Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycrois has multiple regions that offer services quests aka side quests to the player. These side quests offer additional rewards and XP. In some cases, the player can earn unique weapons as well as armor etc. In this guide, we will discuss Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycrois North Centoria side quests.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycrois All North Centoria Side Quests (Service Quests)

There are two main areas in the North Centoria region. Each area has its own set of side quests (service quests) for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycrois players. Two areas in the quest are the North Centoria main city and the outskirts known as Cordea Plains.

Jewelry Jacked

Speak with the Tool Vendor who wants you to find a ring. The ring was taken by a bird so it could be anywhere. Thankfully, your map helps you narrow down the area. Go to the Academy and you will notice a purple circle near the back tree. Locate the pick-up marker and you will find the ring. Grab the ring and head back to the Tool Vendor.

Pulling Weeds Is My Speciality

Head to the Dormitory and speak with the weed puller. He needs help pulling the weed. Help him pull the week to complete this very basic, easy side quest.

Map For The Directions

There is a man with gray hair near the Dormitory and show him the Ore shop. Help with locate the Ore Shope off the beaten path and come back to complete this service quest.

Marriage Mishap

The man above the market wants you to collect something. Find three pieces of Snowsilver and a Quartz Shard. Use these items to craft the necklace for quest giver. Head back and give him the necklace to complete the quest.

Training The Training Dummies

You get this quest is near the Academy and you goal will be to get Redstones. You can buy the Red Stones from a shop off the beaten path for 150. Buy the stone and come back to the quest giver and you’re done!

Enhancement Education

Talk to the Blacksmith in town and he will tell you to get some items for him. One of the items you need is acquired from completing the “Marriage Mishap” side quest. The next item comes from completing the “Map For The Directions” side quest.

Hubby Lunch 1

Your objective is to find Desert-Scorched Sirloin. You can’t get this item until you reach the desert area and speak with Lutess, the Blacksmith. While talking to him select Crafting Request to get the Desert Scorched Sirlion.

Transcendental Twinkle: Purple Prism

You need to find 30 Purplestone that spread all over the place. A few of them are in an underground cave near the lake. Visit the circles marked on the map to find all of the  Purplestones to complete Transcendental Twinkle: Purple Prism quest.

The Rundown Craftsman Training

You need to find 10 Hardslate for the craftsman. They can be bought from the Tool Vendor in the market but will still be looking for a place to farm. You can get more Hardslate by completing “Sodem: Meeting Demand,” “Find The Underground Ore,” and “Not The Giant Bees” quests.

The Apothecary Detour: New Pursuits

Your objective is to find 40 Minta Leaf. You can find a ton of them around various locations. Minta Leaf is one of the most common items in the game so it is possible that by the time you get this quest you would already have 40 of them.

Can I Take You Home? Sweet & Squirmy

Speak with Shurona who wants an aquatic pet. You need to find an Inktopus, one of them is found at the fishing spot in the cave at the Warmia Greenbelt. You need to reach level 12 fishing to get them. There is a fishing spot in the desert where you can find them too.

Furball Fever: Cat Lover

The cat lady wants to find Marbled Meat. You can get Marbled Meat by completing the “Show Me The Honey” side quest in the next area of the game. Get the meat and bring it back to the cat lady.

Song Of Love: Passion Prevails

Your objective is to find a love song that is done by inviting Asuna to your party. Interact with her to get the love song. Go to the Party Settings to invite Asuna to your party.

Helping Sodem: Meeting Demand

Sodem wants to meet the demand for his weapon business. Your objective is to help with get 5 Sturdy Thread. Go and find the cave in the Sothercrois Empire,  Warmia Greenbelt region. Kill all the spiders in the cave and most of them should drop Sturdy Thread.

Naughty Bugs

Go to the Hidden Mountain Village to get this side quest. Kill the bugs by one of the creeks to completing the service quest.

The Riverbed Treasure Chest

This is another side quest in the Hidden Mountain Village. You need to be level 25 to make it easier for you to complete this one. Go to the South East Corner of the map and look for a small river. There is a crab near the river, kill him and get the chest.

The Stylish Fish Wish

Complete “The Riverbed Treasure Chest” side quest before you can attempt “The Stylish Fish Wish.” Speak to the fisherman in the Northern Village and get him an Arowafish.

Harvest Help

Go to the Omarge Farmstead to get this quest. The crops you are looking for are at the South East of the farm. Get the required amount and return to complete the side quest.

I Simply Adore Flora

To start this quest you need to complete the “Harvest Help.” Your objective is to get 1x Mint Leaf, Parsl Leaf, and 1x Aromaleaf. They are common items so you can easily explore this region to find them.

Plains Pest Control

Go to the Omarge Farmstead to get the “Plains Pest Control” quest. Go to the marked location on the map clear the bugs.

A Mother’s Worry

Complete the “Plains Pest Control” to start “A Mother’s Worry.” The level 21 quest is marked on the map.

Song Of Love: Mainstream or Bust

Go and speak with the guy near horses during Chapter 3 of North Centoria. Go and speak with Silica at the tent and add her to the party. Make her the primary character in the party.

A Noble Request

You need to deliver 40 Scrap of Fabric that can be bought from a stall for 80 per piece.

Helping Thoven

Thoven is the Blacksmith who wants 3 Rugged Ore. You can find the ore at the big crater at the center of the Cordea Plains.

Beast Research

Find 1x Beast Fang, 1 Beast Claw to complete this side quest. Both of these items are extremely common so by this point, in the game, you will already have these items. If not, you can buy it in the capital.

A Dangerous Journey

You need to find 8 Health Herbs. You can use the Crafting Requests at the Apothecary stall in the town. You can craft them using the crafting recipe, the other way to get the herbs is to buy them for 50 each at the market.

The Apothecary Detour

Speak with the merchant who wants 50 Rosemir Leaf. It is a common item found at the Deusoldort Desert. You can purchase these items as well. You can purchase them from quest giver stall as well.

To Be A Big Girl, Eat Your Vegetables

Speak with the young girl who wants Milk, Cheese, and Egg. All of the items can be bought from the vendor in town. Deliver these items to the girl to complete this side quest.

Justice For Barkster

Your objective is to kill a bunch of enemies. Head to the location marked on the map and take care of the enemies to complete the quest.

I Implore, Get Me Some Ore

Get 3 Angler Ore which is a common item that spawns at the center of the Corea Plains.