The Survivalists Glowing Rocks Guide – How To Get

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Glowing Rocks are important as players need them to power the teleporter to get around. Players need to collect a lot of them to power these teleporters across the map and our The Survivalists guide will help players with how they can get glowing rocks.

How To Get Glowing Rocks

Glowing Rocks isn’t a building material but is only used to power the teleporter. Players will need multiple teleporters which means to power them, players need to have a lot of glowing rocks.

However, players will most probably need them in the late game. If you find any, just collect them as you’ll need them later.

Collecting glowing rocks is simple but these rocks are only found in a single biome with an environmental hazard. Players first need to create a raft with a sail and elixirs.

Glowing Rocks are found on grey and green nodes which are located in the Swamp Biome.

Also, bring some extra lightweight picks with you as the Glowing Rock nodes take more hits.

The real challenge is the Swamp Biome itself. As the players enter the swamp it’ll start draining their health.

Not only that, there are bugs that will annoy players in the swamp and they will constantly attack players.

That’s why players need to bring elixirs to survive the swamp in order to get the Glowing rocks.

That is all for our The Survivalists guide with tips on how to get the Glowing Rocks.

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