computing 150 Assembly Reverse Engineer
Auxiliary Resource Extraction 2 Strategic Molecular Computing 150 Reprocess Colonist, Sample Collection
Harness the Storm 3 Forces Reverse Engineering 270 Assembly Lightning Rider
Advanced Bionics 3 Tactical Molecular Computing 270 Flesh Tearer Implants, Remote System Purge
Aquatic Lightning Coils 4 Strategic Harness the Storm 480 Assembly Storm Wader, Transport Reinforcement
Adaptive Systems 4 Tactical Advanced Bionics 480 Cloaking Implants, Linear Accelerator, Deploy Constrictor
Toxic Applications 5 Tactical Adaptive Systems 700 Toxin Nanites Ammunition, Neurotoxic Implants, Adhesive Artillery
Destructive Means 6 Forces Harness the Storm 1100 Assembly Wrecker
Ionic Manipulation 6 Strategic Toxic Applications 1100 Ion Storm, Ionic Overdrive
Disassemblers 6 Forces Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Disassembler
Naval Demolitions 7 Strategic Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Wrecking Ship, Transport Expedience
System Reload 7 Tactical Toxic Applications 1500 Reassembly Module, Advanced Re-engineering, Temporal Disruption
Ultimate Form 9 Forces Disassemblers 2500 Assembly Reaver
Quantric Technology 9 Tactical System Reload 2500 Emergency Quantric Shielding, Quantum Support Nanites

Dvar Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Perimeter Security 1 Tactical N/A 100 Fortification Tools, Ironbreaker Modifications, General Alert Protocol
Aerial Division 2 Forces Perimeter Security 150 Dvar Ramjet
Drudges 2 Strategic Perimeter Security 150 Factory Overdrive, Deploy Trenchers
Ironclad Division 3 Strategic Aerial Division 270 Dvar Ironclad, Transport Reinforcement
D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 3 Tactical Perimeter Security 270 Advanced Target Recognition (Detector), Explosive Resistant Armor, Breach Protection Protocol
Deep Detonation 4 Strategic D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 480 Land Torpedo, Mountain Breaker
Noble Divisions 5 Forces Aerial Division 700 Dvar Baron
Risk Management 5 Tactical D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 700 Reconstruction Kit, Deploy Sapper
Excavation Division 6 Forces Noble Divisions 1100 Dvar Excavator Tank
Artillery Division 7 Forces Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Rocket Artillery
Dreadnought Division 7 Strategic Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Dreadnought, Transport Expedience
Advanced DV-R Suits 7 Tactical Risk Management 1500 Super-powered Pistons, Illuminator Targeting System, Localized Earthquake Generator
Seismic Supremacy 9 Forces Artillery Division 2500 Dvar Earth Crusher
Cataclysm Generation 9 Strategic Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Tectonic Shift
Peak Efficiency 9 Tactical Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Reactive Kinetic Battery, Captain’s Regalia

Kir’Ko Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Unshackling 1 Tactical N/A 100 HeightenedVision(Detector), SunderingClaws
Regeneration 2 Tactical Unshackling 150 AcceleratedHealing, HealingSurge
Engulfer Caste 3 Forces Unshackling 270 Kir’koEngulfer
Vigorous Emergence 3 Strategic Regeneration 270 SpawnEmergent, BerserkerPheromones
Torrent Caste 4 Strategic Engulfer Caste 480 Kir’KoTorrent, TransportReinforcement
Resilience 4 Tactical Regeneration 480 AdaptiveCarapace, TunnelingClaws, DeployAbyssian
Barrager Caste 5 Forces Engulfer Caste 700 Kir’KoBarager
Infection 5 Tactical Resilience 700 Psi-infectedClaws, PoisonExcretion
Ravenous Caste 6 Forces Barrager Caste 1100 Kir’KoRavenous
Swarm Expulsions 6 Strategic Infection 1100 CalloftheHive, NoxiousBombardment
Tormented Caste 7 Forces Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoTormented
Deep Caste 7 Strategic Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoDeepOne, TransportExpedience
Neogenesis 7 Tactical Infection 1500 ResuscitationGlands, CloakingCarapace, OnewiththeSwarm
Return of the Harbinger 9 Forces Tormented Caste 2500 Kir’KoHarbinger
Metamorphosis 9 Tactical Neogenesis 2500 AcceleratedMetabolism, AdrenalResponceGlands

Syndicate Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Exploit Weakness 1 N/A Tactical 100 Exploitative Targeting System, Diversion Projector
Enforce Control 2 Exploit Weakness Forces 150 Syndicate Guild Assassin
Employ Deception 2 Exploit Weakness Strategic 150 Sensor Infiltration, Emergency Cloaking Field
Force Projection 3 Enforce Control Forces 270 Syndicate Mirage
Privateer Guilds 3 Enforce Control Strategic 270 Syndicate Guild Cruiser, Transport Reinforcement
Preventative Control 3 Exploit Weakness Tactical 270 PsiTech Vision Enhancers (Detector), Cerebral Control Collars
Military Dominance 4 Preventative Control Tactical 480 Spatial Acceleration Sails, Tactical Advantage Protocol, Deploy Sentinel
Covert Offensive 5 Force Projection Forces 700 Syndicate Wraith
Alternative Measures 5 Military Dominance Strategic 700 Pulse Beam Cannon, Industrial Sabotage, Bread and Circuses
Augmented Force 6 Military Dominance Tactical 1100 Control Amplifier, Adaptive Camouflage Projector
Cerebral Submission 7 Covert Offensive Forces 1500 Syndicate Subjugator
Advancement Tactics 7 Augmented Force Tactical 1500 Advanced Dislocation Drive, PsiTech Cerebral Execution
Illustrious Conquest 9 Cerebral Submission Forces 2500 Syndicate Zenith
Technological Supremacy 9 Advancement Tactics Tactical 2500 Cerebral Amplifier, PsiTech Drive Modulator

Vanguard Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Nanite Support 1 N/A Tactical 100 Nanite Injectors, Nanite Support Station, Combat Assist System
Engineering Corps 2 Nanite Support Forces 150 Vanguard Engineer
Smart Defense Modules 2 Nanite Support Tactical 150 Improved Combat Sensors (Detector), Interlocking Armor
Air Corps 3 Engineering Corps Forces 270 Vanguard Gunship
Drone Deployment 3 Smart Defense Modules Strategic 270 Security Drones, Bunker Buster, Emergency Recon
Naval Corps 4 Air Corps Strategic 480 Vanguard Frigate, Transport Reinforcement
Rapid Maneuverability 4 Smart Defense Modules Tactical 480 Jetpack, Deploy Valkyrie
Tank Corps 5 Air Corps Forces 700 Vanguard Laser Tank
Naval Command 6 Tank Corps Strategic 1100 Vanguard Battleship, Transport Expedience
Sentry Technology 6 Rapid Maneuverability Tactical 1100 Launcher Turret Pack, Launcher Turret
Walker Corps 7 Tank Corps Forces 1500 Vanguard Walker
Orbital Station 7 Sentry Technology Strategic 1500 Supply Drop, Orbital Laser Cannon
Predator Conditioning 8 Sentry Technology Tactical 2000 Sequential Kill System, Direct Command
Carrier Command 9 Walker Corps Forces 2500 Vanguard Drone Carrier
Force Concentration 9 Predator Conditioning Tactical 2500 Miniaturized Missile Array, Reactive Armor Plating

For more help on Age of Wonders: Planetfall, be sure to check out our Factions Guide, Colonization Guide, and Tips & Strategies Guide.

This is all we’ve in our Technology Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Choosing a starting race or faction can be quite the decision, as each group has its unique mechanics, attributes and weapons. There are a total of 6 Factions in Age of Wonders: Planetfall and we’ll break down each one of them below in an attempt to let you decide which one will suit your play-style.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Factions

Though each of the factions in Age of Wonders is unique in how they view other races and plan their invasions, there is some common ground when it comes to their backstory. All of the factions had to deal with the collapse of the Star Union, their one true kingdom. Now each one must find a new home in lieu of survival. This shared history or ultimate goal, as the developers’ state, is a unifying factor between the 6 factions.

In addition to the unique unit lineup and weapon groups (damage channels) for the factions, each race has their unique technology tree. Each Race has 8 unique units along with 2 different Racial Ships and a common Colonizer. Moreover, each race has 8 Race Unit Mods attributed to them along with special Operations, Buildings and Social Doctrines.

Learning Secret Technology can further diversify the factions as you unlock more unique Mods, Units, and Operations. If you’re successful in the Secret Tech tree, you’ll be granted the vastly powerful Doomsday weapon, which again is unique to different Secret Techs.

Depending on the race, weapon types and secret tech developed, Tech Paths open up granting your more unique items and content. This allows you to explore even more options with this new Composited Tech Tree mechanic.

At the end of the day, you have 6 diverse group or play-styles to choose from which are sure to offer you 6 unique experiences in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Perhaps, you might want to replay the campaign with a different Faction, making the whole experience fresh again.

Let’s now look individually at the 6 classes all of which are available right from the start in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Note, these are the only playable factions. There are several other NPC factions which are responsible for other challenges and serve functions like handing out quests.

Amazon Faction

The Amazon was deep into genetic research and modifications before the collapse of the Star Union. In addition to creating laser-equipped Tyrannodon, they modified their existing soldier-warriors to have extraordinary abilities like those of pterodactyl scouts called Shrikes.

They are an all-female faction that can control wildlife and the wilderness. This faction is similar to how Hunters or Elves work in other fantasy mediums thanks to their bow skills, exploration techniques and closeness to nature and animals which they keep as their pets and assistants.

Their weapon technologies revolve primarily around the Biochemical and Laser damage channels.

Assembly Faction

The Assembly race started as computer-powered clones created by a company that was no more after the big event that shaped the universe of Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Still having human minds but everything else crafted out of metallic bits, they started down the road of becoming the ultimate killing machines.

Units in the Assembly represent Cyborgs who take a keen interest in tinkering with the modifications and technology responsible for sustaining life. For this purpose, they harvest the useful organs and parts from their enemy corpses. They’ve taken up the task of repairing their fellow Cyborg units as a profession and duty. This is exemplified by Scavenger Units who use the bits of their enemies to heal themselves and Reverse Engineers who can revive their comrades in battle.

Their primary weapon groups include Arc and Kinetic powered equipment.

Dvar Faction

Dvar are the hardworking industrial-minded dwarves in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Thanks to their experience of working in harsh conditions in mines, they were able to develop strong armored suits post-collapse.

Thanks to this specialization in machinery, they can withstand uncompromising terrains like Volcanic areas, and terraform mountains to make them flat. They can erect cover for their defense and have an array of lethal melee weapons and durable vehicles.

The Dvar race makes use of Explosive and Kinetic as their main weapon groups.

Kir’Ko Faction

Kir’Ko is the only faction comprised of Aliens while other races are humans or humanoids. Before the collapse, they were connected and unified by a single hive mind. However, they were also enslaved by superior human species. Now they’ve broken their chains and their goal is divided into two objectives: to take revenge for their enslavement and to get back to their hive queen.

Gameplay-wise, the Kir’Ko race are strengthened if units are close to each other. The higher the number close together, the stronger the swarm grows. This buffs their melee damage (a toxic spit) and ranged attacks. They can also summon terrifying aquatic beings and flying monsters via the special Larva units.

Biochemical and Psionic are their main damage channels when it comes to the primary weapon groups.

Syndicate Faction

The Syndicate Faction were noble and blessed with wealth which they used in the post-collapse world to become slavers. Thus, their military units comprise of slaves fighting for their freedom.

They are also ones who will first strive for diplomacy when others wouldn’t. Their other strong suits include stealth and espionage. On the battlefield, this is demonstrated by invisible suits and cloaks, close-ranged daggers and teleportation abilities.

The Syndicate faction makes use of Arc and Psionic as their go-to damage channels.

Vanguard Faction

Vanguard is the most straightforward class in the game. They started as normal human space soldiers who were tasked to build a hyperspace portal. However, waking up from their cryosleep they could see the world they left behind was lost and their masters destroyed.

The faction also works as the introductory race that puts you in their shoes for the story for the most part and let you play tutorials through them. Equipped with long-range rifles, attack choppers and gear enhancements like jetpack, drones, and turrets, Vanguard is the well-rounded assault class. The Vanguard faction specializes in Kinetic and Laser Weapon groups.

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This is all we have in our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Factions Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

Colonies in Age of Wonders: Planetfall comprise of essential sectors within your settlement that focus on the production of resources and serve as shelter for your citizens. As you expand your empire, it would become imperative to double down on the strength and success of your military and social units. This calls for colonizing lands east and west to give you an edge in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Colonies

By default, the colony for a commander and his followers is one where the ship makes Planetfall. This colony serves as the primary settlement responsible for the economic growth with Global Resources like Energy, Knowledge, Food, and Production.

The individuals of the population are known as Colonists and their number dictate the size of the Colony. The natural growth limit and success of your Colony is dependent directly on the Resource Slots it contains. While setting up colonies and expanding your empire helps you become more dominant and menacing to rival factions, this also comes at a certain cost.

Colonies require a defined maintenance or upkeep cost. This applies to the Colonists whose main attributes you’ll need to take care of our Happiness and Food.

Colony Centre and Other Sectors

Acting as the chief capital of the Colony, the Colony Centre is where the military and research buildings are constructed and production of resources takes place. Moreover, Colonists reside in the Colony Centre and determines the number of provincial sectors the Colony can have.

You heard that right, income generated from all annexed provincial sectors will be gathered at the Colony Centre. It goes without saying when the Colony Center is taken over by an enemy faction, all annexed sectors are lost with it. Annexed sectors can be exploited by attributing them to one of the four economic types of your desire: Energy, Food, Production or Resource. Successful exploitation of sectors leads to more Colonist Slot, increase Sector Level, Sector Yield and further economic bonuses.

Sectors can be of different natures as to what type of resources can be generated from them. These are dictated by their Clime (climate). Some of these are Arcadian, some Fungal, while others are the Arctic, Arid or Oceanic. The other factor pertains to their Terrain ranging from mountains and plains to forests. Some rare sectors even have terraforming abilities. Either the Players and NPCs can own and hold full control over the sectors.

Expanding your Colony

Colony Growth is tied closely to the number of Colonist slots available, as we discussed above. The population of Colonists, in turn, allow you to annex and hold more Sectors thereby expanding your colony and increasing your production. The breakdown of slots is as follows:

  • 1-5 Colonists: 2 Sectors
  • 6-10 Colonists: 3 Sectors
  • 11-15 Colonists: 4 Sectors
  • 16+ Colonists: 5 Sectors

The key to a high Colony Growth is to fulfil the Colonists’ requirement of Food. If the Food output is low, the Food Sharing option can be adopted to prevent food deficit and starvation.

To annex a sector, simply move your unit over to the flag of the Sector and select the “Annex Sector as Province to Colony” option. There are some requirements to be met first before you can annex a sector and make it part of your colony. Firstly, Sectors can only be annexed by a colony if they are within two sectors of the Colony Centre. They are required to be adjacent to another sector of that same colony.

Some additional sectors comprise a dominant structure like a landmark, so this requires some extra effort. You can’t just place your unit to annex this sector, but take it with force or diplomacy.

To further improve the production of the sector and thus the efficiency of the Colony, Research points are to be used for setting up Sector Specialization Structures (SSS). These provide additional bonuses to existing sectors for e.g. Production Sector can be specialized to provide benefits to Unit Production or Infrastructure Production.

Sector Level also comes into play as a high level will result in significantly increased output. It will also, indirectly, scale up the bonuses and effects of SSS. The Sector Level can be increased by spending Research points in the Society Research Tab and building Level Boost Structures.

Maintaining and Defending Age of Wonders: Planetfall Colonies

As briefed on above, Colonists have an upkeep cost of 2 points of Food and 1 point of Happiness. If the value of Food drops below 0, Colonists will starve and will eventually be required to be removed from the Colony. As for the Happiness attribute, anything below a 0 will result in Riots which is devastating to the economy of the Colony since unhappy Colonists don’t produce resources but will still require upkeep.

Similarly, idle Colonists should be assigned to a task because failing to do so will set you back economically as they won’t be working on any resources but still demand upkeep. You can have greater control of how Colonists work via the Colonists Tab in the Colony Interface. Riots can be eliminated by restoring Happiness. Alternatively, you can set up a Martial law, but this comes at the expense of some economic drawbacks.

Since you’ve put so much work into the building, developing and upgrading your colony, it’s only fitting to keep it safe from foreign invasions and conquests. The main defensive options for the Colony include setting up Garrisoning units, Colony Militia buildings, and Turret buildings, the two latter being only available in case of an attack. These can be upgraded for better results and high tier units. Turrets’ damage channels depend on the race of the unit, ranging from Kinetic or Biochemical to Psionic or Laser.

Acquiring new Age of Wonders: Planetfall Colonies

Once you’ve perfected and upgraded the capabilities of a Colony to the max, you don’t want to stop there. You can acquire additional colonies by using the Colonizer tool which is faction-specific. Utilizing the Colonizer requires population points.

If you feel confident enough, you can also fight your opposition factions and defeat them to take their colonies under your command. The most consistent method of conquering new colonies, at least early in the game, is to annex Independent Outposts which won’t put you through much hassle. You can turn these outposts into a fully-fledged and well-functioning colony, while also integrating their population units into an existing colony occupied by the player.

Independent Outposts may be occupied by either spending Influence points or by using combative measures.

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There’s a lot of meticulous details and mechanics involved in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Some of the stuff can be especially tough to acquire or be rather time-consuming. Thus, in order to ease the whole process a little, we present to you some cheats and console commands for Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Cheats and Console Commands

We’ve all cheated at least one in some of our favorite PC games. It’s not like the developers discourage of that fact either, hence the developer console was designed such that it can be accessed and operated by players.

Let’s put it like this, you get to spend more time on the aspects of the game you really want to and cut time on aspects you couldn’t care less about.

Listed below are some console commands along with their effects. Once you pop up the Command Console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + C, you’re all set to go.

  • hein: Win your current match/battle.
  • tasman: Explore the map in its entirety.
  • leeuwenhoek: Immediately complete the ongoing research.
  • philips: Complete the ongoing Production queue immediately in all of your cities.
  • hauer: Upgrade all your Heroes and individual units in the army by levelling them up.
  • barentz: Explores the whole level in the particular part of the map by turning off the fog.
  • cruijff: All units are granted infinite movement points. This is especially useful when it comes to gathering resources.
  • rembrant: Obtain 100 000 Energy and Cosmite global resources. You’d be needed these two Global Resources a lot when it comes to the development and maintenance of your settlement.

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