With the release of the new Stronghold Warlords, developers have introduced something called the Warlords system. Warlords are successors of the estate system from previous titles. The Warlords system brings some new features while retaining some others. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Warlords system in Stronghold Warlords.


Stronghold Warlords Warlords System

The world map of Stronghold Warlords is divided into different estates controlled by Warlords. In total, there are 8 Warlords in the game and each of them comes with its own perks. However, to get any benefits from them you need to use Diplomacy Points to earn their loyalty. Of course, you can use force to get their loyalty.

You can earn Diplomacy Points by building government structures in your region. In addition to the Warlords system, developers also added a rewords Polarity system to the game.

The New Popularity System

The new Popularity system favors extensive and economy similar to it did in Stronghold Crusader 2, affecting peasant migration immediately based on popularity balance. The advantages of this system are mainly centered around food production that play a role in popularity balance. Meanwhile, ale is a luxury item, and taxes remain the same as they were always. The new Popularity features include:

  • Turret-type towers
  • Units from China, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia
  • Housing quality
  • New weapons including heavy mace, axe, lance
  • New foo types including tea, meat, rice, veggies
  • New raw materials including silk, gunpowder, tea leaves, saltpeter


Using your Diplomacy Points you can request Edicts from your allied Warlords. You can upgrade your Warlords to boost the benefits of their perks. Read our detailed Warlord perks guide for more information on this topic.

Warlords List

In total there are 8 Warlords in Stronghold Warlords.


Investing your Diplomacy Points to Warlord Crane gives you increased housing quality. This is essential for the overall happiness of your people. As you rank up, Crane’s perk get stronger.


One of the key elements in the game is Diplomacy Points and investing toward Pig means you get increased Diplomacy Points for your government buildings. You can buy Pig’s loyalty for 120 Obedience.


Ox is a great ally and its perks allow you to increase your worker productivity which gives them the ability to carry more goods. You can buy Ox’s loyalty for 100 Obedience.


Dragon is the hardest Warlord to capture no matter what method you use. However, once you manage to capture him you can increase the Fear Factor bonus which boosts population happiness or productivity. You need to spend 250 Obedience to get his loyalty.


If you wish to increase your defenses you must capture Warlord Turtle. Its perks improve the quality of your towers, turrets, and gatehouses. You can get its allegiance for 120 Obedience.


Capture Warlord Horse gives you increased Stable Respawn which allows you to produce more cavalry. You can get him on your side for 120 Obedience.


Capturing Tiger allows you to increase the melee damage of your melee units. Their per strike damage is increase. Tiger’s Obedience comes at 200 Obedience.


Rick shipment drop-offs are Mouse’s specialty. His loyalty can be bought for 40 Obedience.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Stronghold Warlords’ Warlords system. Need more help? Visit our Warlords Wiki.