Our favorite Italian plumber has been entertaining generations since the last century. The horrendous Nintendo 64 controller did not stop the community from spending countless hours trying to save Princess Peach. Super Mario 64 might have been released in 1996 (probably before the birth of many of our readers). Still, Nintendo Switch has brought the classic game to a new generation of players. From speed-running freaks and casual gamers to retro enthusiasts, this community is very diverse.

The long jump might be essential, but you can progress quite far without discovering this mechanic. You might cover a lot of ground without ever realizing there were numerous areas you missed out on as you needed to learn about the long jump. To avoid such a situation, we have a guide on getting the jump right, whether you’re playing on Nintendo 64 or the new port on the Nintendo Switch.

Suppose you are lucky enough to get your hands on the original Nintendo 64 in working condition, along with controllers. In that case, I am officially jealous of you, as they can cost a pretty penny these days due to scarcity. Nonetheless, getting the long jump right with practice is relatively easy.

Start running, and press the “Z” button at full sprint. Just as Mario crouches down and puts his hands on his head, press the “A” button (jump button). You will know you were successful if Mario lets out his classic “Yahoo.” Be careful not to simultaneously press the “Z” and “A” buttons. First comes the “Z” button, followed immediately by the “A” button.

Nintendo Switch Controls

The basic gist remains the same, even though the controller layout might be slightly different. The buttons and timings are the same whether you play in Handheld mode or through the Switch Pro Controller.

While running, press the Z.L. shoulder button and the “A” button to jump. Once again, the sound of “Yahoo” will tell you if you were successful.

Just a reminder not to press the couch and jump buttons simultaneously. The crouch button is followed by the jump button successively. With a bit of practice, you will find glitches and exploits in the maps in no time. Players find out about this mechanic halfway through the game, which is tedious. Still, it also gives an excellent excuse to replay the courses and explore every inch again.

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