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Swords of Legends Online PC Performance Guide: How To Get 60+ FPS


Swords of Legends Online is the new big MMORPG and if you want to have an ideal experience on PC then you want the game to run at 60 FPS on PC. There are a few settings that you can tweak in order to do that. In this Swords of Legends Online guide, we go over the settings you can tweak to run the game at 60+ FPS.

Running Swords of Legends Online PC At 60 FPS

The following are the settings in Swords of Legends Online PC that you can tweak in order to make the game run better:

Picture Style

In the top left corner, you have the Picture Style setting. We recommend setting this to Soft or Dreamy for a better experience as compared to the default setting.

Play In Full-Screen Mode

By default, the game might run at the resolution of your monitor. You can change this to full-screen mode.

Rendering Scale

We recommend having this at 100% but if you are having issues hitting 60 FPS, maybe due to older hardware then you can turn this down to 90%. Reducing this any further will result in image quality degradation and you will find that everything will start to look blurry.

Draw Distance

If you have a mid-range GPU then we recommend going with 3 or 4 but if you are using an entry-level graphics card like the GTX 1050 Ti then we recommend going with 1 or 2. Also, use the low setting under it.


We recommend using the 2 setting for SSR. Turning down the Ambient Occlusion is going to give you a significant boost in performance. We recommend sticking to 2 or 3. You can turn down the setting if you are having trouble hitting 60 FPS when playing Swords of Legends Online on PC.


This setting is going to depend on the amount of VRAM that your graphics card has. If you have more than 4GB of VRAM then you should be able to max the texture settings without any issues. If not then we recommend turning down this option to 2.


Turning down the shadow quality and shadow detail settings is also going to give you a boost in FPS. We recommend having these settings at 2 if your graphics card is not something like a GTX 1660 Ti. Having these settings at 1 will give you up to 15% boost in FPS.


We recommend setting the Wind Quality to 2 and Tree Quality to 1. This will give you 2-3% boost in performance. Grass density should be set to 2 but you can increase this if you are interested in a better-looking surrounding. We do not recommend maxing out this setting unless you have a fairly decent graphics card such as the RTX 2060.


Rendering water in any game can be very taxing on the graphics card. That is why we recommend sticking to 1 for the waves and 2 for the tesselation. SSR should be 1 and true shadows should be 1 as well.


This setting is going to depend on your graphics card. Turning this setting down is going to give you a significant boost in performance. So turn this to 1 if you have an entry-level graphics card.

Special Effects

We recommend setting particle quality to 2 or 3 in order to get a good balance between performance and visuals. We do recommend sticking to 1 for soft particles.

Post Processing

We recommend sticking to 0 for Bloom and Depth of Field. Anti-aliasing is a setting that can give you a small boost in performance. You can set SMAA to 2 and TAA to 1 but if you do not like what you see then you can turn this up.

Other Settings You Can Tweak

The following are some other settings that you can play with in order to get some additional FPS in Swords of Legends Online PC:

Intelligent Depth of View

You will find this setting in the General Settings menu. We recommend turning Intelligent Depth of View off. This does not work well with the Dreamy Picture Style and makes image quality very blurry.

Hide Players

On the top right you will find the Hide Players setting. We recommend this if you are facing FPS issues.

Nvidia DLSS

You can find this setting in the Picture Settings. This is the older Nvidia DLSS 1.0 so it is not as good as the new one. You will notice some degradation in the image quality but you will also get a boost in FPS. This is only going to work well on RTX graphics cards.

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling

This is a setting in windows that you can turn on. Head into the graphics settings in windows and turn this on if it is not on already. Make sure to have the latest version of Windows in order to have access to this feature otherwise you will need to update your Windows.

These are all the settings that you can tweak when playing Swords of Legends Online PC in order to hit 60+ FPS and get a better experience. If you are still having issues playing the game then you can check out our errors guide to sort out any issues that you might be facing.

Talha Amjad
Talha Amjad
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