Streets of Rage 4: Enemy Tips And Tricks, How To Beat

Streets of Rage 4 Enemy

Streets of Rage 4 has its share of plenty of colorful enemies that come in all shapes and sizes and will frustrate you to no end at times, especially when they come in hoards. You will face bad guys familiar to you if you have played the previous games, and then there will be completely new ones also. In this Streets of Rage 4 guide, we have put together a list that briefly tells you about each enemy, old and new alike, and how to take them down.

Streets of Rage 4 Enemy Types

The following are the different enemy types in Streets of Rage 4:


Galsia is an easy to beat basic enemy in Streets of Rage 4, same as in the previous Streets of Rage games. They have no defenses so you can bring them down quickly with a short combo attack.

But do not let that information, lead you to be careless around them. If they attack you in swarms, they can take you down pretty fast. Some Galsias carry broken bottles and knives straight at you, so use jump attacks to deal with them.


Donovans’ favorite attack, is coming at you mid-air combined with a lethal uppercut. They are armed and as the game progresses they will develop the annoying ability to catch a thrown weapon and lob it right back at you.

Do not use jump attacks on these guys as they will grab at you while in the air. Moving close straightforward is also not a good idea as they have long reached.

What you can do is go at them at an angle and to attack them first. You can use a long-reaching weapon like a bat or a pipe against them. And it’s not just Donovan who can catch thrown weapons, so use the same move on him to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Y Signal

These mohawked guys are flow breakers and can charge in and toss you on your back. They will flash red when they are about to deliver their attack. They also tend to use a slide tackle move.

To avoid them, jump upright when they are about to land their attack. When they crouch down to get into the slide attack then hop over it to avoid. They won’t be able to hurt you in the air like Donovan, so jump attacks are the best to deal with these sneaky foes.


Garnets have a pretty big array of attacks at their disposal, making them a force to reckon with. They have jump kicks for their primary attack and can come at you diagonally through the air. Their attack range is quite long, and their feet will reach and hit you even when you think they are too far away to hurt you. They also have a slap attack for hitting you in close quarters.

Despite that, the most effective move to take against them is also attacking them at close range. If you are playing with a character who can run or dash, then use that to move up close to Garnet and to dodge the jump attack. But do it at an angle as running up straight will get you rewarded with a kick.

When close enough, use a combo to fling damage. In case there is more than one Garnet attacking you, then try to throw one into the other and then attack quickly. Speed is the key in this fight.

Raven aka Eagle

Similar to Streets of Rage 2, the Ravens will move up close to land you with repeated kicks. They also have a flying knee attack which will bring you down hard, if it makes contact. They can also block your attack so that makes them quite tough to defeat.

Attempt to dodge the flying knee attack by going towards them at an angle and try to get in combo hits before they can block. When they start to block, stop, and use a grab attack.

Big Ben aka Bongo

He is a rare enemy type in this edition of Streets of Rage. He will use his hulking body to squash and burn you so better watch out. There are some basic types of Big Bens: white t-shirt and red cap ones who have fire breath, the second type which deals damage by rolling around, and lastly the ones that can leap up and then squash you with a belly flop. The second and third types can be wearing either tan or light blue shirts.

They do have formidable attacks but do not think they are unbeatable. They will only prove more dangerous if you are also attacked by trash mobs along with them. There are indications before they launch into their attacks so keep an eye out for them.

The fire-breather will lean back before attacking and the rest of them will go into a crouch. Dodge them and time your close combo attacks accordingly. You can also use a throw attack on them.

Nora and Electra

They look identical yet their attack damage is different. They carry a whip that has a medium-range attack. The difference between them is that Electra’s whip is charged with electricity.

The tip to tackle them both though is the same. When they are reaching back to attack with their whips and then go in hit them hard or deal a throw attack.

Gold aka Assassin Agent

The Golds have the complete mob boss ensemble with their shades on and guns at the ready. But they are easier to take down then you might think.

They move at a slow speed and their gun will fire three shots at you from long range. If the first one hits, then the other two will get you too and will cause a load of damage. But fortunately, the bullets are quite a slow reaching so you should be able to dodge them easily.

These bad guys have no defenses working for them so run up to them from above or below and get in as many blows as you can. As with Big Bens, these will only get deadly if you have other enemies to deal with at the same time, as then you will need to make more of an effort to keep away from their bullets.

Streets of Rage 4 New Faces


Dylan is the bad guy with an annoying gait and arrogant expression, which automatically tempts you to hit him hard. But that’s easier said than done.

These enemies are capable of dealing with considerable damage with their “crouch and kick” attack. They also have an upgraded version that has gold boos on.

For all their leaping and kicking action though, they do have an extremely weak defense as they keep their hands shoved in their pockets all the time. So the best way to tackle them is to evade their attacks and wait for an opening to hit them back.


Koobo is a mid-boss enemy, whom you will come across often in the game. Being a mid-boss he is, of course, harder to defeat than the average enemies. His appearance is of a cyborg with a skull face.

He attacks with a weapon at most times and can conjure up pipes from other locations. You will need to be extra careful when he uses his ability to telekinetically attack you with every weapon that is lying around during a fight6.

He also has this annoying habit of catching any pipes that you throw at him, so that attack is useless against him. He also has a powerful ground slam attack, which his upgraded version can repeat three times.

Now the best way to deal with him damage is by getting up close and using a combo attack on him. Or you can use a weapon that he throws your way to crack open his skull mask. Keep an eye on his shadow when he leaps and move in sync to dodge him. During the telekinetic onslaught, step to a safe corner and wait for it to end to avoid getting beaten down.


Goro will be waiting for you in Chinatown. He is a heavily built Judo master, who instead of throwing around brash moves, waits tactically with hands in the air till he is caught enough incoming attacks to send a vicious punch your way.

They are also able to charge up their attack, which will throw you across the screen if not dodged. To tackle this Judo giant, you need to show off some of your judo skills too. When attacking, a movie in an angle against this bad guy and then grab hold of him. He is strong enough to break your hold, so don’t wait too long to throw him aside. Repeat this move enough times till you get rid of him.


These Feroccio bad guys are policemen who have turned to the dark side by the Y Syndicate. They look quite intimidating in their uniforms and huge muscles and have different danger levels.

Their go-to move is grabbing you and throwing you hard to the ground, so get free of their grasp as quickly as possible. Their danger level rises when they are armed with tasers. The taser attack is indicated when they flash red and then lunge towards you with extreme speed, pushing you to the ground and then using the taser on you. This attack is highly damaging.

The best attack tactic is to go at them at an angle or hurl another enemy at them before going up close to deliver a combo hit, which will also make them drop the taser.

Murphy aka Riot Shield Cop

The Murphys have made a comeback to the game from Streets of Rage 1. They have a futuristic riot shield for defense and either wield a taser or a baton at times. It is hard to get these guys down with the added protection of the shield.

The shield changes from blue to red the more damage it takes and will ultimately break in the end. Here, Murphy will be stunned for a few moments so take advantage and attack him hard.

However, when you will be working on taking down the shield, he will be fighting you back. So use a weapon like a taser which is more damaging than attacking with bare hands. In case of no weapons, then attack 2-3 times and then shy away to avoid Murphy’s counterattack.


Honey is a replacement of the Smoke character from the previous games. She is a tough biker lady and is difficult to take down especially if you are facing more than one.

But they do have tells most of the times, so if you learn to spot them then you are good to be ready for all their attacks. For example, when coming in for a head butt, Honey will lean back before hurtling at you across the screen. If she is flashing red, then she will come up to grab you and slam you to the floor.

For the headbutt attack, you need to wait till it’s done and then move in to hit them hard on the helmets, as they will be incapacitated for a few seconds after the attack. The grab and slam attack can be stopped with a jumping attack on your part.


The last Streets of Rage 4 enemy is Victoria. Victorias are comparably the weakest enemies of the lot, but they can still deal with some mean damage. They carry around throwable weapons like grenades or firebombs.

If you manage to get up close to them they speedily dodge away to the other side of the screen. They will stay in the long-range most of the time, to throw their weapons, are you? The perk is though, that if you play it just right and watch for the shadow of the thrown object, you can catch it and throw it right back at them.

But keep in mind that if you are attacking Victoria with a close-range combo, she will drop the explosive she is holding, damaging you. So it is best to land a 3 hit combo and then to quickly jump away to avoid the dropped bombs.

That is all for our Streets of Rage 4 enemy types guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can unlock the retro levels in the game.

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