Monday, February 26, 2024

Due To Inflation, Switch 2 Will Cost $100 More Says Taiwanese Economic Forum


The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to hit the market with a 33% price hike, retailing at $400, a significant leap from the original’s $300 debut. Taiwanese Economic Forum reports that this increase will alleviate the cost pressures faced by manufacturers like Hongzhun and Yuanxiang, and is a response to global inflation and yen depreciation.

With the original Switch’s monumental sales since 2017, reaching nearly 150 million units, Nintendo remains a dominant force in the consumer console market. Despite never undergoing a major hardware upgrade, the new model will sport NVIDIA’s T239 chip, 8GB RAM, 64GB storage, longer battery life, and a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

This strategy shift comes after Nintendo’s initial market penetration approach, which set hardware prices low to recoup profits via game software. The upcoming price rise reflects increased production costs and currency valuation shifts, marking a rare move in consumer electronics.

Industry experts suggest that Nintendo’s robust game library and market presence justify this bold pricing move. As component suppliers gear up for increased shipments and potential gross margin benefits from improved specifications, all eyes are on Nintendo for the official launch of what could be another market sensation.

Source: Taiwanese Economic Forum

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