In this guide, we will walk you through the area of Slums in Stray. This is the first chapter that gives you more area to explore, and certain side quests are there in this area. Because of its vastness, this guide will save you time a bit.

Stray The Slums Chapter 4

This chapter starts when you see a robot in the slums. When you approach it, it will panic and sound an alarm thinking of you as an enemy Zurk. Zurk is the little monster you will encounter in chapter 3 of stray.

The Robot is Guarding the area and shuts the door behind it. But as you approach it, you will not be taken as a threat. Upon talking to it, B12 will translate what it’s trying to say. The Guardian robot will ask whether you are lost or not and what you need. You show the postcard of the outside. It tells that to go outside, you need to talk to Momo, whose location is near the orange neon sign, in its apartment. There are plenty of achievements that unlock on completion.

The Stray Chapter 4 Slums Area Main Quest

The main objective of the slum area is talking to Momo, who knows how to get outside. To reach the orange neon sign billboard, there are plenty of ways to approach that area. The quick one is just toward the right of the guardian; move up from that point. You will reach a balcony under the neon sign and enter the apartment through a small window on the balcony.

Upon showing the postcard, momo gets sad about the friends gone from the outside and left Momo behind. Momo also says that contacting them is impossible because of the broken receiver. You also get Momo’s research notebook about the outside, and the other three notebooks of its friends are also added as a quest that might help you get outside or fix the receiver.

Other Notebook locations

The other notebooks are near a turquoise neon sign on which an inverse U with two dots is shown. Follow those neon signs, and you will get the other notebooks.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook 
Move out of Momo’s apartment, and to your right, you will see the neon emoji sign. Follow that, and you will reach the rooftop, the only way to enter the room. On the roof, there is a ventilator; stop the fan by removing the battery that is running the fan.

Enter from there and search the area for Zbaltazar’s Notebook. Plenty of boxes are there, jumping on them and displacing them from their location until behind one such set of boxes having portraits above them will have the Zbaltazar’s Notebook (2 of 4).

Doc’s Notebook: 
Move out of the room from a window with green curtains in front of it. To remove the curtain, scratch it and go out the window for Doc’s Notebook. Again follow the turquoise neon sign and reach a space that looks like a library. From bed, you get a note and keys. From the note, you will know there is a safe behind stacks of boxes, to which the keys belong.

Jump on the stacks to reveal the safe and use the keys to get Doc’s Notebook.

Clementine’s Notebook
Move out of the library and search for a turquoise wall on which inverse U is with an open window and red lamp. Going inside that window, Clementine’s Notebook (4 of 4) is in a small room with a computer.

After getting all the notebooks go back to Momo and show it the notebooks. These notebooks have some information on how to fix the receiver. 

Chapter 4 Slums Area Sidequests

You can explore the slums and access the area after leaving. There is several robots that will give you sidequest in this area after you choose to meet them. The main objective is to go to Momo’s apartment and find out how to go outside. Along the way, you get these side quests.

The Music Sheets

Heading towards the left of the guardian robot, you will meet a robot name Morusque having a guitar in his hand. Morusque needs Eight music sheets that are scattered in the slums.

Sheetmusic one of Eight: This one is inside Momo’s apartment behind a metal door having bars at the lower end. Move through those bars, and sheet music is at the top of storage boxes.

Sheet Music Two of Eight: this is located on the balcony of outsiders’ building on a round table surrounded by two plastic chairs.

Sheet Musics Four of Eight: You can get this one from the seller sitting just towards the right of the guardian robot. You need one energy drink to get this music sheet. Using a vending machine beside Morusque will get you an energy drink. There is a total of four energy drinks available in the slums area.

Sheet Music seven of eight: This sheet music is in the library near the piano.

Sheet Music six of eight: The next sheet music is where you search for Clementine’s Notebook (4 of 4). In that area beside the bed, you will find this music sheet.

Achievements To Unlock in Slums Area

Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy: Right in front of the Guardian robot, there is a basketball. Use Cat’s paw and throw that in the bucket to complete this achievement. In case you miss restart from the checkpoint again.

Territory Trophy Progress: Scratch on the rugs to unlock this achievement. The easiest one is the one in the main entrance behind the guardian robot.

Tele a Chat Trophy: On one of the rooftops, while heading towards Momo, you will see small Tv and couch. Use the remote to switch channels until this achievement unlocks.

Curiosity Killed the Cat Trophy: when you enter the Momo’s apartment, you will see a paper bag that the Cat can put on his head. Doing so will unlock this trophy. The paper bag will wear off automatically after four to five seconds.

B12 Memories

Throughout all chapters in The Stray, B12 memories are scattered all over the chapter that will come across. In Slums Chapter 4, two memory locations are:

  1. Talk to a dead robot that is on a tall building behind a circular sign.
  2. Inside Momo’s room, there is a video game poster “Back home 2”.

This is all you need to know about Stray The Slums chapter 4 walkthrough. Need to know more, visit Memory Locations, Music Sheet Locations, and Plant Locations.

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