The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a very spooky game and typical guides are not going to do the trick for this style of game. In this Suicide of Rachel Foster walkthrough, we are going to walk you through the game day by day and tell you what you need to do at every point in the game.

Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough

The following is the complete walkthrough of The Suicide of Rachel Foster

The Suicide of Rachel Foster: Arrival: Reach the office

Our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough starts at the arrival. As soon as you reach your family’s hotel, you should leave the garage. To do this, it controls the door, above which a lamp lights up and next to which a red motorcycle is leaning against the wall. When she opens it, Nicole mumbles that you should go to the office behind the mountain museum. To do this, follow the only possible path, while at this point in time all other closed doors cannot be opened.

As soon as you reach a staircase, you hear a ringing phone. Open the door at the top of the stairs and you will enter the mountain museum. There you go straight through two more doors and finally turn into the office on your right. Inside is a wooden table with a black phone. The ringing ends shortly before you reach it, but don’t worry: there is an answering machine right next to it, which you can listen to immediately.

Apart from two older messages that were probably not aimed at you, your lawyer named Jenkins reports. Accordingly, at the request of your mother, you are the sole heir of the hotel and therefore responsible for what happens to it. Jenkins left a few notes and a key in the old apartment, which is why you have to go there next.

Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough

Arrival: Visit the master suite

The hotel is quite large, but luckily you have a detailed floor plan of all floors and a checklist with your current task. The latter tells you that the old apartment is the so-called master suite. Now, look at the entire map until you find the Master Suite on the top right on the first floor.

The easiest way to get there is to go back towards the mountain museum. Strictly crosses both office rooms until you have the open door of the museum in front of you and before (!) Turns right into the so-called mezzanine. This is the hotel’s wide reception room.

At the edge of the mezzanine, there are several stairs available, all of which lead you up and to further stairs. These, in turn, run directly to the first floor, where you could theoretically climb to the second floor. Because this doesn’t make any sense at the moment, you go instead through the open door on your right, next to which the signs “Room 101-108” and “Master Suite” are attached.

Cross the hallway and follow the path to the left at the landscape. Shortly afterward you push a door that you can open in contrast to all the others. There are several rooms behind you that you should take a closer look at. While there is little of interest in the bathroom on your left, in the room to the right is a table with numerous books, a will and a letter from Jenkins.

While the storage room opposite the kitchen row is packed with boxes, you can enter your old children’s room to the left. You can also recognize it thanks to the “My Room My Rules” poster that sticks to the door. Inside there is, among other things, a white table on the wall, on which the key already mentioned and a bulky cell phone are located. First, take the key and continue to look around at will until the doorbell rings.

Sprints to the cell phone and answers to speak to a man named Irving Crawford. The conversation is over quickly, which is why you should now leave the Master Suite. As soon as you are back in the hallway with the red and yellow patterned floor, you hear a loud noise. Follow this by walking straight ahead at the intersection with the picture and opening the wide door on the left at the end of the corridor. Behind it is the observation deck, whose shutters are collapsing. Click to report Irving over the phone.

In return, he tells you about the harsh weather conditions that prevail in the area. Due to the violent storm and the heavy snow, he advises you not to leave the hotel. However, you know better and want to return to your car. You have to go back to the garage where the game started.

Arrival: return to the garage

You simply go down the stairs to the left of the window, whereupon you are in the dining room. Run straight past the round tables and aim for the door next to the brightly lit picture. This immediately leads you to another door and then back to the mezzanine. From there you can take the direct way back by first entering the mountain museum, descending to the basement and walking straight past the doors into the garage.

As soon as you reach your car and want to get in, you experience a nasty surprise: your car keys are gone! You will automatically call Irving, who offers you as a permanent contact person. Then go past the car and to the garage door. Right next to it hangs a red illuminated switch that you have to press to open the gate. Unfortunately, it is stuck, which is why you call Irving again. Then you walk around a bit until another phone call starts and the first day begins.

Day 1: Turn on the heater

Next in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 1. You wake up in the master suite and talk to Irving shortly thereafter. As soon as you leave the suite after the conversation and stroll through the hallway towards the stairs, you call your new friend again. Because you want a hot shower, Irving suggests turning on the heater. Of course, it is in the basement, which is why you go down to the mountain museum again and climb the stairs to the basement.

As soon as you enter the gray hallway, you should notice the now open doors. On the first on your left, you can see “Boiler Room”. So go through the door until you see a kind of workbench with an old-fashioned radio on your right. March exactly in the opposite direction until you see a metal footbridge with a few steps on your right. They lead you to a couple of fittings and several buttons, which is why you report back to Irving. Two phone calls later you have to press the green of the three buttons to activate the oven.

End the day

Now you are tired again and therefore want to end the day. To do this, return to the Master Suite and enter your old children’s room with the “My Room My Rules” poster. There you can click on the yellow electric bass guitar, which is leaning against the wall between the white table and the narrow, also white cabinet to the left of the bed. When you click on it, you start playing briefly and the second day begins.

Day 2: Get something to eat

Next up in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough we have day 2. The second day begins for you in the observation deck and the next phone call with Irving. Today you are hungry in the kitchen, which is why you go down the stairs to the left of the window and enter the dining room. This time, however, do not go past the round tables but turn left to the benches. On the left, you see a door with the signs “Staff Only” and “Storage”.

Behind the door is a larger storage room with several shelves. If you walk past them on the right, you will come to an open door and an elongated, dark corridor. Remember the door at the other end, behind which there is a cooling chamber.

In front of the cooling chamber door, turn left and should be in the hotel kitchen. Now keep to the right if possible, but without leaving the kitchen. Instead, run between a shelf with several potters and microwave until you find another open door. You can recognize them by the “Food Storage Only No Chemicals” sign next to them. Accordingly, the hotel’s pantry is located behind the door.

In between, you phone Irving again and have to look at the spoiled food in the pantry to start a phone call. Irving advises you to visit the cooling chamber you have already found. Accordingly, leave the kitchen by entering the dark passage from earlier and enter the chamber on your left. Take a can of beans from the shelves and then try to go out again. To your horror, the door has closed and cannot be opened. Because you also have no reception, you cannot call Irving for help. Therefore, try the door again, which luckily can now be opened.

You now have to prepare the beans, which you simply return to the kitchen and use the microwave on the right. It is right next to the brightly lit hallway. As soon as the meal is ready, you feed on it and start the next conversation with Irving.

Explore the second floor

Irving now suggests that you look around on the second floor of the hotel. To do this, cross the brightly lit aisle next to the microwave and take the first opportunity to turn right into a narrow, yellow-lit hallway. He leads you to the fireplace room, where you walk across the vaulted carpet and get back to the mountain museum. So go back to the mezzanine and climb the stairs. However, this time don’t stop on the first floor but go all the way up.

Immediately open the door on your right, next to which the sign “Room 202-211” hangs. When crossing the green-painted hallway, you notice the large, dark mold spots on the right side. Report this to Irving, cross the hallway and turn right. Shortly afterward you see a blocked area on your left, which is why you contact Irving again.

After the second conversation, return to the stairs, whereupon a completely different telephone rings. It hangs on the wall or next to another door and below the signs “Room 212-219”, “Room 220-223” and “Museum”. Take off and a slightly distorted voice warns you before selling the hotel. She also claims that Rachel would still be alive. Shortly afterward Irving will contact you. As soon as this conversation is over, the game jumps to the next day.

Day 3: Finding a Light Source

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 3. You wake up in your room and call Irving automatically. He immediately warns you that the power generator could fail. You should, therefore, search for the emergency power generator and activate it. There is a small problem: One of the two entrances, namely the side door of the garage, is stuck. For the other, you have to squeeze through the narrow false ceiling – and if in between the normal generator actually fails, you are practically blind.

For this reason, you should first look for an alternative light source and explore the storage room. To do this, leave your room and turn left until you see the said chamber. Although it is still delivered, there is a polaroid camera on one of the cardboard boxes. This gives light for at least a few seconds when you press it – which is better than nothing.

Find access to the false ceiling

Now leave the master suite and operate the camera at regular intervals to be able to see anything at all. You can take a look at the phone on the table to the left of the hall door.

As soon as you enter the hallway, you go to the intersection with the picture and turn right again towards the stairs. However, if she doesn’t go up or down, she opens the side door next to the sign “Room 109-117”.

Keep going straight to another intersection. There is also a picture with a wolf, which according to the description is called “The eyes of a murderer”. If you turn to the left here, you should see one of the few, still glowing lamps hanging on the wall. Opposite her, there is a staircase on the one hand and a door with the words “Staff Quarters” on the other. Behind it runs a green, slightly winding passage that you follow.

Ignore all the stairs that you see on your left, and instead head for the hallway with the many doors and the window at the other end. In front of this window, you can see three more doors on the left, the middle one should be half-open. In addition, some light shines through, which is why you enter the room.

You immediately notice the brown shelf on the wall, in which a flashlight is lying. Thanks to Dynamo, this also has to be constantly charged, which is still much more convenient than the camera.

Furthermore, you are in the same storage room that you should be looking for, according to Irving. Next to the shelf, you can press the wall accordingly and enter the false ceiling.

Activate the emergency generator

First, follow the only possible way until you reach another intersection, the power fails completely and you automatically make calls with Irving. Then follow the red, thick bundle of cables that hangs from the ceiling on your right. Already at the first corner, you come across a few steps that you have to descend. They lead you to a broken mannequin figure and two stairs. Align yourself again on the cable band and therefore follow the right stairs down. You finally come to a grid that you can push in.

The emergency power generator is located directly behind the grille, the right lever of which you immediately pull. You will notice the brightly lit tool table on your right, on which there is a lipstick. This ensures another conversation with Irving, whereupon the third day comes to an end.

Day 4: Discuss the information with Irving

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 4. This time you start in Leonard’s room, where you have automatically sorted numerous clues regarding Rachel Foster’s alleged suicide. You have to go through them one by one with Irving, which is why you first click on the one on the wall and talk to your new friend about your father. Then you look at the clues on the table three times in a row and talk to Irving about Reverend Foster, the lipstick and the book. Also, look at the clues on the wall three times and talk about a friend’s story, newspaper clippings, and Rachel’s death.

So this day is already over.

Day 5: Dream Sequence

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 5. This day only consists of a short dream sequence in which you just have to move forward in the direction of the red smoke.

Day 6: Go to apartment 117

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 6. Day 6 starts in the kitchen of the master suite and with a very long conversation with Irving. He tells you about a few ghost hunters who eventually settled in the hotel and researched inexplicable phenomena. He even plays a small tape recording for you, which, however, is incomplete. To learn more, go to room 117.

No sooner said than done: leave the suite, return to the stairs and walk straight to rooms 109 to 117. At Wolfsbild you turn right this time and look at the door on the left next to the window, where there is a small, green one Snippet hangs .. This is Apartment 117. Unfortunately, the door is blocked due to an L-angle, which is why you now need a screwdriver.

Get a screwdriver

You will get extremely useful information about the screwdriver when you look at your checklist: It notes that you may find a screwdriver in the basement, in the boiler room or at the generator. So go back down to the basement and go straight to the garage, where you can click on your mother’s car and ask Irving if you can tow it away. Also go to the small room, which is called “Electric Room” on the map, and look at the workbench with the blue boxes: The screwdriver you are looking for is in one of them.

Play the recording in apartment 117

Return to the first floor and remove the L-angle that blocks the door to Apartment 117. You immediately come across a large desk, but you should first take a close look at the flat table on the right. There is a picture there, based on which you can call Irving again.

Now look at the large desk and locate the chunky VCR. Inside is a VHS cassette that you can use and watch. Don’t be alarmed: As soon as the recording ends, the apartment door closes slightly. Don’t let that irritate you and finally examine the chest of drawers to the right of the door, on which a concave mirror microphone is lying.

With the microphone, you can now channel noise by simply holding it in front of you and pointing in any direction. Use it immediately and leave the apartment, whereupon Irving reports again and the day ends.

Day 7: Follow the clink

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 7. You are in the master suite, in which there is now a festively decorated Christmas tree. Check it out to talk to Irving on the phone. After a while, you will hear a clinking sound that you have to listen to with the concave mirror microphone. So get him out and leave the suite. As soon as you reach the intersection in the hallway, Irving calls you again. However, the clinking becomes louder at once, which is why you walk towards the stairs with the microphone.

Pay attention to both the volume of the clinking and the display below the microphone as soon as it swings far to the right. So go past the stairs and aim for the intersection with the wolf picture. There you have to turn left and go straight through the first door on your right with the words “Staff Quarters”.

You are back in the winding corridor with the green walls. Do not cross it, however, but only go to the corner and turn left there. You immediately encounter a staircase that leads you down to the large dining room. There is a disgruntled piano on your right, which you march past. Enter another small hallway with several doors and keep to the right. The first door on your right can be opened and houses a large box with a picture. Click on it, whereupon the noise disappears and you phone Irving one last time before this day ends.

Day 8: Recover Items and Map

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 8. On the eighth day, to your surprise, you wake up in a completely remote place: a small abandoned church. A couple of wooden boards crackle before your eyes that had locked one of the windows. Do not bother about it, but go left next to it through the narrow passage. He will lead you back to the hotel or, more precisely, to the basement.

Now the big question is: what should you do next? You can neither use your collected items nor open your overview map and thus your checklist. Apparently your mobile phone is also missing, which is why you are not allowed to make calls with Irving. You can also target a few of the church’s furnishings, but you cannot click on any of them.

The answer to your problem is as simple as it is stupid: you just have to go back to the master suite and go to your old children’s room. Go to the corner with the guitar and look at the chair right next to it: there are all your things that you can pick up with a simple click.

Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough

Examine the abandoned church

Another conversation with Irving follows, which will motivate you to return to church. You immediately follow his advice and just walk the exact same way from the back again. Now you can take a close look at all those things that you were only allowed to sight:

  • the lectern in the middle
  • the organ behind the desk
  • the image of the saint leaning against the wall next to the organ and opposite the desk
  • the sleeping bag on the left, where the fallen boards are
  • the sheet of music next to the sleeping bag lying on one of the benches

By the way, Nicole remembers an old riddle that her father taught her. With this knowledge, leave the church and cross the narrow secret passage until you reach the stairs to the hotel. A shadowy butterfly should flutter around in front of your eyes. Look at the niche to the left of the stairs that hide a secret door.

Examine the secret room

Another narrow corridor runs behind the secret door. It is so dimly lit, which is why you unpack your flashlight. At the other end of the hallway, you come across a secret nursery. Strictly speaking, the walls are mostly painted, so you can only look at the empty box of braces on the bed and insert a small bowl from the chest of drawers to the left of the bed.

There are a couple of conversations with Irving again while you have to figure out the meaning of the key. To do this, return to the Master Suite and enter Leonard’s room, which is to the left of your old children’s room. As soon as you have survived all conversations with Irving, you look at the wide, dark brown chest of drawers to the right of the bed. On it are a couple of books and a music box with an ice hockey figure. You can open the latter with the key and thus find a secret hiding place with a note. As soon as you have read this, the game jumps to the ninth day.

Day 9: Go to the mezzanine

Next, in our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough, we have day 9. You stand on the second floor in front of the closed door of the west wing and call Irving again. During the conversation, Nicole remembers a mezzanine, which her mother says she should lock once.

Therefore, return to the stairs and descend them until you reach the mezzanine. However, do not go all the way down to where the reception is, but take a closer look at the area above with the sofas. There you should notice two glowing lamps: one stands on a round table and the other on a narrow table next to the stairs that go up. Go past the latter lamp and push in the wooden wall below the stairs.

In this way, you discover a secret room with numerous mannequins. Take a look at the one at the back holding a hockey stick and another lying on the floor in front of it. You will automatically call Irving and should then leave the secret room again.

At first glance, Irving is talking confusing stuff. As soon as he hangs up, you go back to the second floor and to the door of the west wing. To your surprise, this is no longer closed, which is why you can enter the west wing.

Explore the west wing

Cross the completely dirty hallway and pay attention to the cables lying on the floor. They lead you into a room with numerous tables, boxes and equipment. On the left side, you discover a walkie-talkie that you can talk to Irving about. A very long conversation follows in which you learn more or less the truth about Irving. In the meantime, you continue to look around until you reach another, half snow-covered hallway and stand in front of a door with the sign “Private”. As soon as Irving ends the conversation, the door opens.

Go through it, go to the attic and immediately use the projector, which is clearly visible on a table. It’s best to examine the attic while listening to the recording in the background. You will come across a flat, square table on the right, with a chessboard and a key on it. As soon as the recording is finished, you can take the latter.

The name tag suggests that the key fits your mother’s car. So leave the attic and west wing and head for the garage in the basement.

Return to the garage

As soon as you reach the garage again, Irving talks to you. You may therefore only open the trunk of the white car at the front after the conversation and remove a blanket.

You now have to wash the blanket for which you go to the washroom. If you haven’t discovered it yet: return to the hallway, but don’t climb the stairs to the ground floor. Before that, turn right into the boiler room and leave it through the next best door on your left.

You immediately hit another door, behind which the washroom is hidden. There, however, you do not go to the washing machines but look for the sink to the left of them in the corner. Click on it to wash the blanket and call Irving after discovering the clasp.

Then you can go back to the garage and have a last chat with Irving. You automatically get into your car and have to activate the gearshift and the dashboard as well as the engine. Finally, you can decide whether to leave it at that or switch off the engine again.

That is all for our Suicide Of Rachel Foster Walkthrough guide. Stay tuned for more guides.

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