Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris has an area named Reind Lakeshore where the player can find a ton of side quests (service quests). In this guide, we will explain every side quest and how to complete them in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Reind Lakeshore region.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris All Reind Lakeshore Side Quests (Service Quests)

Completing the following side quests in Reind Lakeshore will get the player new weapons, armor, unique items, and XP.

Fishing Wars

Speak with the Fisherman in town and get the quest. He wants you to kill 3 Oddfish Flowers. Go to the marked location on the map and get the job done.

A Fisherman’s Secret Weapon

Speak with the Fisherman at the entrance of the village who wants you to get 20 fiber. You should have enough by the time you reach this area but in case you need more, there is some at the Warmia Greenbelt, near the river and trees.


The Birds and The Beast

You get this kill quest at the Fishing Village. You need to go to the marked location on the map and kill the birds. There are some crabs in the area so you can take care of them as well in case you’re in need of resources.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A girl is in need of a Desert Scorched Sirloin but the time you reach this area you should have some spare in your inventory. You can go back to the desert town to get some from the Blacksmith.

Mildean Fish Stew

The same girl from the previous side quest wants fish stew.

Seaside Stew

In the town area a woman wants some items to make her stew. You need to kill around 5 Stone Crans and 5 Ocean Crabs to get enough of the items you need. Ocean Crabs are very easy to find on the marked area on the map but unless you hit the Stone Crabs they won’t show themselves. Stone Crabs look like stones.


Right Here Waiting

The quest opens up after you progress in the story enough. A lady in this area wants you to take care of the Honey Ants problem in the area.

The Round Ruins Of Reind

You need to complete some of the side quests in the village before “The Round Ruins Of Reind” is available. Go to the pool using the marked location on the map. Use the Water Cutter Sacred Art in the pool and beat the beast.

Wish Upon A Fish

Speak to one of the fishermen in town who wants you to get 3 dart fish for him. You can find the dart fish right off the dock. Drop the fish on the marked area on the map and return to the quest giver to complete this service quest.

Fisher Pharmaceuticals

Speak with one of the fishermen at the village who wants 4 Minta Leaf, 4 Rosemir Leaf, and 4 White Daisy. If you don’t have them already you can buy them from an apothecary.


Beach Creach

Play the game in the coop mode and beat the flying whale monster. It is a tough boss fight to make sure you have powerful weapons and a high-level character.

Wheat Addiction

The fisher you wanted some herbs in the “Fisher Pharmaceuticals” side quest now wants Yellow Wheat. You can buy it in the capital or go to Cordea Plains where it spawns.

Ship Recycling

There are some broken ship parts in the area marked on the map. Go to the locations and collect the ship parts. Bring them back to the fisherman to complete the quest.

These are all of the side quests in Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Reind Lakeshore. Check out the Wiki page for more information.


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