The Surge 2 Tech Scrap Guide: How To Farm, Best Locations

Surge 2 Tech Scrap

Farming Tech Scrap in The Surge 2 can take a lot of time and you need it to upgrade your character and equipment. There is a way of farming Tech Scrap much faster in the game and in this guide we are going to go over it.

How To Farm Tech Scrap Fast In The Surge 2

As you progress the game, you will encounter more powerful enemies and farming Tech Scrap will become hardware as well. The enemies that you have in the early part of the game can be swapped with security guards who are much hardware to defeat but they also provide more Tech Scrap.

What you need to do is chose a MedBay that is close to an enemy. Use the implants that increase the amount of Tech Scrap that you acquire and engage enemies. Bring the enemies close to the MedBay entrance. You can jump or use a drone to engage the enemy.

Once you have engaged the enemies, what you need to do is kill them and loot the scrap. Enter the MedBay.  Now, rather than interacting with the MedBay, what you need to do is interact with the Gear Assembly that will respawn the enemies.

You can repeat this process over and over again in order to farm Tech Scrap in The Surge 2. This method can get you large amounts of scrap quickly keeping in mind that the loot that you get increases the longer you are able to avoid using the MedBay.

If you die then the multiplier will go to zero and you will have to start over again. That is why we recommend that you stay close to the MedBay. So that you can pick up Scrap in case things go south and you die.

This method is very repetitive but it does allow you to get large amounts of Tech Scrap very quickly.  We recommend using the reclamation implants (Reclamation Buddy) as these increase the amount of scrap that you get by up to 40%.

Surge 2 Tech Scrap

Best Locations For Farming Tech Scrap

The following are the top 3 locations that we recommend for farming Tech Scrap:

Resident Rooftop

After you spawn pass through the door on your left and take a right. Here you will encounter an enemy. You can kill this enemy repeatedly in order to farm Tech Scrap quickly. Once you have defeated the enemy you can proceed forward and turn left. You will reach the Blue Sparkle Compound where you can find another MedBay.

Once you have done this, you can go back and the enemy will spawn again. You can finish off the enemy and go to the MedBay at Resident Rooftop.

Gideon’s Rock

This is another great location to grind Tech Scrap. Do down the steps to Cloud Canyon. Here you will find two enemies. One of them will have melee weapons while the other will have ranged weapons. You can isolate the melee enemy and take care of him first then go after the ranged enemy.

After dealing with the two of these, you will encounter another enemy as you move ahead. After defeating all thress you can head back up the stairs tot he MedBay.

Underground (Area after the boss fight)

Go down the stairs and you will come to the Drained Hall.  You will find an enemy a the end of the stair. Defeat it and fall down into the next area. Here you will be ambushed by a couple of relatively weaker foes.  Deal with them and loot their bodies. Once you do that you can head back up the stairs and access the Medbay.

This marks the end of our Surge 2 Tech Scrap guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can parry in the game.