Sugarpine Woods is another location in Bugsnax where you can find a handful of creatures. While there are no legendary Bugsnax here like the ones we saw in Flavor Falls, you can still pick up some really cute creatures here. In this guide, let’s go through everything you need to know where to find and how to catch all Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods.


What Is Sugarpine Woods

Sugarpine Woods is a really cool location filled with all sorts of different Bugsnax. These woods are like a treasure chest full of rare and special Bugsnax that you can’t find anywhere else.

What makes Sugarpine Woods so important? Well, first off, it’s home to some really rare Bugsnax. You’ve got the fiery Charmallow and the icy Big Bopsicle, and they’re just the start! If you want to catch every type of Bugsnax, you’ve got to explore these woods.

But it’s not just about catching Bugsnax. Sugarpine Woods is also a place where you can really test your skills. The Bugsnax here don’t make it easy for you. You’ve got to think hard and come up with smart ways to use your tools and sauces to catch them. It’s like a big puzzle that you get to solve!


And let’s not forget about the story. Sugarpine Woods isn’t just a random place; it’s a big part of the Bugsnax story. As you explore the woods, you’ll learn more about the world of Bugsnax and the creatures that live there.

Sugarpine Woods Bugsnax Locations, Active Time, And Behavior

NameActive TimesBehaviorTraits
KwookieAll dayLoves chocolate and peanut butterSweet, Evasive
Charmallow4:00 PM to 4:00 AMLoves chocolate and peanut butterSweet, Flying, Spicy
CinnasnailAll dayLoves chocolateSweet, Sticky
Hunnabee5:00 AM to 6:00 PMNo specific behavior mentionedSweet, Flying, Sticky
SprinklepedeAll dayLoves chocolate and peanut butterSweet
Yellow PeelbugAll dayLoves chocolateFruity
BopsicleAll dayFears CharmallowsSweet, Aggressive, Frosty
Big BopsicleAll dayHates CharmallowsSweet, Aggressive, Frosty, Breakable
Rainbow Sweetiefly4:00 AM to 4:00 PM?Sweet, Flying
Nutty SnakpodAll day??

How To Catch All Bugsnax In Sugarpine Woods

Before we dive into the specifics of catching each Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods, let’s talk about some general tips and tools you’ll need.

The Snak Trap is your basic tool for catching Bugsnax. You can place it down and trigger it to catch any Bugsnax that walks into it. The Buggy Ball is another useful tool. You can use it to lure Bugsnax out of their hiding spots or into your traps. The Lunchpad is great for catching flying Bugsnax.

You can use it to launch your Snak Trap into the air. And don’t forget the Snakgrappler. This tool lets you grab your Snak Trap from a distance.

NameLocationHow To Catch
KwookieTwo Kwookies are found in the area, one near the entrance. They follow large circular paths.Use the Trip Shot to stun a Kwookie and divert it from its path. Scan the snak to see its route.
CharmallowCharmallows are found flying around at night. Two are near the entrance and one is on the upper level.Use a Big Bopsicle covered in chocolate sauce to cool down the Charmallow. Once dazed, grab it with the Bug Net.
CinnasnailCinnasnails are found on the wall to the left of the entrance and on a distant rock from the basketball court.Lure the Cinnasnail with chocolate into a Snak Trap. For the distant ones, use the Lunchpad to send your Snak Trap to their path and retrieve it with the Snakgrappler.
HunnabeeHunnabees are found in the air during the daytime. One group is right by the entrance.Launch your Snak Trap at a Hunnabee using the Lunchpad and trigger it midair to catch it.
SprinklepedeA single Sprinklepede is found on the lookout tower at the back of the area, near the entrance to Frosted Peak.Shoot the Sprinklepede with any sauce to make it fall off the tower. Set up a Trip Shot wire from the wooden post of the tower to the cliff opposite and wait for it to walk into the Trip Shot.
Yellow PeelbugYellow Peelbugs are found in the tunnels in the area.Use the Buggy Ball to flush a Yellow Peelbug out of its hiding spot. Place your Snak Trap at the other end of the tunnel quickly.
BopsicleBopsicles are created when a Big Bopsicle breaks apart.Use a Charmallow to put out a Bopsicle. Cover the Charmallow in chocolate sauce to lure it to the Bopsicle.
Big BopsicleBig Bopsicles are found to the left of the entrance and on the upper level.Set up a Trip Shot and lure a melting Big Bopsicle into it using a Charmallow covered in chocolate. Catch it with your Bug Net when stunned.
Rainbow SweetieflyTwo Rainbow Sweetieflies are found, one to the right of the entrance and one in the basketball court.Launch your Snak Trap at a sleeping Sweetiefly from a distance using a Lunchpad.

That’s all you need to know about Sugarpine Woods Bugsnax locations. Did I miss any Bugsnax? Let me know in the comments below.