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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Clans Work Offline


The media build of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League didn’t have the clan feature enabled so no one got to test it out. But during a recent interview, Jack Hackett the Production Manager at Rocksteady, shared some interesting clan features we’ll get to experience when the game comes out.

Clans have the typical creation and joining features but what makes clans in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League different is the fact that they work offline as well.

“A unique feature of clans in this game is that you can team up with the characters of members who are offline. When playing solo, other characters are controlled by AI. Their equipment is based on your settings, but if you’re in a clan, it can reflect the equipment and skin settings of your clan members’ characters. This gives you the feeling of playing alongside your clan members.”

When your character is offline and helping out a member of your clan, you’ll earn rewards once you log in the game. These rewards could include XP, skill points, gear etc. but Jack didn’t confirm any specific rewards for the time being.

“Similarly, when you’re offline, your character helps others and brings back rewards when you log in. This feature is available not only with clans but also with friends. Additionally, there’s a weekly coop goal for the entire clan, rewarding you handsomely upon completion. It adds up as each member plays independently.”

If reward distribution is performance based then offline players will get less rewards. Otherwise, AFK level farming will be the go to option for players who don’t like to grind extensively.

Lastly, Jack confirmed that there is no PvP clan vs. clan mode but there is a ranking system where teams can compete for the top spot.

Source: Famitsu (Translated by RespawnFirst)

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