If you went through our Diplomacy guide, you already know how to use Diplomacy to your advantage in the Stronghold Warlords. But what are the advantages of Diplomacy? Well, you get to use Warlords perks in addition to making various demands called Edicts. In this guide, we will go through all Stronghold Warlords Warlord perks.


Stronghold Warlords Warlord Perks

There are 8 Warlords in the game and each of them has its own perks. You can rank up your warlords to unlock additional benefits. Below is a complete rundown of all Warlord perks available in Stronghold Warlords.

Warlord Crane Perks

Investing your efforts to bring Crane on board would benefit your housing quality. Crane perks help boost overall happiness in your population. The effect of Crane’s perks is increased with each upgrade. In total, there are 6 upgrades you can make to each Warlord perk.

Rank  Effect
1  Boost Diplomacy 
2  Purchase 12 shipments of 5x Gold in 10s intervals. 
3  Castle upgrades. 
4  Increase gold shipments to 7, DP to 9. 
5  n/a 
6  10 gold per shipment, launch attack. 

Warlord Pig Perks

Warlord Pig gives you a small boost in diplomacy.

Rank  Effect 
1  Request rick, meat, or wood shipments. 
2  Castle upgrades. 
3  Get 9 rice units per shipment. 
4  Get 9 vegetable units per shipment. 
5  Get 12 rice units and 9 meat units per shipment. 
6  Get 12 meat and veggie units per shipment. 

Warlord Mouse Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Get rice or wood shipments. 
2  Request shipment. 
3  Rice shipment increased to 9. 
4  Wood shipment increased to 7. 
5  Bows shipments increased to 2. 
6  Get 12 meat and veggie units per shipment. 

Warlord Tiger Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Upgrade castle, launch an attack with 5x Imperials. 
2  Upgrade castle, perk boost. 
3  Launch attack increased to 8 Imperials. 
4  Launch attack with 5x Imperials, 5x Crossbowmen, 10x Auxiliary Archers, and 10x Axemen. 
5  Perk boost. 
6  The second launch attack increased to 8 Imperials and Crossbowmen, and 16 Auxiliary Archers and Axemen. 

Warlord Horse Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Request Relief Force. 
2  Launch attack with 4x Horse Archers. 
3  Castle upgrade. 
4  n/a 
5  Launch attack. 
6  Second launch attack increased to 8x Imperials. 

Warlord Turtle Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Castle upgrades. 
2  More castle upgrades 
3  n/a 
4  n/a 
5  n/a 
6  More castle upgrades. 

Warlord Dragon Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Request Relief Force. 
2  Request Relief Force. 
3  Launch attack with 16x Auxiliary Archers and Axemen, and 2x Rocket Launchers. 
4  n/a 
5  n/a 
6  2x Fire Arrow carts for Relief Force, 20x Auxiliary Archers and Axemen, 3x Rocket Launchers for Launch Attack. 

Warlord Ox Perks

Rank  Effect 
1  Get wood or stone shipments. 
2  Get iron shipment. 
3  Castle upgrades. 
4  Amount of resources you get from Shipment Requests increased. 
5  Amount of resources you get from Shipment Requests increased. 
6  Boost castle upgrades. 

And that’s all you need to know about Warlord perks in Stronghold Warlords. Need more help? See Diplomacy guide or our dedicated Stronghold Warlords Wiki.