Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a game that puts your survival skills to the test. You’ll encounter various enemies and obstacles throughout your journey, and it’s essential to keep Cal Kestis alive. To do so, you’ll need to utilize the Stim system, which functions like potions or flasks in Souls-like games.

Stim upgrades provide additional charges that can be used to heal Cal using BD-1. At the start of the game, you’ll have only two Stim charges, but as you progress, you’ll come across special crates and containers that contain additional Stim charges.

Where to Find All Stim Locations in Jedi Survivor

In this guide, we’ll help you locate these crates and containers to ensure that you have enough Stim charges to keep Cal alive. Remember, you can only replenish Stim charges by resting at a Meditation Point, but doing so will also cause enemies to respawn, so use them wisely.

Upgrade LocationHow to Find
Undercity Meats (Coruscant)Found in Coruscant near the Meditation Point.
Rambler’s Reach: Pyloon’s Saloon (Koboh)Found in Koboh after you buy the Mysterious Keycode from Doma for 10 Priorite Shards. The code gives you access to a store room that has this stim upgrade.
Basalt Forest: Basalt RiftFound in Koboh; go left from the Meditation Point and head up the Slope. Fight the Jungle Wampa in this area and head up the vines. Go around the rock formation to find this stim upgrade.
Rumor: High Republic Chamber in the Valley (Koboh)Found in Koboh, complete the High Republic Chamber in the Valley rumor.
Mountain Observatory: Observatory Understructure (Koboh)Found in Koboh when you reach a certain point in the story. You will find yourself at the top of the Observatory and up against a mini-boss. Go in the corridor with a slightly ajar door at one end. In this area, there’s a device that allows you to manipulate floating balloons and grapple points. Push the balloon higher up and then turn around while holding the grapple button. From here, you should be able to spot another ledge that houses a Stim container, along with a couple of Stormtroopers.
Dredger Gorge: Derelict Dam (Koboh)Complete the Rumor you get from Mosey about Gorocco Matriarch. But you can only do it after getting the Lift and Slam ability.
Gorge Crash Site and Viscid Bog (Koboh)Beat the Mire Terror Legendary Beast.
Narkis Desert: Sheltered Hollow (Jedha)Part of the story; you can pick it up after the cutscene with Cal and Merrin.
Pilgrim’s Path: Crypt of Uhrma (Jedha)Solve the optional puzzle in the Crypt of Uhrma.
Abandoned Foundry: Automated Forge (Shattered Moon)Starting from the unlocked shortcut, make your way toward the large centrifuge with a platform in the center. On your right-hand side, you’ll see electrified metal grates. Past this area, you’ll encounter some ziplines and segments that necessitate wall running. Upon arriving at the far-off building, you’ll see the chest on an elevated ledge. Your objective is to scale the opposite ledge, then use the zipline to traverse the gap. Simply double jump right before reaching the electrified section, and ride the zipline to the other side.

These are all the stim upgrades you can find in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Don’t forget to check out our list of all perk locations as well. Have something to add? Take to the comments below.

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